Garden Thyme


Garden Thyme 2018

Garden Thyme programs are held on the third Saturday of each month and are FREE for members of Old Sturbridge Village. Led by Village horticultural and agricultural staff, these programs and workshops are held at various sites and deal with a variety of plant-related themes and topics. Participants gather at the Visitor Center and are led to the appropriate setting.

Exploring 19th Century gardening literature - January 13

A comparison and exploration of gardening advice literature, newspapers, and first-person accounts from the 19th century. Get a chance to look at handwritten receipts and diaries, as well as published literature and newspapers on agriculture and gardening to examine the significance of horticulture in everyday life. This talk will be held in the Research Library.

Grafting Fruit Trees - February 17

Learn about methods for propagating fruit trees in the 19th century. Discuss progressive methods of grafting, times to harvest scion wood, and how to care for a newly grafted tree. This talk will be held in the Greenhouse, and include demonstrations of different types of grafting.

Trees and Forests of the 19th Century - March 17

Join us for a walk in the woods to examine the significant role trees held in the livelihoods and landscapes of 19th Century New Englanders. Practice tree identification skills and learn about uses of certain species during the 1800s.

Not just Honeybees - April 14

Lesser known pollinators in your garden: Join us for a formal talk on the pollinators that grace our gardens, other than honeybees. Flies, beetles, birds, bumble bees, and more all play vital roles in pollinating our fruit crops, vegetables, flowers, and trees. Visit with two OSV gardeners to learn about making your garden a good home for all pollinators.

Propagating Herbs from Cuttings - May 19

Creating new plants by rooting stem cuttings is the best way to propagate many perennial herbs such as rosemary and southernwood that do not always come well from seed.  A single healthy herb plant can magically generate a dozen or more new plants. We will practice this skill using plants in the Village’s Herb Garden collection, and participants will take cuttings home to root.

Planting Beans and Squash - June 9

Learn techniques for planting and growing squash and beans from an experienced OSV lead horticulturalist. Talk about soil amendments, growing habits, varieties and general care of these 19th-century staples.

Cultivating and Cooking Berries - July 14

Explore 19th-century methods of growing berries such as currants, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, elderberries and blueberries. Take home some 19th-century receipts using these wonderful summer fruits!

Dye Plants - August 18

Join us during OSV’s Textile Weekend to talk about plants used to create natural dyes in the 19th century. Discover plants that come from all over the world, or right from your garden, that can be used to dye textiles. This talk will be held in the Herb Garden. 

Seed Saving: Methods for Harvesting, Preserving, Cleaning and Selecting seed in the 19th Century - September 22

Visit the Parsonage garden and the Asa Knight store to see how families may have procured seed in the 19th century. From selecting the best crop to drying and cleaning, go through the steps of saving seed for annuals, perennials, and biennials.

Preserving the Harvest – Caring for herbs in the 19th century - October 20

A practical guide for harvesting, drying and preserving herbs through the winter.  Come and learn time-honored methods of preserving herbs that can still be applied today.  

Pies of the 19th Century - November 10

A staple dish of the 1800s that is so much more than desert! Learn about the different fruits, vegetables, and herbs people would grow that would all be used in pies. Guests will receive a handout of 19th-century Receipts.