Scout Day

Saturday, April 8, 2017 - 2:45pm

Join us as we celebrate the spring here at Old Sturbridge Village! Scouts and their families are welcome to explore the gardens and farm as they wake up from a long hibernation. See what's planned in the Village here. Our spring hands-on studios will focus on spring themes like planting and using natural resources. 

Our Scout Days offer you and your troop the opportunity to explore the Village and participate in hands-on activities. This is a great opportunity for Scouts to gain exposure to many aspects of 1830s New England life in an interactive way. We recommend that you allow for up to three hours to visit the Village, in addition to any scheduled hands-on studios.

Cost is $14 per Scout for full-day admission to Old Sturbridge Village. One adult per Scout ages 5 and above is admitted at the rate of $14. Additional adults pay the full price rate.Tickets can be purchased ahead of time here or at the door. Hands-on studios are an additional fee.

For an additional $5-$10, participate in 50- , 90-, and 120-minute hands-on studios for Daisies, Tigers, Brownies, Wolves, Webelos, Juniors, and Cadettes!

Special Scout Activities Offered Throughout the Day (included with admission):

Stay tuned for a list of the exciting activities that will be offered in the Village, just for Scouts! A Map Guide with times will be posted online the week of Scout Day.

Hands-On Studios

SCOUT STUDIOS: Scout specific hands-on studios are designed to fulfill some but not all of the badge, patch, and elective adventure requirements. Some requirements will need to be completed outside of the visit to Old Sturbridge Village.

Pre-registration is required and studios often fill up quickly. Scouts’ siblings are welcome to attend as well! Special scout and sibling studios are listed below as well.

All studios are located in the Museum Education Building. 

Hands-On Studios- 50 minutes, $5/participant

Daisy Studios (Ages 5-7)

Green Petal: Use Resources Wisely



Be resourceful! What did people do to care for themselves in the early 19th century? How did they clean their teeth, get rid of a stomach ache, and clear the air? What plants and other natural resources were used to treat the family? Make and experience early 19th-century remedies and an herbal sachet.

Brownie Studios (Ages 6-9)


10:30 (Group A) (SOLD OUT)

10:30 (Group B) (SOLD OUT)

1:30 (SOLD OUT)

Become a clay artist! Make a useful and simple clay pot, and then get creative while making an art piece. Each group will visit the museum’s pottery shop and see the Village’s potter in action!

*The studio will meet at the pottery shop and then walk to Museum Education for the rest of the activity.


11:30 (Group A)

11:30 (Group B)

Prepare a 19th-century snack using common household tools. Compare and contrast snack foods of today with long ago. What were common ingredients? Where did they come from? How did they get there? Why did they eat them?

Junior Girl Scout Studios (Ages 8-11)

Simple Meals- Level 1*

10:30 (Group A)

10:30 (Group B)


Learn about food storage and holiday cooking as you experience 19th-century style hearth cooking. Explore kitchen innovations and tools and compare family life then and now. Bake apple fritters over an open hearth.

* This program will only complete Step 1 & 2.  Accompanying recipe booklet will allow you to complete Steps 3, 4 & 5 at home.



It’s spring! Be a gardener! Learn about heirloom plants that are grown in the five different types of gardens at OSV. Investigate the different types of plants and their stages of growth. Plan your own dream garden based on what you learn. Take away your own garden experiment.

Tiger Cub Scout Studios




Let’s play games that kids played in the 1830s! Tigers will learn fun games from the past, play a game as a team, and make a game piece to bring home and share with their friends and family.

Wolf Cub Scout Studios

Grow Something



Learn all about growing things! Make a terrarium and learn about different types of plants that grow best in New England. Later on, visit one of the gardens in the Village on your own.

Extended Hands-On Studios: 90 minutes, $7-$10/participant


Build It!



In this extended studio, participants will make a tin grater using different 19th-century tools! After learning about safety and the proper usage of each tool, we will make this useful kitchen implement!

Cadette Girl Scout Studios (Ages 11-14)




Build something! In this 90 minute studio, Cadettes will get a chance to use different woodworking tools and learn proper tool safety. With their new skills, participants will construct a simple six-board chest, the perfect size for small treasures.

Scouts & Siblings Too Studios:

These workshops do not fulfill badge or patch requirements. They are open to scouts and siblings and are $5 per participant.

Scouts & Siblings Too- Ages 5 & Up

Hearth Cooking


Learn about food storage and cooking as you experience cooking 19th-century style using common household tools and recipes. Make and enjoy a recipe for “little cakes,” what we call cookies today!



Try out a real printing press, create a lovely piece of marbled paper, or make a card using a woodblock print!

Scouts & Siblings Too- Ages 8 & Up

Hearth Cooking


Learn about food storage and cooking as you experience cooking 19th-century style using common household tools and recipes. Make and enjoy a recipe for “little cakes,” what we call cookies today!


11:30 (SOLD OUT)

Let’s play with clay and get creative! Participants will make a pinch pot, coil pot, or other unique sculpture and learn a little about potters in the 1830s.

Scouts & Siblings Too- Ages 10 & Up



Knots are important for Scouts to know and helpful in everyday life. We will learn how to tie a few different knots and the best ways to use them.



Use a variety of 19th-century tools to make a spaddle, a useful kitchen tool. Participants will learn how to be safe with woodworking tools, too.


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