Primitive Firemaking

Primitive Firemaking

Register for November 25, 2017 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Ages 16+Learn about fire making techniques from primitive periods to modern times. Increase your confidence and skill in using fire as a heat source, tool and friend. Make a proper tinder bundle that will work with any ignition source, carve a bow drill and practice making a coal, learn other friction techniques, become acquainted with some modern methods such as: ferrous rods, magnesium fire starters, flint steel and char cloth, to light the bundle, learn about fire sets and their uses.

The son of Naturalists, Ethan Choiniere is a lifelong outdoorsman who furthered his training at the Maine Primitive Skills School. He has taught survival skills for four years.

$105 members; $130 nonmembers

Materials Fee:

This class is held entirely outdoors unless there is serious weather. Be prepared for weather. Ages 16+


All class registrations will close 1 week prior to the event


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