Daily Schedule

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Exhibits Open 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

TODAY AT OSV * Daily Events are Subject to Change
Throughout the Day:
“The Last Farewell”—A Re-created 19th Century Funeral

Today, the Village is hosting a re-created funeral to allow visitors to learn more about how families cared for the sick during their final illnesses and commemorated the deceased with 1830s funerary practices. Due to the sensitive nature of this program, all events related to the re-created funeral will be denoted with a ♦ on today’s Map Guide.   

 ●Ongoing Demonstrations-  in
         the Tin Shop, Pottery Shop & Blacksmith Shop
9:30-12:00   A Shoemaker at Work
                   (in the Shoe Shop)
10:00-1:00 Horse-Drawn Ride through the
(pick up in front of the Knight Store)
10:00  A Guided Introductory Tour Around the
           Center Village
(meets outside the Center
10:00-12:30 Grinding Apples with Ox Power
(at the Cider Mill)
10:00-2:00 Friends of the Deceased Pay Their   
                    Respects (
at the Fitch House)

10:00  Sawmill Demonstration
10:00  Milking Demonstration
(at the Freeman Farm)
10:30  History of the Flag
(at the Parsonage House)
11:00  A Guided Introductory Tour Around the
           Center Village
(meets outside the Center
♦11:00 Tolling of the Meetinghouse Bell

11:00  Learn a Dance with the OSV Dancers
(outside the Center Meetinghouse)
11:00  Gristmill Demonstration
11:00  Tales to Rattle Your Bones
(in the Parsonage Barn)
11:30  Carding Mill Demonstration
1:00-4:00  Quinebaug River Boat Ride
($3 Fee, 3 & Under Free, 15 minute ride)
                  (at the dock by Vermont Covered Bridge)
11:00  Learn a Dance with the OSV Dancers
(outside the Center Meetinghouse)
1:00   Musket Firing Demonstration
(by the Bullard Tavern)
1:00  Carding Mill Demonstration
1:00  A Tour of the Towne House
1:30  Water Power Tour
(meets at the Carding Mill)
2:00-4:00 Grinding Apples with Ox Power
(at the Cider Mill)
2:00-4:00  Yarn Sewing: Making Worked Mittens,
          Footstools, & Hearthrugs
(in the Parsonage)
2:00  Your Day in Court
(in the Parsonage Barn)
2:00  Sawmill Demonstration
2:15 Funeral Procession to the Friends   
          Meetinghouse for a Funeral Sermon
(meets outside the Fitch House)

2:30-4:50  Horse-Drawn Ride through the
(pick up in front of the Knight Store)
3:00  Tales of Old New England
(in the Parsonage Barn)
3:00  Gristmill Demonstration
♦3:15 Friends Gather for a Funeral Meal
(meets outside the Fitch House)

3:30  Carding Mill Demonstration
3:30  Milking Demonstration
(at the Freeman Farm)
4:00  Sawmill Demonstration


Today in the Center Meetinghouse:
Haunted by History: A Phantasmagoria
Conjuring Spirits from New England's Past!


11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm

Location: Center Meetinghouse
Please Note this program is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Cost: Included with Regular Admission to the Museum (As always, members get in free!)

Old Sturbridge Village presents Haunted by History: A Phantasmagoria, October 18-29, 2017 during the Village's regular open hours. Guests gather outside The Center Meetinghouse where they meet Dr. Lantornia, a mysterious showman who promises them he can conjure spirits from New England's past in his "Phantasmagoria." He leads them into the darkened meeting house, where they participate in a séance, encountering the ghosts of several New England figures who died in the 19th century with unfinished business, including abolitionist writer Lydia Maria Childs, millionaire industrialist Samuel Colt, decorated naval officer Commodore Mathew Perry, Zerah "The Human Calculator" Colburn and prison reform activist Dorothea Dix. The séance goes awry when we find out all is not as it seems and Dr. Lantornia has ulterior motives

Travel around the Common in our reproduction early
19th-century stagecoach and get a feel for early
New England travel.
Tickets Sold in the Visitor Center & the Miner Grant Store $3 fee, 3 & Under Free
(Seating is limited, no food or beverage on the stage
and operation is weather dependent.)
10:00-12:00 & 1:30-4:50 Ride the Stagecoach
(pick up outside Bullard Tavern)

River Walk is open (entrance near the Sawmill)
Woodland Walk is open
(entrance near the Graveyard)
Pasture Walk is open
(entrance behind the Freeman Farm)
Also, see an exhibit in the Quinebaug Bridge about the important role rivers played in early New England life.

9:30-5:00  Grant Store & Bake Shop
(on the Common) Famous for our chocolate chip cookies, beverages & village made crafts.
10:00-4:30  Village Café
Serving coffee, baked goods, and grab & go sandwiches.
11:00-3:00  Bullard Tavern
(on the Ground Floor)  We have a wide array of lunch options available.
11:30-3:00  Oliver Wight Tavern Tap Room
Serving Modern & Period Fare
10:00-5:30  Museum Gift Shop & Book Store
We stay open a bit later than the rest of the Village.