We are thankful for our members! In appreciation for your support, every day in October 2020, we will be raffling off an Old Sturbridge Village Family gift membership. Every current member will be entered into the raffle automatically. If you’re the day’s winner, we’ll contact you and post your name here. You choose who receives the gift membership and whether you’d like it mailed to you (so you can deliver personally on a specific date) or if you’d like us to mail it to the recipient on your behalf. Let us help you share your love of Old Sturbridge Village!

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We will update this page throughout the month with each day’s winner.

October 1, 2020: Arvydas Klimas
October 2, 2020: Michelle Mirowski
October 3, 2020: Kristin Martin
October 4, 2020: James O’Connor
October 5, 2020: Nana Kwame Okyere-Tawiah
October 6, 2020: Andrea Henkels
October 7, 2020: Frederick J. Rich
October 8, 2020: Gina Lemire
October 9, 2020: Stephanie Hooker
October 10, 2020: Gabrielle DeFusco
October 11, 2020: Ned Dunn
October 12, 2020: T.J. Carella
October 13, 2020: Edward A. Straker
October 14, 2020: Cody Moran
October 15, 2020: Dino Economos
October 16, 2020: Walter Zlotnick
October 17, 2020: Mary F. Robinson
October 18, 2020: Rebecca A. Davis
October 19, 2020: Deborah Levesque
October 20, 2020: Tracey Koszalka
October 21, 2020: Meaghan Lamothe
October 22, 2020: Henry S. Sweet
October 23, 2020: Jessie Trowbridge

Need to update your membership information or ask a question, e-mail us at membership@osv.org or call us at 508-347-0210.