Garden Thyme


Garden Thyme 2017


Garden Thyme programs are held on the third Saturday of each month and are FREE for members of Old Sturbridge Village. Led by Village horticultural and agricultural staff, these programs and workshops are held at various sites and deal with a variety of plant-related themes and topics. Participants gather at the Visitor Center and are led to the appropriate setting.

New Year’s Resolutions- Garden Style - January 21

Become a better weeder and a more efficient waterer by working smarter, not harder!  Learn about labor saving materials and devices such as soaker hoses, scuffle hoes, and gluten meal.  With this knowledge under your belt your garden may just be the best ever in 2017.

Tools of the Trade for Successful Seed Starting - February 18

Are grow lights really necessary?  How about heat mats?  The catalogs offer quite an array of products for home gardeners who wish to start their own transplants. Come to this workshop and learn what tools you really need for successful seed starting.

Garden Planning 101 - March 18

Planning for your garden season begins with garden mapping!  Start your season off right by learning tips and tricks for mapping our your gardens, proper placement of plants, and other tools to help you start the season organized.

Grow Your Soil - April 15

Start your growing season from the ground up by exploring and comparing the soil management practices of today with the 1830s, and share your own soil management techniques!

Honey Bees - May 20

Beekeeping is something that benefits all gardeners; still most do not keep bees. This was true in the 1830’s, it is true in 2017. Learn that starting and keeping a hive is not as daunting as it might seem, and the benefits are great.

Wild Greens: Woodland and Field Plants of the 1830s - June 17

Discover 1830s applications of woodland and field plants in diet and medicine. Practice skills in plant identification and botany while exploring personal accounts of 1830s families who utilized both cultivated and wild plants.

Potatoes - July 15

Come learn a brief history of potatoes as a crop, what variety is grown at Old Sturbridge Village and why, as well as how to store them overwinter. Following the talk, visit the Freeman Kitchen to learn how the ladies of the house would utilize potatoes in their everyday cooking and baking.

Root Cellars, then and now - August 19

The root cellar was an integral part of the 19th century home that is making a comeback in the 21st century.  Learn how root cellars work and some suggestions to bring modern equivalents into your home to preserve your garden harvest.

The Autumn Queen:  Dahlias - September 16

Glorious blooms extend late into the garden season and are true show stoppers at agricultural fairs both in the 19th century and today.  Come discuss dahlia culture, staking, planting, and tuber care for years of elegant enjoyment.

Back to the Roots - October 21

Root vegetables were among the most important crops for 19th century families.  Learn the history behind popular "esculent roots" and tips and tricks for growing, preserving, and seed saving root vegetables.

Cooking with Cucurbits - November 18

Harvest brings an abundance of squash, gourds, and pumpkins—but what to do with your bounty?  Learn about 1830s preservation, storage techniques, and favorite squash “receipts” and share your favorite family squash recipes with other OSV members.