We are excited to introduce a new Travel & Tourism Business Partnership Program at Old Sturbridge Village. Specifically tailored to the needs of organizations that appeal to the travel and tourism market, this program offers a unique opportunity to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience. Join us, and align your business with an institution that’s as committed to your growth as it is to preserving our shared history.

Becoming a partner of Old Sturbridge Village offers a number of benefits:

  1. Preferred Listing & Brand Visibility: Your business will be featured on a special webpage on our site dedicated to promoting our preferred travel and tourism business partners. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your offerings to a large, targeted audience looking for things to do and places to stay and experience specifically in Central Massachusetts. We see over 200,000 visitors annually. Our website is viewed by more than 2 million people per year who are planning their visit to Old Sturbridge Village and the surrounding region.
  2. Discounts: Partnership also comes with a variety of discounts for your business and employees including Phantoms by Firelight and Christmas by Candlelight. In addition you can get special discounts on blocks of standard daytime tickets for your patrons.
  3. Access and Events: We have a variety of partnership levels to accommodate your needs, whether providing passes for employees or clients or early access to events.
  4. Promotion: Not only will an Old Sturbridge Village partnership promote your business, but your business will be directly contributing to the preservation and promotion of New England history and culture. It’s a win-win.
  5. Education: Old Sturbridge Village offers a wealth of knowledge and history for all ages. Through our programming, collections, and events, Old Sturbridge Village invites each visitor to find meaning, pleasure, relevance, and inspiration through the exploration of history.

We have four levels designed for maximum exposure to our exclusive audience—and the investment is extremely competitive when compared to the cost of an annual advertising program of the same target and reach.

Become part of our Travel and Tourism community today! Contact [email protected].


*Restrictions may apply.

Standard Daytime Passes: You can purchase in blocks of 15 standard daytime admission passes for a discount.

OSV Cookies: Available in the months of March & November.

Family Memberships can be traded in for 6 standard daytime admission passes per membership if you prefer.

Membership discount to Employees: 10% off base price, add-ons not discounted.

Friday Summer Partner Day: Pick a Friday during July & August during the summer. Please give two week’s notice to schedule, blackout dates may apply.

Family Membership (2 adults and children or grandchildren under 18)

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