Discovery Adventures - Summer 2017 - Apprentices - Ages 11-14

Give your child a chance to step back in time and experience life in the 1830s at Old Sturbridge Village. Every session offers kids the opportunity to explore an aspect of 19th-century history and daily life--from animal care and farming, to dirty jobs and hearth cooking.

All programs include an afternoon snack, hands-on crafts, and the chance to learn something new while making lasting friends and memories.

Tools of the Trade

Register for July 10-14

Sharpen your woodworking skills with this weeklong adventure! Our young carpenters will learn about tool safety while they create several projects based on items from the Village’s collections. We will also learn about different types of trees, technological change in the early 1800s, and how people in the 1830s utilized their natural resources, including wood. Please note: Because of materials costs, the fee for this program is slightly higher.

Activities include:

  • Visit the new cabinetmaking exhibit and help write a label for the exhibit in the Bullard Tavern
  • Work on several 19th-century inspired woodworking projects
  • Try your hand at whittling and making nails
  • Learn about the different types of trees in the region and how to identify them

Home and Hearth

Register for July 17-21 SOLD OUT

From the time they were six or seven years old, kids were really important to the daily upkeep of a household in the 1830s. Participants in Home and Hearth will cook historical food in a brick hearth, practice 19th-century crafts, and get their hands dirty with some typical tasks at home and on the farm.

Activities include:

  • Prepare a 19th-century receipt for a snack and a beverage—over an open hearth
  • Flex your blacksmithing muscles by making an s-hook to hold your pots and pans
  • Learn 1830s manners during a tea party
  • Get hands-on experience in what it took to run a household during the time period

Kitchen Kids 

July 31-August 4 - SOLD OUT

Register for August 7-11 SOLD OUT

Where did food come from in the 1830s? How did people keep food good without refrigeration? More importantly, how does food from the 1830s taste? Get cooking with this exploration of 19th-century food. Chefs will participate in savory and sweet cooking projects during the week—including in one of the Village’s households--learn about 1830s food preservation and science, and investigate where people got their food in the early 1800s.

Activities include:

  • Get hands-on cooking experience in the Village’s households
  • Make your own tin grater to use at home
  • Prepare a meal together, as well as several delightful desserts and snacks
  • Learn how food was preserved in the 1830s

Arts and Entertainment

Register for July 24-28

Seeking young people with creativity and an interest in the arts! Participants will cultivate their social graces while they learn about the leisure pastimes of people in the 1830s. Join in the art, music, and dance of the time. The week will culminate in a group performance for your fellow Discovery Adventurers!

Activities include:

  • Examine the poetry, music, and plays from the period
  • Create beautiful watercolors in the garden
  • Refine your manners to get ready for a 19th-century ball
  • Perform for your audience at the end of the week!


Register for July 31-August 4

Taking on the role of a real 18th- and 19th- century Sturbridge militia or retired Revolution military man,  our company will learn the discipline, drills, target practice, arms, clothing and personal equipment that were required of a member of an early New England militia. In addition to all the practice drills, you’ll try some authentic outdoor camp cooking and practice music on your tin whistle. Please note: Because of materials costs, the fee for this program is slightly higher.

Activities include:

  • Make your own backpack, canteen, and wooden rifle
  • Build entrenchments and cook over a fire like soldiers
  • Practice drilling as a militia, then show off your skills at the end of the week


Per Person $325; OSV Members $300 (unless otherwise mentioned)

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