News Highlights

About the Village:


Yankee Magazine 11/1/12 On Common Ground

Heart of the Commonwealth book 12/11/12 - Old Sturbridge Village profile

Telegram & Gazette 04/03/11 Attendance Rises

Boston Globe 03/23/11 OSV Reports Attendance Rise

Worcester Business Journal 01/31/11 Leading a Turn Around At OSV

Hartford Courant 11/6/10 The Village in Winter

Group Tour Magazine 11/01/10 What once was - Old Sturbridge Village

Springfield Republican 03/30/10 Editorial - OSV Marks Turn Around

Telegram & Gazette 03/25/10 OSV Rebounds

Associated Press-Mass Live 03/25/10 OSV Ends Year in the Black 

Headline highlights 03/23/10 OSV Ends year in the Black

Boston Globe 03/17/10 A TANK AWAY - Sturbridge

Boston Globe 03/10/09 Old Sturbridge Village Reports Attendance Gains

Telegram & Gazette 03/01/10 Old Sturbridge Survival -Editorial

Bus Tours Magazine 03/01/10 Educational and Historic Endeavors -OSV

Telegram & Gazette 02/08/09 Oliver Wight Tavern Brunch Review

Worcester Business Journal 02/01/09 Shop Talk Q&A with Jim Donahue, OSV

Telegram & Gazette 01/23/09 Rediscovering History-OSV Attendance Up 8%

Boston Globe 01/20/09 Attendance Rises at Old Sturbridge Village

Cooking Light 09/01/08 Antiquing Treks

Providence Journal 11/4/07 Renewing Old Sturbridge Village


Celebrity Visits:


Boston Globe 11/29/12 Names: Tom Brokaw at old Sturbridge Village

Springfield Republican 11/28/12 Burns honors Brokaw (page 1)

Boston Globe 05/19/11 Waterston given Life Honor

Telegram & Gazette  05/13/11 Sam Waterston Logs another Honor

Litchfield County Times 05/05/11 Burns Honors Waterston

Republican 02/08/11 Out for a Ride - Gov. Patrick visits OSV

Boston Herald 02/06/11 Political Horse Power Photo Caption

Telegram & Gazette 05/23/10 Award Dinner at OSV - Out & About

Boston Globe 05/22/10 History Shines on Goodwin

Boston Globe 5/20/10 Goodwin feted

Telegram & Gazette 05/16/10 Making History Personal

Southbridge Evening News 09/26/09 Banking on History

Telegram & Gazette 05/17/09 OSV Presents Ken Burns Award

Boston Herald 04/05/09 Tracked Down-Laura Linney

Boston Globe 04/04/09 Ken Burns and Laura Linney - Making History

Metro West Daily News 03/26/09 Ken Burns, Laura Linney Visit Natick for OSV Fundraiser

Telegram & Gazette 09/26/08 Wheels of Fortune-Senate President Murray

Telegram & Gazette 03/24/08 Ken Burns to be Honored at OSV Fundraiser

Worcester Living May June Ken Burns Photo Montage


Antiques and Exhibits:


Antiques & Fine Art 5/15/13 Nathan Lombard: A New Form and an Uncovered Family Provenance

Boston Globe 11/25/12 Of old-time child's things at Sturbridge

Journal of Antiques and Collectibles 10/1/12 A Child's World (cover story)

New England Antiques Journal 10 1 12 (cover story)

Antiques Fine Art 04/01/12 At This Happy Fireside - Overmantels and Fireboards at OSV

New York Times 09/08/11 Antiques - Fireside Rites on display

Skinner Blog Post 08/30/11 Step Back in Time - Experience a 19th Century Parlor and Hearth

Skinner Blog Post 09/06/11 An Interview with Tom Kelleher, Curator at Old Sturbridge Village Part II

Quilts Japan 09/01/11 OSV Quilt Collection

Journal of Antiques and Collectibles 09/01/11 By the fireside - On exhibit at Old Sturbridge Village

New England Antiques Journal  09/01/11 Old Sturbridge Village Hosts Fall Antiques Weekend

New England Antiques Journal 09/01/11 Gentrifying the Parlor - The Hearths of Old Sturbridge Village

Early American Life October 2011 Art for the Parlor

Republican 01/02/11 Quilted Treasures Pattern Rich Past

Telegram & Gazette 12/12/10 A Piece of History - Warm up at OSV Quilt Exhibit 12/12/10 A Piece of History - Warm up at OSV Quilt Exhibit

Antiques and the Arts Weekly 10/08/10

New England Antiques 09/1/10 Journal OSV Presents Ceramics

Wellesley Townsman 06/18/09 It Takes a Village Exhibit

Springfield Republican 05/28/09 Dairy Maid

The Boston Herald 05/25/08 Your Stage Coach awaits at OSV

Metro West Daily News 05/22/08 Catch the Stage Coach at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 05/18/08 Stage coach rumbles back to OSV


Life in the Early 19th Century: 4/29/13 Mothering in the 19th Century

Early American Life 12/1/12 Sleighing (cover story)

Telegram & Gazette 12/02/11 From Divine Drink to Food of the Gods

Republican 11/19/10 Recipes Window to America's Past

Providence Journal 11/11/10 Sturbridge Gives Thanks

Telegram & Gazette 03/23/10 A Tip of the Hat to Spring Bonnets

Tantasqua Town Common 01/30/09 Working For Food


Heritage Breed Animals: 5/10/13 Wool Days slated at Old Sturbridge Village

MetroWest Daily News 4/11/13 Little Lamb, little lamb

Metro West Daily News 04/15/12 Lovely Little Lambs

Boston Globe 04/1/12 Farm Frolics - Wool Days at OSV

Boston Herald 04/22/10 Kids on the Lamb in Sturbridge

Southbridge Evening News 03/27/09 Friday Conversation-Rhys Simmons



Boston Globe 11/23/11 Pick of the Day-Out of the Past-Thanksgiving Weekend at OSV

Providence Journal 11/11/10 Sturbridge Gives Thanks

Metro West Daily News 11/26/09 An 1800s Thanksgiving at OSV

Springfield Republican 11/25/09 Early American Traditions on Display

Telegram & Gazette 12/09/08 The Christmas Spirit

Southbridge Evening News 07/7/09 Fourth of July

Springfield Republican 11/28/08 Turkey Day Reigns at Old Sturbridge Village

Boston Herald 11/23/08 A Thanksgiving Wedding Feast


Special Events:

Boston Globe 5/23/13 For the shear fun of it

Telegram & Gazette 3/16/13 Rising Season- Weather sweet for maple producers

MetroWest Daily News 2/15/13 Glide into Antique Sleigh Rally at Old Sturbridge Village Saturday

Eagle Tribune 12/20/12 History for the Holidays: Old Sturbridge Village offers free pass for children to step into past

Boston Globe 11/21/12 Pick of the Day - The Life of Pie

Improper Bostonian 10/16/12 Place Settings - Ideal Wedding Venues

Boston Globe 8/2/12 Pick of the Day - Redcoats & Rebels

Boston Globe 07/02/12 Pick of the Day - Blast from the Past

Providence Journal 06/06/12 Antique Car Show - Enthusiastic Group Braves the Rain

Hartford Courant 07/05/10 Fire! For the Fourth

Boston Globe 05/27/10 Wool Days at OSV

Boston Globe  2/21/10 A Recipe for Authenticity

Telegram & Gazette 12/20/09 Just Clomping Along

Southbridge Evening News 07/7/09 Fourth of July

Telegram & Gazette 07/05/09 Star-Spangled Banner Skies

Telegram & Gazette 06/04/09 Hot Event in Sturbridge

Boston Globe 05/21/09 Wild and Wooly

Boston Herald 02/01/09 Go to Sturbridge for an Ice Day

Worcester Living Dec 2008 OSV Gala