Master Style & Content Guide

Phone Numbers should be written as 508-347-0293

  • No parentheses
  • Give direct numbers, rather than the main number with extension


  • Select Heading 1 or Heading 2 from the Format drop down box.
  • Use Heading 1 if there will be a need to use Heading 2 as a sub-head.
  • If only style of heading will be used on the page, you can use either 1 or 2.
  • Never bold the text in addition to using the heading format.

Italics - Use ONLY for titles

Link Targets - When linking to an outside website or PDF, always go to the Target tab when adding a link and select “New Window (_blank)” from the dropdown menu. This will open the link in a new window. We never want to drive someone away from our site without giving them an easy way to return.

Quotes in Page Titles and Headers

  • There is a flaw in the font that we use for page titles and headers. It makes beginning quotes look like end quotes (they curve the wrong way.)
  • The easiest solution is to
  • First paste the sentence, including quotes, into Word.
  • Make sure you can see smart quotes (i.e. quotes curving in towards the words quoted)
  • Copy the text from Word and paste it into the website using the "paste as plain text" button as usual (this will strip out everything EXCEPT the smart quotes)
  • NOTE: You don't need to do this for body text, since that font does the right thing

Historical Building Count
In order to be consistent, we will using the following building counts.

  • When referencing exhibits: 41 (or more than 40) historic building exhibits
  • When referencing total historic buildings: 68 (or more than 60) historic buildings. This includes sheds, outhouses, etc. that don’t have their own exhibit content.

Magazine Title - Should always be listed as Old Sturbridge Village Visitor Magazine

Lodges Name - Should always be listed as Old Sturbridge Inn and Reeder Family Lodges