Museum Education Internship

Museum Education

Under the supervision of the Director of Education and Coordinator of Museum Education, student interns assist with daily operations, program research and development, and summer program activities including administrative duties, Discovery Adventures camps, and other Museum Education programs. Interns' duties will be designed around their experience, education, and interests, but first and foremost, based on the Museum Education department's needs.

Interns will be responsible for the interactive learning experience of children ages 6-17. Interns must be adept at a variety of teaching techniques that are applicable in relating the everyday life of 19th-century New Englanders in a historical museum setting. Interns will be trained to lead youth group inquiry-based historical site tours, group discussions, participatory activities, role playing, and simple craft workshops working in a cooperative teaching environment with fellow teachers.

Successful completion of two years in an undergraduate program with a core concentration in Education, History, Art History, or related field. Must be comfortable and enthusiastic about working directly with children; 1 to 3 years work experience in either a camp, childcare, or educational setting. A demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences; or equivalent combination of education and experience. 

Candidates for internships are chosen on the basis of a written application and an in-person or phone interview. Housing may be available for a fee, however transportation is not provided. Contact the OSV Internship Coordinator for more information.

Internship available year-round: fall semester, spring semester, and summer. The work day is from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the museum is open to the public Wednesday - Sunday while administrative departments operate Monday-Friday only.  Schedules will be established with the intern's supervisor. 

Please check with your school to see if you're eligible for academic credit. Only summer internships receive a stipend.

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