When Closed for Inclement Weather

Change the homepage slideshow:

  • When logged in to the site, click Edit on one of the rotating large images.
  • Go to the Revisions tab
  • Find the Revision marked "For use when closed for inclement weather" (dated 6/25/2013) and click Revert
  • The title text now reads "We plan to resume our regular schedule tomorrow" -  if we believe that this isn't the case, change the title field.
  • When we re-open, go back to the Revisions tab and chose the most recent version of the image to revert to.

Note on the Hours & Admission Page

  • When logged in, go to the Hours & Admission page http://www.osv.org/content/hours-rates
  • Type an appropriate message about being closed above the rest of the text - use Heading 3
  • When re-opened, revert to the previous version of the page.