Media Services

Old Sturbridge Village is a dynamic, visually-rich living history museum and is a favorite destination for photographers, reporters, videographers, and writers.  We value your interest in the Village, and are ready to assist in any way we can.

Our Media Services Include

  • Daily demonstrations of historic crafts, daily life, and celebrations, including early 19th-century agriculture, community, practical arts, and social enjoyments. Examples include:

    • Pottery-making
    • Blacksmithing
    • Hearth cooking
    • Tin-making
    • Coopering
    • Shoe-making
    • Printing
    • Gardening
    • Early American storytelling and song
  • A Visual Resource Collection of more than 170,000 photos, historic prints, and graphics.

  • An extensive Research Library documenting every aspect of American material life from 1790 to 1840.

  • The Old Sturbridge Village collections include works and artifacts representing:

    • Agriculture and horticulture
    • Architecture
    • Banking
    • Cookery
    • Decorative and fine arts
    • Education
    • Health and medicine
    • Music

How can we help?

The communications staff at Old Sturbridge Village should be your first point of contact for all requests and services. Depending on your needs, we can direct you to our library, archives, and collection of visual images.

We can also arrange all photography, filming, and interviews. We match you with the appropriate Village experts who are most knowledgeable about the particular subjects you are covering.


If you wish to interview our history interpreters, researchers or other museum professionals, we will make advance arrangements for you. We ask that you do not seek unarranged interviews with staff members so they may focus exclusively on providing the best possible experiences for our visitors.


Old Sturbridge Village welcomes photographers and filmmakers, but we request that you make arrangements with us beforehand. We can accommodate your need to move artifacts, handle special setups or lighting, or stage the activities our visitors already see, as appropriate. Please allow at least 4 weeks notice for all project requests.