Discovery Adventures - Summer 2018 - Peddlers - Ages 8-10

Give your child a chance to step back in time and experience life in the 1830s at Old Sturbridge Village. Every session offers kids the opportunity to explore an aspect of 19th-century history and daily life--from animal care and farming, to dirty jobs and hearth cooking.

All programs include an afternoon snack, hands-on crafts, and the chance to learn something new while making lasting friends and memories.


Per Person $325; OSV Members $300 (unless otherwise mentioned)

Child’s Play

Register for July 9-13
Register for August 6-10

Life in the 1830s was a lot of hard work, but kids still had time to play!  Learn about the toys and games that kept children entertained in the past. Try your hand at traditional schoolyard games and make some of your own games to take home.

In Stitches

Register for July 16-20

Boys and girls in the 1830s learned basic sewing skills to create and repair sewn goods. Hone your sewing talents and textile savvy through fun beginner projects, learn about how fabrics were made in the early 1800s, and craft your own inspired accessories!

Exploration: Innovation!

Register for July 16-20

Let’s explore 19th-century science and innovation! From the science behind making bread, to archaeology, to water power and simple machines, participants will learn about the way people in the 1830s understood science and how the technology they created to make their lives easier.

Cook and Create

Register for July 9-13
Register for July 30-August 3

From the time they were six or seven years old, kids were really important to the daily upkeep of a household in the 1830s. Participants in Cook and Create will learn how to cook historical food in a brick hearth, practice 19th-century crafts, and get their hands dirty with some typical tasks at home and on the farm.

New Frontiers

Register for July 23-28
Register for August 6-10

With new products from around the world, new transportation, and the exploration of “uncharted” territory, the world was getting a little bigger for people in rural New England in the early 1800s. Participants in this experience will join the ranks of early naturalists, explorers, and inventors as they learn about the discoveries and adventures of the time!