Send Emails via Event Reminders


1. Log in and select an event.

2. Along with "View," "Edit," and "Revisions" there is a tab above the content called "Registrations."  Click Registrations.

3. On the next page is a list of all the people who have signed up to be reminded that the event is taking place. You can select individual users by checking off the box to the right of their email addresses. To select all users check the box in the top left corner next to "ID."

Updating The Default "Daily Schedule" Template

The default template lives on a page with other sensitive information that shouldn't be altered. Be very careful when updating the default template that you change no other settings.

If you happen to change something you did not mean to, do not save. Close the page in your browser and open it again. This will reset the page and no changes you have made will go through.

Any user with manager permissions should be able to update the default template for the Daily Schedule.


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