Adding new Daily Schedule - Style Guide

When adding a new daily schedule, please follow these guidelines for style and formatting:

Paste content in as plain text (using first button on the left)

Today at OSV should be in Heading 2.

Other headings after the daily schedule should be in Heading 3 (Hands on Craft Center, exhibits, Upcoming events, etc.)

Event names under Upcoming Events should be in bold

When "19th century" is used as an adjective, use a hyphen (i.e. "19th-century school lesson")



How to Make Smart Quotes in Headings Do the Right Thing

Because of the font used for headings, sometimes smart quotes don't work quite right. The easiest way around this when you see it is the following:

  1. If you want to use quotation marks in a heading, first paste the sentence, including quotes, into Word.
  2. Make sure you can see smart quotes (i.e. quotes curving in towards the words quoted)
  3. Copy the text from Word and paste it into the website using the "paste as plain text" button as usual (this will strip out everything EXCEPT the smart quotes)

And that should do it!


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