Access Guide: Building Accessibility


Accessible : Entrance accessible via ramp or incline; interior access varies.

Limited Access: One or two steps. Assistance may be helpful.

Difficult Access: Three or more steps, or narrow doorways. Assistance may be helpful.



Bank: Difficult Access (3 steps, 24" rise; 1" threshold; single door 24")

Beekeeping: Limited Access (2 steps at front and side; door 33")

Bixby House: Accessible (dirt incline at rear door; door 31"; interior doorways may limit wheelchair mobility)

Blacksmith Shop: Accessible (dirt incline)

Bullard Tavern: Accessible

Main level: brick incline at front door
Lower level: wooden incline at side door
Picnic area (seasonal): Some tables

Carding Mill: Difficult Access (3 steps, 19" rise; single door 27")

Center Meetinghouse: Accessible via road in front of Horse sheds (dirt incline to rear door)

Cider Mill: Accessible (dirt incline)

Clock & Exhibit Galleries: Accessible through Visitor Center

Cooper Shop: Limited Access (1 step, 10" rise)

Dennison Building: Accessible (wooden ramp at side door)

District School: Accessible (dirt incline at side door. Interior seating arrangement may limit wheelchair mobility.)

Early Lighting: Accessible (wooden ramp at side door)

Fenno House: Difficult Access (1 step, 10" rise, at side shed door; door 28")

Fenno Barn: Accessible (dirt incline)

Firearms, and Textiles: Accessible (wooden ramp at front door). Back gallery: Limited Access (2 steps)

Fitch House: Accessible (wooden ramp at rear door)

Fitch Barn: Accessible (dirt incline)

Freeman Farm Barn: Accessible (dirt incline)

Freeman Farmhouse: Difficult Access (2 steps, 15" rise, at side door; door 29")

Friends Meetinghouse: Accessible (dirt incline; door 35")

Fuller Conference Center: Accessible

Glass Exhibit: Accessible (wooden ramp at side door)

Goods from the Woods: Accessible (wooden ramp in front of exhibit)

Grant Store and Bake Shop: Accessible (wooden ramp at side door)

Gristmill: Difficult Access (4 steps, 29" rise; 2" threshold)

Hands On Craft Center: Accessible (dirt incline at front)

Herb Garden: Accessible

Knight Store: Accessible (dirt incline at side door)

Law Office: Limited Access (2 steps; door 33". Interior space limited.)

Little Cakes: Accessible. Patio ; service counter 44"

Museum Gift Shop & Bookstore: Accessible

New England Changing Landscape: Accessible (dirt incline)

Oliver Wight Tavern: Accessible

Parsonage: Accessible (dirt incline at side door; door 28"). Interior doorways may limit wheelchair mobility. Photos of second-floor rooms available.

Pottery Shop: Accessible (dirt incline)

Printing Office: Accessible (wooden ramp at side door)

River Ride: Accessible (woodern ramp; seasonal)

Sawmill: Accessible (wooden ramp)

Shoe Shop: Limited Access (2 steps; door 29")

Simple Machines: DIfficult Access (steep pathways with gravel or rooty surfaces)

Small House: Accessible (dirt incline)

Stagecoach: Difficult Access

Tin Shop: Accessible (dirt incline at front door)

Towne Barn: Accessible (dirt incline)

Towne House: Accessible (wooden ramp at rear door). Lower kitchen accessible via dirt incline at side door, beside barn. Photos of second-floor rooms available.

Visitor Center: Accessible