2008 News Clips

Telegram & Gazette 12/25/08 It Takes a Village to Keep Kids Busy

Southbridge News 12/09/2008 A Good Year for OSV

Telegram & Gazette 12/09/08 The Christmas Spirit

Worcester Living Dec 2008 OSV Gala

Springfield Republican 11/28/08 Dinners, Games Mark Holiday

Springfield Republican 11/28/08 Turkey Day Reigns at Old Sturbridge Village

Early American Life 12/08 Christmas by Candle Light

MTA Advantage Fall 2008 Celebrate Thanksgiving Weekend at OSV

Providence Journal 11/27/08 Giving Thanks the Old-Fashioned Way

Boston Herald 11/23/08 A Thanksgiving Wedding Feast

Boston Herald 11/13/08 Love is Cooking at Sturbridge

Telegram & Gazette 11/09/08 This Week-Veterans Day at OSV

VOICES 11/05/08 Abbey Suslavich

Telegram & Gazette 11/02/08 Old Sturbridge Village Revives its Mission

New Bedford Standard Times 10/30/08 Dont Forget to 'Fall Back'

Telegram & Gazette 10/23/08 Halloween Happenings

Hartford Courant 10/23/08 Scary Creatures are on the Prowl

Boston Globe 10/20/08 Save the Field Trip

Worcester Business Journal 10/16/08 OSV Attendance Up As Visitors Seek Frugality Tips

Boston Globe 10/4/08 Apple Days

Journal of Antiques and Collectibles Nov.2008 Thanksgiving at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 09/26/08 Wheels of Fortune-Senate Pres. Murray

Telegram & Gazette 09/23/08 The Way We Were

Telegram & Gazette 09/21/08 OSV Gala Netted $90,000

Springfield Republican 09/21/08 Photos, Stories Lauded by Press Association

Cooking Light 09/01/08 Antiquing Treks

Springfield Republican 08/20/08 Red, White and Blue Political Ball Gala Waterbury

Springfield Republican 07/29/08 Lauren Michaud-Jr. Intern

07/15/08 134 Miles of Yankee Charm

Hartford Courant 06/12/08 Where Past is Present

The Boston Herald 05/25/08 Your Stage Coach awaits at OSV

Metro West Daily News 05/22/08 Catch the Stage Coach at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 05/19/08 This Week-Memorial Day

Telegram & Gazette 05/18/08 Stage coach rumbles back to OSV

Boston Globe 05/07/08 Frugal Vacationers Boost OSV

Worcester Business Journal 05/07/08 OSV Attendance Up 33%

Boston Business Journal 05/01/08 Ken Burns with Curries

Meriden Record-Journal 04/28/08 Scout Day

New Bedford Standard Times 04/17/08 Patriots Day

Athol Daily News 04/10/08 Kids Work as they did in early N.E.-Discovery Camp

Agawam Advertiser 04/10/ 08 Ken Burns-Richard & Ann Bellico

Hartford Courant 04/05/08 Stage Coach at OSV

Gardner News 04/01/08 Burns Returns to OSV

Telegram & Gazette 03/24/08 Ken Burns to be Honored at OSV Fundraiser

Telegram & Gazette 03/28/08 History Comes Alive-Ken Burns Photo

Worcester Living May June Ken Burns Photo Montage

Telegram & Gazette 03/24/08 Ken Burns to be Honored at OSV Fundraiser

Southbridge Evening News 02/12/08 Profiting from the Past

Springfield Republican 02/11/08 Village Record THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN

Hartford Courant 01/23/08 Generous Gift for Sturbridge Village

Springfield Republican 01/22/08 Fire Damages Old Sturbridge Village Farm House

Masslive.com 01/22/08 Old Sturbridge Village Raises $1.8 Million

Southbridge Evening News 01/22/08 Ice Harvesting a Lost Art

Sunday Republican 01/22/08 New House for Old Village

Town Crier 01/22/08 School Vacation Week at OSV

Athol Daily News 01/22/08 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Program

Wbjournal.com 01/21/08 OSV Fundraising Secures $1M Challenge Grant

Masslive.com 01/21/08 Village Campaign Successful

Masslive.com 01/21/08 It takes a village THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN

Masslive.com 01/21/08 A Look at Equal Rghts at Old Sturbridge Village

Telegram.com 01/21/08 Donors to OSV Effort Easily Meet the Challenge

Boston Globe 01/07/08 Old Sturbridge Village Draws Film Crews