Mother's Day

Old Sturbridge Village offers FREE Admission to all mothers on Mother’s Day, courtesy of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare.

Family events are planned throughout the day, including a demonstrations of cooking for children, hands-on crafts, and performances.  Visit with 19th-century midwife Lucy Tucker and Lydia Maria Child, author of The Mother's Book.  

Maple Days

For many at Old Sturbridge Village, the first whiff of spring isn't the aroma of spring flowers - it's the smell of wood smoke and maple syrup, a sure sign that the sap is rising and spring is on the way.  Join us for four weekends of our Maple Days event throughout March, where you can see maple sugaring as it was done in early 19th-century rural New England in OSV's working sugar camp.

See the entire sugar-making process, from tapping the trees to "sugaring off," and learn why maple sugar was more commonly used than maple syrup in early New England.

Fixing an infinite loop error

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Using SM mark

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When Closed for Inclement Weather

Change the homepage slideshow:

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