How to Add 301 Redirects

301 redirects are put in place for key pages (usually 20-30, but sometimes more) and ensure that if somebody has the old page bookmarked or linked to, they will be automatically redirected to the equivalent page on the new site. To make them:

  1. Go to a page on the old site that is a "key" page (top 30)
  2. Copy the URL (everything after
  3. Go to the equivalent page on the new site
  4. Edit the page
  5. Scroll down to the bottom where things like menu options are
  6. Click "URL Redirects" tab
  7. Click "Add URL Redirect to This Node"
  8. In the "from" field, paste the old URL
  9. Save

NOTE: The from field says "" right now, but at go live that will change to the right thing and the redirects will work.