The 2023 Friends of the Village Art Exhibit features a variety of paintings, drawing, photographs, and mixed media works inspired by the Village and made by our friends. The original works will be on display in the Bullard Tavern from early July to mid-August. See all the creative entries below. Click on an image to view it larger.

The general public had the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece through July 30th. Congratulations to the winner, Timothy Hertel!

“Small House Winter”
Timothy Hertel


Off white stockings folded over each other in a medium size black shadow box.
A. “Repro 1830s Stocking”
Knitted wool
Ann Gibson
The Gristmill at Old Sturbridge Village in a snow covered landscape.
C. “A Winter Day at the Grist Mill”
Charlie Nyberg
A sheep standing on snowy ground near a gray barn.
E. “Baa”
Colored pencil
Dolores Kosciusko
Person in straw hat and cloak driving a yellow wagon lead by a black horse and a brown horse
G. “George and his Team”
Jean Bernier
A collage of black and white images of people staring into the center of the piece which has sheep in a barn. A piece of text is above the sheep that reads "Do you think they know it's 2023".
I. “It’s A Blessing To Live in Ignorance”
Lauren Perry
A painting brightly colored blue and brown rooster walking in front of white fence.
K. “Rooster Takes a Stroll”
Phyllis Wendorff
A sketch of a black and brown rooster strutting with the Center Village Meetinghouse in the background
M. “Rooster at OSV”
Mixed Media
Andy Volpe
Painting of the Small House and the land around it covered in snow. A small lamp is in the foreground of the scene.
O. “Small House Winter”
Timothy Hertel
A person in a straw hat is picking from a huge pile of multicolored apples.
B. “Apple Harvest”
Candace Imming
Person in 1830's menswear is painting metal in a dark tinshop.
D. “The Artist”
Cindy Curry
A close up of a mill and the water in the background painted on a silver plate
F. “The Water Mill”
Acrylic on charger plate
Hillary Goyette
A black and white photo of a person sitting on a horse drawn carriage with two horses attached.
H. “Stagecoach Respite”
John Zywar
Two brown oxen standing next to a man in 1830's wear. In the background is a red barn and a clear blue sky with trees on the horizon.
J. “Oly Oly Oxen Free”
Gouache on paper
Jorge Alcivar
A photograph of a sunset over a dark covered bridge surrounded by a river and trees.
L. “The Bridge”
Sara Blacklock
A painting of the Center Meeting House at Night with silhouettes of people walking and riding around in front of it.
N. “Center Meeting House”
Tammra Lapriore Cook


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