A Glimpse Into the Garden

A monthly gardening update by OSV staff horticulturist Roberta McQuaid

This behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Village gardens will explore a range of topics including what’s growing in our gardens and the culture and history of specific heirloom plants. We hope that you will find this monthly online feature informative and perhaps it will enrich your next visit to the museum - maybe even adding to your own gardening adventures at home.

April 2014:
Spring, finally!

March 2014:
The OSV Greenhouse heats up in March

February 2014:
Preparation for seed sales in full swing

January 2014:
The Winter Greenhouse

December 2013:
National Poinsettia Day

November 2013:
Are you Planting Garlic?

October 2013:
Waiting for the Big Switcheroo

September 2013:
A "Beautiful Lady" in the Parsonage Dooryard

August 2013:
The Origins of the Herb Garden

July 2013:
Old Sturbridge Inn & Reeder Family Lodges garden