2009 News Clips

Hartford Courant 12/24/09 Roamin' Holidays

Telegram & Gazette 12/20/09 Just Clomping Along

Telegram & Gazette 12/17/09 Flash Kings of Draft

Hartford Courant 12/17/09 So Many Options For Holiday Fun This Week

Telegram & Gazette 12/17/09 When You Say Bud

Hartford Courant 12/17/09 In Side Story of Budweiser Clydesdales at OSV

Reminder Online 12/17/09 Budweiser's Clydesdales to visit OSV

Hartford Courant 12/14/09 Clydesdales in Town

Southbridge Evening News 12/09/09 Budweiser Clydesdale Coming to OSV

Telegram & Gazette 12/03/09 12 Nights of Christmas

Metro West Daily News 11/26/09 An 1800s Thanksgiving at OSV

Springfield Republican 11/25/09 Early American Traditions on Display

Tewksbury Advocate 11/13/09 Tewksbury Students take a Trip to the Past

Daily News Tribune, 11/2/61 An 1800s Thanksgiving

Southbridge Evening News 09/26/09 Banking on History

Yankee Magazine 08/2009 -Redcoats & Rebels

Southbridge Evening News 07/7/09 Fourth of July

Telegram & Gazette 07/05/09 Star-Spangled Banner Skies

Southbridge Evening News 06/30/09 Sky to Sparkle at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 06/25/09 OSV Gears up for July 4th Celebration

Telegram & Gazette 06/19/08 Summer Book Redcoats and Rebels

The Allston-Brighton TAB 06/19/09 It Takes a Village Exhibit

Wellesley Townsman 06/18/09 It Takes a Village Exhibit

Telegram & Gazette 06/17/09 Ten Things to Do

Daily News Tribune 06/15/09 Music and Art Day

Metro West Daily News 06/04/09 New exhibits at Old Sturbridge Village illustrate Farming Life

Telegram & Gazette 06/04/09 Hot Event in Sturbridge

Springfield Republican 05/28/09 Dairy Maid

Southbridge Evening News 05/26/09 All Aboard!

Milton Times 05/21/09 Linney and Burns with Connollys

Weston Town Crier 05/21/09 Linney and Burns with Pierces-DeWitts

Boston Globe 05/21/09 Wild and Wooly

Hartford Courant 05/21/09 Lots Of Family Events On Tap Memorial Day Weekend

Telegram & Gazette 05/17/09 OSV Presents Ken Burns Award

Southbridge Evening News 05/7/09 NECN Focuses on OSV Interpreter

Hartford Courant 05/07/09 Mother's Day

Boston Business Journal 04/24/09 Residents Warm to Local Attractions in Hard Times

Telegram & Gazette 04/20/09 Patriots Day at OSV

Boston Globe 04/20/09 The Good Old Days

Massmoms.com 04/19/09 April School Vacation

Telegraph 04/07/09 Ken Burns Laura Linney

Boston Herald 04/05/09 Tracked Down-Laura Linney

Boston Globe 04/04/09 Making History

Boston Globe 03/28/09 Burns to Honor Laura Linney in Natick

Southbridge Evening News 03/27/09 Friday Conversation-Rhys Simmons

Providence Journal 03/27/09 Laura Linney to get Burns Award

Hartford Courant 03/26/09 OSV Maple Sugaring-Easter Brunch at Oliver Wight Tavern

Metro West Daily News 03/26/09 Ken Burns, Laura Linney Visit Natick for OSV fundraiser

Southbridge Evening News 03/24/09 Linney to Receive Burns Achievement Award

Springfield Republican 03/24/09 Actress Laura Linney to be Honored at Benefit for Old Sturbridge Village

WBZ-TV 03/11/09  Retro Appeals

Southbridge Evening News 03/10/09 Signs of Spring

Boston Globe 03/10/09 Old Sturbridge Village Reports Attendance Gains

Early American Life 02/25/09 A Small House in Sturbridge

Boston Globe 02/22/09 Get Away to Dine in 19th-Century Sturbridge

Southbridge Evening News 02/09/09 Day Trippers Learn Hearth Side Cooking at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 02/08/09 Oliver Wight Tavern Brunch Review

Worcester Business Journal 02/01/09 Shop Talk Q&A with Jim Donahue, OSV

Boston Herald 02/01/09 Go to Sturbridge for an Ice Day

Tantasqua Town Common 01/30/09 Working For Food

Telegram & Gazette 01/23/09 Rediscovering History-OSV Attendance Up 8%

Telegram & Gazette 01/20/09 19th Century Peek at Slavery

Boston Globe 01/20/09 Attendance Rises at Old Sturbridge Village