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September 17, 2020: Daguerreotype from the OSV Museum Collection


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Taking a quality daguerreotype portrait required knowledge and skill on the part of the artist. Before even setting up the camera, the artist would have to prepare the plate for exposure using the correct mixture of chemicals. The artist then had to make sure that the subject was sufficiently well-lit (in the age before electric light) and expose the sensitized plate for the correct amount of time. If special finishing effects were called for, these would require additional exposures and processes. Finally, the artist had to fix the image on the plate (calling for a final chemical exposure) and secure the plate safely in its case. All of this skill, of course, was rendered useless if the sitter moved… We will have an assortment of daguerreotypes on display in the Towne House doorway this Saturday during craft weekend – make sure to stop by! #oldsturbridgevillage #OSVVirtualVillage #osvmuseumcollection #daguerreotype

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September 15, 2020: Bonnets & 19th-Century Millinery

September 11, 2020: Update on Red and Don

September 11, 2020: Behind the Scenes: Sgraffito Plates

September 10, 2020: Sewing Box


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During the time period that Old Sturbridge Village represents, sewing machine technology was only in the early stages of development, so clothing items were sewn by hand. Several weekends ago, curatorial staff put this sewing box out on display as part of a pop-up program on female seminaries and academies. Many people were curious about the small bottle kept inside the sewing box and wanted to know what it would have held. The little vial in question is a scent bottle, which was a common component of nineteenth-century sewing boxes. However, published sources shed little light on why these bottles were included in sewing boxes or what sorts of scents they may have held. Unfortunately, no scent remains in this particular bottle to give us any clues about its history. #OSVVirtualVillage #sewingbox #osvmuseumcollection #oldsturbridgevillage #sewing

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September 9, 2020: Wallpaper Wednesday – With a Twist!

September 8, 2020: Trivia Tuesday: Printing Office

September 1, 2020: Trivia Tuesday: Tea

August 31, 2020: Puff Fashion

August 28, 2020: Flower Friday – Cinnamon Basil

August 26, 2020: Wallpaper Wednesday – With a Twist!

August 25, 2020: Trivia Tuesday Research Library

August 24, 2020: Caption This: Don the Calf

August 21, 2020: Flower Friday

August 20, 2020: Behind the Scenes Fence Repair

August 20, 2020: Hairstyles

August 19, 2020: Receipt for Potatoe Pasty

August 18, 2020: Trivia Tuesday: Laundry

August 17, 2020: Repairing the Kiln

August 14, 2020: Flower Friday

August 13, 2020: Stays from the Old Sturbridge Village Museum Collection

August 12, 2020: Wallpaper Wednesday – with a Twist!

August 11, 2020: Fabric & Trivia

August 7, 2020: Flower Friday: Tansy

August 5, 2020: Collections Highlight: New Found Stories

August 4, 2020: Trivia Tuesday: Covered Bridges

July 31, 2020: Collections Highlight: Flower Pot

July 28, 2020: Trivia Tuesday: Barrels

July 23, 2020: Flower Friday

July 22, 2020: Sensitive Plant at Fitch

July 21, 2020: Trivia Tuesday: Taking Care of Cheeses

July 20, 2020: History of the Smokehouse

July 17, 2020: Pots & Kettles

July 16, 2020: Raspberries and Gardens

July 15, 2020: Raspberry Picking Time!

July 14, 2020: Trivia Tuesday – Cayenne Pepper

July 13, 2020: Historical Receipt for Carrot Fritters

Check out our collection of historical receipts (recipes) with modern translations here.

July 10, 2020: Cheesemaking on the Farm

July 9, 2020: Throwback Thursday – 1947 Map

July 8, 2020: Pliny’s Desk

July 7, 2020: Lemonade & Trivia Tuesday

July 2, 2020: Behind the Scenes Throwback

June 30, 2020: Trivia Tuesday

June 29, 2020: Early 19th-Century Portrait

June 26, 2020: Flower Friday

June 25, 2020: #WhatIsItWednesday Reveal

June 24, 2020: Clover in the Oats

June 24, 2020: What is It Wednesday

June 23, 2020: Trivia Tuesday – Oxen

June 22, 2020: Garden Views – Bixby & Freeman Farm

June 18, 2020: Garden Views – The Fitch Garden

June 16, 2020: Wallpaper Trivia

June 12, 2020: Flower Friday: Lady’s Slipper

June 11, 2020: Northern Leopard Frog in the Herb Garden

June 10, 2020: Quiltspiration & a New Coloring page

Download the coloring page here.

June 9, 2020: Trivia Tuesday: Wool to Yarn

June 7, 2020: Shearing a Sheep

May 31, 2020: Asa Knight Store History & New Coloring Page

Download the coloring page here.

May 30, 2020: Animal Update: Betsy, Don, and Red Enjoy the Sun

May 29, 2020: Flower Friday: Lungwort

May 28, 2020: Tapering Steel

May 27, 2020: Caption This! Video Clip of Maybel

May 26, 2020: Butter Making Trivia

May 25, 2020: Miniature Monday

May 24, 2020: There’s Still Lots To Do on the Farm!

May 23, 2020: Chicks

May 22, 2020: Flower Friday

May 21, 2020: Chirping Chicks

May 20, 2020: Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Start the adventure here.

May 19, 2020: Frolicking Calves Coloring Page

Download the coloring page here.


May 18, 2020: The Bull Calves Have Names!

May 17, 2020: At Home Scavenger Hunt

Download the Scavenger Hunt list here.

May, 16, 2020: A Curiosity from Old Sturbridge Village Museum Collection

May 15, 2020: Spring Cleaning & a Fireboard from the Old Sturbridge Village Museum Collection

May 14, 2020: Alphabet Toy

May 13, 2020: Behind the Scenes: Barn Floor Repairs

May 12, 2020: Garden Update: Salem Towne Garden

May 11, 2020: Caption This! Running of the Sheep Clip

May 10, 2020: Mother’s Day

May 9, 2020: Objects that Inspire: Cymbeline

May 8, 2020: Flower Friday | Cowslip

May 7, 2020: Make a Cardboard Loom

Download the how-to guide here.

May 6, 2020: Wallpaper Wednesday

May 5, 2020: Frolicking Cattle

May 4, 2020: Caption This! Lamb Edition

May 4, 2020: Miniature Monday

May 3, 2020: Lambs

May 2, 2020: Peddler Ambrotype

May 1, 2020: Hexagonal Paper Piecing

Download the how-to guide here.

April 30, 2020: Nine Men’s Morris

Download the how-to guide here.

April 30, 2020: Making Butter

Download the lesson plan here.

April 29, 2020: #WhatIsThisWednesday

(Answer: This object is a copy press patented by James Wyatt in 1780. Businesses such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and professionals like lawyers and bankers, then as now, often needed to make copies of letters, invoices, and other documents, and the copy press was a convenient and completely accurate means of maintaining those duplicate records. The person making a copy would place a damp, very thin sheet of copy paper over a recently printed document and run the combination through the rollers built into the case. The copy paper would absorb some of the residual ink on the printed document, creating a copy. The process would create a mirror image of the text (in other words, printed backwards), so the copy would have to be read THROUGH the paper. Needless to say, the copy process could only be repeated once or twice before the master sheet or the copies became too faint to read.)

April 28, 2020: Doll from the Old Sturbridge Village Museum Collection

April 27, 2020: Animal Update: Pig Enjoys Fresh Slop

April 26, 2020: Two Portraits, One Artist

April 25, 2020: Coggeshall Farm Museum

April 24, 2020: Women’s Hairstyles

April 23, 2020: Animal Update: Another New Bull Calf!

April 23, 2020: Chamber Pot

April 22, 2020: Preparing the Parsonage Garden

April 21, 2020: Animal Update: Close up of Our New Bull Calf

April 20, 2020: Step-by-Step Pie Crust Making Demonstration

Ever make a pie from scratch? Now is a great time to try! Making pie crust is intimidating for some modern cooks, but it is simple once you get the hang of it. Watch this step-by-step video to see Ashleigh, our Domestic Management Straker Fellow, demonstrate how to make a pie crust. Then, check out our collection of historic receipts here, where you can find receipts (recipes) for apple and pork pie, cranberry pie, Marlborough pudding, mince pie, carrot pie, and more.

April 20, 2020: Patriots’ Day

Read the short article by Tom here.

April 19, 2020: This Day in History

April 18, 2020: Fresh Snow on the Ground

April 17, 2020: Animal Update: Lambs on the Farm

April 16, 2020: Embroidery Patterns Last Used in 1830

April 16, 2020: Behind the Scenes on the Farm

April 15, 2020: New Calf on the Farm

April 14, 2020: Sheep to Shawl

April 14, 2020: Molding Planes

April 13, 2020: Zoom Backgrounds

Check out and download some images from the Village that you can use for a virtual background when using Zoom here.

April 12, 2020: Running of the Sheep

April 11, 2020: National Board Game Day

April 10, 2020: Garden Update: Scilla

April 9, 2020: New Historical Receipt: Fricassee of Parsnips

See a collection of historical receipts (recipes, with modern adaptations) here.

April 9, 2020: Animal Update: Chickens

April 8, 2020: Parsnip Harvest

April 8, 2020: Coloring Pages

Download and print 4 coloring pages created by our very own Victoria Haynes here.

April 7, 2020: Coffee or Tea?

April 6, 2020: Behind the Scenes: Making Pots

April 5, 2020: Storing Winter Woolens

April 4, 2020: Storytelling: You Are Nothing But a Goose

April 3, 2020: Behind the Scenes: Sewing

April 2, 2020: Behind the Scenes Look at the Old Sturbridge Village Gardens and Greenhouse

Read the eNews here.

April 2, 2020: Making Mittens

April 1, 2020: April Fools’ Day: A Little History

April 1, 2020: Wedding Wednesday: 360˚ Virtual Tour of Select Village Spaces courtesy of WeddingWire

To view the 360˚ Virtual Tour, click here.

March 31, 2020: Mystery Building

(The above daguerreotype is of the Fenno House at its original location in Canton, MA)


March 30, 2020: Behind the Scenes: Costume Work

March 29, 2020: Animal Update: Clover and Maybel

March 28, 2020: Embroidery Inspiration

March 27, 2020: Pruning in the Freeman Orchard

March 26, 2020: Jim Plays a Little Music

March 26, 2020: Collections Highlight: Make-Do Pitcher

March 25, 2020: Pruning a Flowering Pear Tree

March 25, 2020: Animal Update From Our Coordinator of Agriculture

March 24, 2020: New Historical Receipt: Winter Vegetable Soup

See a collection of historical receipts (recipes, with modern adaptations) here.

March 24, 2020: Collections Highlight: Make-Do Pincushion

March 23, 2020: Working From Home