Wool Days

Discover how New Englanders reared sheep for their wool in the 1830s at Old Sturbridge Village's annual sheep shearing festival - Wool Days - on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-29. Welcome our spring lambs and see the adult sheep get their annual sheering. 

Bounty: Thanksgiving Traditions

Experience the traditions of an early 19th-century New England Thanksgiving. Learn about 1830s dining etiquette and watch the men of the Village compete in a post-dinner target shoot. Smell the scents of roasted turkey and pies warming by the fire. Hear the minister talk about the true meaning of Thanksgiving in the Village's historic Center Meetinghouse. Learn how preparations were made for this holiday meal.

Watch a slide show.

Friends' Day 2018

Old Sturbridge Village would like to invite you, our valued Members and Friends, to celebrate in a day full of exclusive members-only programming throughout the museum. Activities for the day will include special programs for members of all ages and the Annual Friends’ Day Meeting with the Village’s President and CEO Jim Donahue.

Scout Day

Join us as we celebrate the spring here at Old Sturbridge Village! Scouts and their families are welcome to explore the gardens and farm as they wake up from a long hibernation. See what's planned in the Village here. Our spring hands-on studios will focus on spring themes like planting and using natural resources. 

Homeschool Day

Join us for an exploration of the arts of the 1830s, especially for home school families!

It’s springtime! The Village’s gardens are coming to life again, there are babies on the farm, and there is activity all around. Spring is also a great time to get creative with inspiration from nature! Our hands-on workshops will allow participants to flex their artistic muscles and work on projects inspired by spring at the Village.

In addition to workshops, join us for tours and a special curatorial show and tell and take part in activities throughout the Village.

Redcoats & Rebels

See the largest military re-enactment in New England with nearly 1,000 soldiers portraying British, Irish, Spanish, Scottish, French and Colonial troops. The Village is transformed into a military camp from the time of the War for Independence, as it was known in early New England. Come see what it was really like for those who fought to win America's freedoms.


Daytime events on both days include activities such as:

Patriots' Day

Patriots' Day observances at Old Sturbridge will resound with the peal of bells, the stirring beat of drums and the thrilling call of the fife, as the Sturbridge Militia musters in the countryside on Monday, April 16. Special programs and activities throughout the day will invite visitors to experience the sights and sounds of our colonial ancestors as the Revolutionary War began.


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