The Old Sturbridge Village Singers are celebrating 20 years of performing in the recreated setting of an early New England village. The goal of the group is to bring to life the songs of everyday people who lived in the extraordinary pre-industrial days of American history.

Their latest CD The Old Sturbridge Village Singers: A Collection of Early 19th-Century Hymns and Songs is now available at Ox & Yoke Mercantile and the Miner Grant Store at Old Sturbridge Village! This CD features songs like “The Old Oaken Bucket,” “Awake, Awake Tuneful Voice,” and “Auld Lang Syne.” See the full tracklist below.

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Awake, Awake the Tuneful Voice
Composer: Nathaniel Duren Gould
Name of Tune: Woodland
Words: Lowell Mason

Landing of the Pilgrims
Composer: George W. Martin
Name of Tune: Leominster
Words: Felicia Dorethea Hemans

The Shout of Freedom
Composer: George J. Webb
Name of Tune: Morning Light
Words: Songs of the Free and Hymns of Christian Freedom

Home, Sweet Home
Composer: Henry R. Bishop
Name of Tune: Original
Words: John Howard Paine

Zion, Behold thy Savior King
Composer: Abraham Wood
Name of Tune: Worcester
Words: Isaac Watts

Old Ironsides
Composer: Traditional Irish
Name of Tune: Gramachree
Words: Oliver Wendel Holmes Sr.

My Country tis of Thee
Composer: Traditional English
Name of Tune: America
Words: Rev. Samuel Smith

Here Lies a Women
Composer: John Hilton
Name of Tune: Original
Words: The Catch Club

Human Equality
Composer: Traditional Scottish
Name of Tune: And A’ That
Words: William Loyd Garrison

The Old Man Who Lived in the Wood
Composer: Traditional Scottish
Name of Tune: Original
Words: Scot’s Musical Museum

The Spacious Firmament
Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn
Name of Tune: The Heavens are Telling
Words: Joseph Addison

The Old Oaken Bucket
Composer: George Kiallmark
Name of Tune: Araby’s Daughter
Words: Samuel Woodworth

Bring Brightest Laurels
Composer: Jacob Eckard
Name of Tune: Pillar of Glory
Words: Hannah Gould

Auld Lang Syne
Composer: Traditional Scottish
Name of Tune: Original
Words: Scot’s Musical Museum

The Old Sturbridge Village Singers

Alan Aubin
Diane Banfield
Christina Cronin
Rebecca Cross
Carol DeBeradinis
Dane Donato
Barry Eager
Laura Eliason
Susan Farr
Debi Gomes
Todd Goodwin
Thomas Hopkins
Lee Ann Jaquith
Mikaela Lachapelle
Carol Norris
Richard Osborne
James Parr
Janet Parslow
Lori Rabeler
Bill Rasku
David Richards
Denise Richards
Walter Shanahan
Ed St. John
Paula Wyble


Piano and Organ – Carol DeBeradinis
Recorder – Susan Farr
Flute – Mikaela Lachapelle
Dulcimer – Denise Richards
Guitars – David and Denise Richards
Violin and church bass – Tom Vaughn
Drums – Raiden Bousquet

Support Staff

Darrel Hopkins
Joan Celuzza.

Recorded at Triple Spiral Recording Studio in Brookfield, Massachusetts

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