Library Passes

Area libraries may purchase a pass from Old Sturbridge Village and make it available to their patrons, allowing the holder to receive 50% off regular daytime admission for up to four visitors.

Each pass costs $400 and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Each library may purchase more than one pass.

To order a Library Pass, contact 508-347-0294 or download the Enrollment Form

Card Holder Benefits

The cardholder and three additional visitors in their party receive 50% off regular daytime admission to the Village. Tickets purchased by the cardholder for admission can be applied to their own OSV Membership.

Library Benefits

Each Library will receive seven passes, to be issued one per day of week. Patrons do not need to use the pass on the day of check-out, but libraries must limit the number of passes available for check out each day to one. Each pass is fully transferable to library patrons.

Village brochures are sent when a pass is purchased. Additional brochures can be requested at any time by contacting the Membership Department.

Each library will receive a subscription to the Old Sturbridge Village Visitor Magazine, published twice a year.

Additional Information

Passes cannot be used toward evening events or special programs.

Old Sturbridge Village is not responsible for lost or stolen passes.