Each year, with your help, we build a field of flags outside the Visitor Center from Memorial Day through Labor Day in honor of our active-duty military and veterans. These flags serve as tangible reminders of these American heroes’ service and sacrifice, and a physical expression of our gratitude.

Your generous gift to the Field of Flags campaign provides you with an opportunity to honor a loved one who is currently serving or has served in the U.S. Military. The names of the individuals remembered with gifts to the Field of Flags campaign are posted on the digital Honor Board on our website and on physical Honor Boards outside the Visitor Center.

This year, we’ve extended the Field of Flags campaign to include the opportunity to hang a red, white, or blue star bearing your loved one’s name from our covered bridge in November as part of Veterans and Military Families Month. It is our privilege to join you in saying “thank you” to these brave men and women for their service.

Gifts to the Field of Flags campaign also support our partnership with Blue Star Museums and provide year-round complimentary admission to the Village and Coggeshall Farm Museum for military families.

We are proud to partner with you to recognize the active-duty military and veterans in your lives and to welcome military families to the museum free of charge in their honor. Thank you for your support for our nation and for the preservation and enjoyment of its history through Old Sturbridge Village.

Share Your Military Story

Tell us more about the loved one(s) you are honoring with your donation! Or, if you are a member of the military or in a military family, share your favorite memory about visiting the Village.

Learn More & Share

Many people choose to donate a flag in honor of a loved one. Donor boards will be printed on boards near the field of flags as well as posted online below.

Old Sturbridge Village 2021 Honor Board

1st Cavalry, Airmobile
All that served
All those who have served our country
All veterans
All veterans who have served their country
All who have served to defend our Constitution and freedoms
An unknown soldier
Crew, USS Cacapon AO-52, 1963-1966
First Responders, Police, and Firefighters
In honor of MacDermott, Keefe, and LaPriorie family members who serve or have served
Living and deceased members of the Arena and Gerard family
Our Dads
PA Army National Guard
The American Army
The Holyoke Soldiers Home Victims
Those who serve freedom
Unsung heroes
Vietnam Veterans
Louis Abram
Charles Adamowitch
Joseph Addorisio
Frank Addorisio
Michael Addorisio
Joel Adelman, USA, Korea
Zachary Adler
Dorothy Ahearn, Red Cross
John Ahearn, Army
1st Lt. Aino B. Ahonen
Joseph Albertini
Harold B. Allen, Navy, WWII
G. Pliny Allen, KIA Aug. 1944, Staff Sergeant, US Army Air Corps
Edward Q. Allison Sr.
John P. Ambrose
Edward Anderson
Peter Antonez, USMC
Jerry Archambault
MSgt Harold Arey
George Argitis
John G. Argitis
James Armfield II, MMIC
Sgt. Lloyd G. Arndt, USA
Armand Arpin
Ronald Arpin
SSGT Travis Atkins (2007)
Frederick A. Atkinson
Ellsworth Atwood, WWII, killed in action
Edmond D. Audette
Rene N. Audette
Jim Auriemma
Arnold S. Austin
Forrest Austin
Alfred Avery, USN, lost at sea 1942
John B. Aylsworth
Roland Bachand
Edward Bachand
James Bachand
Edward J. Bachman
Benjamin Badrick
Francis E. Badrick
Howard Baer
Eric S. Bailey
Richard Bailey, Air Force, WWII
Lee Baker
Mark Baker Jr.
Mark Baker Sr.
PFC William J. Bannon (’69)
Anthony Barca
Arthur Bard, USMC, Vietnam
Frederick A. Barney
Donald Bassett
Louis A. Battista
Luigi A. Battista
Lt. E. Roy Baum
Winthrop A. Baylies
Ernest W. Beals
Robert Bean
Royce E. Beatty Sr.
Clement Beauchemin IV
Donald Beaudry Sr.
Robert E. Beaudry Sr.
Dennis Beausoleil
Allen H. Beck
David Belforte
David Belinskas
Richard Bentley
William Bentley Sr.
Isaac Berg, US Army
Major Charles Bergevin
Maj. Lawrence Berlin, USAF
George Berry, USMC, Korea
William Berry, Navy, WWII
Robert E. Betz
Freegrace Billings
John Billings
Nathaniel Billings
Capt. Ernie Blanco
John Boaz, Staff Sergeant RVN
Everett Bolin
LTC Lloyd Bonang
Joseph E. Bonardi
Jeffrey Boniface, Navy
Paul E. Bonnette, Army, WWII
Joan and Victoria Boquin
Fred Bott
George Bott
Pete Bott
Albert E. Boucher Jr., Navy
Albert E. Boucher Sr., Navy
Ernest Boucher, Army
James R. Boucher, Army
Scott A. Boucher, Ret. USAF
Israel Boudriault
Edgar J. Bousquet
Earl R. Bousquet
Joseph Bowman
Jeremiah Breen, USN
Karen Breen, USAF
Terrence Breen, USMC
Frank Michael Brennan
LTC Robert E. Brewer
Frederic C. Brigham
Richard J. Brisard Sr.
John S. Brittain
Jeffrey Britton, US Army
Robert Brochu, USAF, Korea
Sandy Brochu
Robert V. Brodeur Sr.
David Brooks
Sten K. Brote, USN
Margaret Brown
Robert H. Brown
John A. Bucchi
Deen Burgess
Arthur J. Burke
Tyler Burnham
Robert P. Burns
Robert A. Burque, Navy
Sgt. Stephen Bushay
George L. Bushey
Phyllis Bushey
Robert L. Butterworth
Richard Cabana, USAF
Berned Cadieux
James N. Caldarola
Walter Campbell
Leonard B. Campbell
L. Robert Campbell
Raymond D. Carlson
George R. Case
John Case
TSgt. Christopher S. Casella
CPO John F. Casella
Nicholas Joseph Catinha, Medal of Honor recipient
Thomas Catino
James A. Cavallari
Phil Cayford
Michael Celuzza
Vincent Celuzza
John Cernauskas, Korean War Veteran
Howard Chaet
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Andrew Chandler
MSG Buddy Chaplic
Charles W. Chaplin, USMC
Arthur E. Chappell
Henry Chappell
N. Charette Family Veterans
Henry W. Chase, Jr.
Michael E. Chesley
Myron E. Chesley, USCG
Joseph Chiappetta
Louis P. Chiappetta
Paul Chiappetta
David P. Chivis Jr., USAF
Paul T. Chorney
Adam Chubka
James Chute
Michael Chute
Edwin E. Cilley
William Cini
John F. Clancey II
Bill Clark
Robert Clark, US Navy
Thomas A. Clark
Bruce Clarke, US Navy
PFC Emily Clarkson
Rita Cloutier
Bob Clugston
Kristal Clugston
Milo Cocanour
Niles Cocanour
Paul Cocanour
Spencer Cocanour
Staff Sgt. Myron A. Cohen, WWII Veteran
John Colarusso
Claude Cole, Navy
Curtis Collette
Maurice R. Collette, WWII
Col. William M. Colvin, USA
Lt Meredith A. Colwell, DDS, US Navy Dental Corps
SSGT Raymond W. Colwell, USAAC
FF/EMT Ted Colwell, South Windham FD
Francis Comer, WWII
John E. Comer, WWII
Robert Comer, WWII
CPL Allen Comptois
SFC Thomas J. Comptois
Sgt. Donald Conger, Army
Malcolm Conner
James Connolly
John F. Connors
Colonel Brian J. Converse
Marvin Cook, USAF, Desert Storm
Richard Cook
George H. Coombs
W4 David S. Cormey
G. Sherwood Cormey
A/1 Wayne F. Cormey
A/1 Wendeau T. Cormey, USCG
A/1 Wesley S. Cormey
Edward J. Cormier, Vietnam
Colonel Lester W. Cory
Conrad Costigan
Frederic W. Coulon
Richard A. Coulter, USMM
George Coulter, WWII
Rene W. Cournoyer
Drew Cournyer, currently serving in the Marines
Mike Cowen
Patrick Cowen
Sarah Cowen
Peter J. Coyle
Howard Craig Jr.
Crew of Jockey 14
Crew of Spirit 03
Clayton D. Cromack
Timothy Cronin
John J. Crowley
David W. Crowther
SSG Ari Cullers
Waldo Wummings Jr.
Nathaniel Curboy
Paul Czaplicki
Delfio DaDalt
Philip Dame
Philip Dame
Edward W. Darzenkiewicz
William D. Daubert
Eugene Davis
Joshua Davis
Zachary Davis
Shawn Davis-Smith
Bradford D. Davol
Robert J. De Sesa
Bill DeCorleto
Frank DeCorleto
Joe DeCorleto
Edward J. Delage
Edward P. Delage
James Delisle
Richard Delisle
Donato Dell’Olio
Robert Deluca
Dennis Demars
Roland Demars
Ronald J. Denault
Walter Denning
Michael DeRespinis
Roland Desaulniers
Lionel Desrosier
Richard E. DesRosiers
Louis Dhembe
Fiore DiMarco, Army, WWII
Joseph DiVito, US Army
Francis A. Dobie
Vincent Dokoki
James A. Dolan Jr.
Parmelius Donais, WWI (KIA)
Donald Donovan
Dr. Stanley A. Doret, MD
Richard Doucette
Andrew F. Dowden Jr., WWII POW
Russell Dowling
Lt. Col. Robert H. Downey, US Army
Leonard Doyle
Normand A. Drapeau
Ben Drezner
Samuel Drezner, US Army, WWII
Katie Dube, Mass National Guard
Francis V. Duffy, LT. USN WWII / Korea
Brig. Gen. Robert H. Dunlop, USA
Henry R. Dunnack, US Army Artillery, Pacific Theater
Lieutenant James E. Durfer, USNR
TSgt George Durinick, USAF
Paul Dussault
SSWC John P. Dyer Jr., USNR
John P. Dyer Sr., US Navy
Frank Dzaugis
CPL Aaron W. Eaton, USMC
Chris Eddy
George Eddy
Lyle H. Edick
Daniel Eells, Paul McClellan’s Regt.
Gordon W. Eichholz
Clement Emery, US Army
LCDR George I. Engle
Ramey J. Erickson
Dino W. Esposti
Lt. Col. Boyd F. Etheredge
Lt. Jarolyn J. Etheredge
Stephen P. Eukers
Gordon H. Ewen
Michael Ezzo, WWI
Carl D. Fairbanks
Carl M. Fairbanks
Francis J. Fangmann
Guy Farrar
Lyle Favreau
SSgt. Dale F. Favreau, USAF
Seaman 2nd Class George Favreau, USN
1st Lt. Lyle G. Favreau, USA
Michael Louis Fazen, US Army, Retired Colonel
Norman Fecteau
Richard J. Feeley
Kyle Fiebert
Robert Fiebert
Bernard A. Finch
CW4 Douglas A. Finch
John Fini
Robert Flagg
Francis B. Flanagan
LTC Lauralee Flannery, Army
Thomas Fleming
Ronald Follo
Samuel Forrest
Robert James Foster
John R. Foster
Cpl. Anthony J. Foyle
Lt. Col James J. Foyle, USMC (retired)
Edwin G. Frank Jr.
Edwin G. Frank Sr.
Ronald A. Freeman, US Army, WWII
M. Kenneth French
Gene A. Frolich, US Navy
Joseph R. Furman
Jules R.C. Gadoury
Tim Gagne, Marines
Harold D. Gagnon Jr., Korean War
Harold D. Gagnon Sr., WWI
Henry ‘F’ Gainley, served 21 years in US Navy, died 12/19/17
SFC Charles Gardner
Donald W. Gardner
Capt. Brett M. Garland, USN
Chester Garland
Louis Garon, Navy, WWII
David Garrison
Donald (Bud) Gaulrapp
James V. Gazzini
Raoul A. Gendreau
Barbara Gianaris
Paul Gianaris, Army
Zachary Gianaris
Zachary G. Gianaris, Army
Normand J. Gibeault
William Gilbertson, Staff Sargeant RVN
John F. Gilpin Jr., US Marine Corp, Vietnam War Veteran
Water M. Gilroy
Jack Gineo
Joseph A. Giovnio
Dominic Girardi, Army
Krista Gloden, Specialist, Army
Daniel Goffred Jr.
Edward M. Golluscio
F. Peter Gonya, USN
Luis Gonzalez
Arthur Goode
Steve Gordon
Lt. Comd. William P. Gormbley Jr.
Nicholas G. Gosselin, Marine Veteran, infantry
Charlies Gould, CA, Merchant Navy, WWII
Carl H. Graff
Edward Gravelin Sr.
Randall Gray, USAF
Jennifer Gray
Douglas R. Green, WWII
Kevin Greenwich
Richard Greenwich
John F. Gregory, Lt. Colonel, Army Reserves
Ed Gregory
Ila Griffith, WWII vet
SGT Frank Gross
Robert Grover Sr., US Coast Guard
Edward L. Grover, US Marines
Sgt. Joseph J. Gubala
Peter William Haddad
Phillip Haddad
Julius E. Haderer, US Army
John Robert Hagberg
Robert Hahns
Gerald F. Hall
Lt Col Gerard Haraden
Donald A. Harding
Herbert Hardy
Edward A. Harmon, USN , WWII
LTC Harmon (The Red Dragon)
Samuel B. Harris
Robert T. Harriss Sr.
John Hartledge
Frank Harvard
Joseph Harvard
Graham D. Haskell, WWII
William M. Hassman
William Hastings, USN
Anthony Hatch, Paramedic
Lt. Paul B. Hatch, US Navy
Max Hauenstein
Bruce D. Hay
Norman C. Hayden Jr.
Thomas Healy, USAF
Fred Heath
Richard Heath
Hyman Hecht
Charlie Heckman
Private 1st Class Earl B. Hedel
John Raymond Hedrick
Major Sean Heenan, US Army
Sgt. John Heffernan, US Army
Bruce Hefner
James E. Hemsley
David James Hennig
Anthony Hernandez
Major Clayton T. Herriford
General Robert L. Herriford
Archibald Herrmann
Alan Hersh
SGT Matthew Hess
Joan Heywood
Col. (Ret.) David A. Hicks
PFC Jamee Hicks
Hugh W. Hildreth
Cmdr. Charles J. Hinckley
Jack Hinckley
Theodore Hinckley
Fred Hobson, USN
John K. Hodson Sr.
Lowell Hoffman, US Army WWII
Cpl. Mark Hogan, USMC
Spc Derek Holland
Herbert Hollenbeck, Navy
Col. Otho E. Holmes, 82nd Airborne, WWII
George E. Hommick, USMC
Donald Seth Hopkins
Nel Horr
Kenneth Horton
William Horvath
Richard H. Howard
Chester Howe
John C. Howe
Bruce Howell
Harold G. Hardisty
Earl Huebner, Army
SGT Thomas Huffman, Army, WWII
Hughes Family
Hull Brothers
Walter Hull (1928-2020), US Navy, WWII
Water Hull, 1928-2020, US Navy, WWII
Katy Humphrey
Lawrence S. Huneck
Edward Hunt, US Marines
Carl R. Hurtig, WWII
Edward L. Hurtig, WWII
Benjamin Hutchins
Richard Hutchins
Jack Hyatt
Nicholas Ianno
Todd James
Daniel T. Jamroz, Vietnam
Toga H. Janson
Alfred L. Jasnocha Jr.
Christopher Jenkins, US Army
RAdm. Dwight Johnson
Glenn Johnson, Navy
Captain Horace L. Johnson
Mary Johnson
Emmett A. Jones III
Norman Jones
Philip K. Jones
Captain Benjamin R. Jordan
John E. Joyce, WWII
Matthew Kading
Norman C. Kalber
Steven Kearns
Don Keefe
Adm. Robert J. Keegan, USN
Robert L. Keesling Sr.
Angela Kehayias
James Kehayias
Wayne Kelley
Joseph Kellner
James M. Kennan, Navy
Eileen Kennedy
CPT Richard Kent
Everett N. Kershaw
CSM James Killingsworth
Lt. Col. Edward S. King, USAF Ret.
Lt. Col. John Kingston Jr.
Robert J. Kirk
Augustine Kish, Navy
Benjamin F. Klaessig
John Klewin
John Kluge, US Army
Henry Kmet
J. Michael Knisley, USAF
George T. Knoll
Thomas Knott
Geoffrey Kogler
Steve Koleshis
Paul Kosciow
Peter N. Kotsifas
Mitchell Kozyra, USN, WWII
Robert Krantz, Coast Guard
Charles J. Kraus
Allen C. Krause
Rodger P. Kroll
Charles Kruckas
Anthony J. Kubica
Frank Kunashevsky
Rev. Fr. Steven Labaire
Richard H. LaBelle
SN Roderick Labrecque, USN
Richard LaCaire, Veteran
Ronald Lacaire, Veteran
M. Rita Lacoste
Deb LaForge
Louis A. LaGreca
Craig Laliberte
Charles B. Lally
Sarah Landry, RN
Edward Langevin
Bob and Mary Langhill
Peter R. Lanier
Norman A. Lantaigne
Norman A. Lantaigne
Bernard Lapan
Anthony LaQuerre
Victor Largesse
Stephen LaRiviere, Army, WWII
Alfred A. LaRiviere
Ben Larson
Robert Anthony Latif
Albert F. Lauter, US Army
William H. LaVergne
Leo P. Lavoie Jr.
John Lawrence
John M. Leahy
Normand E. Ledoux
Karl Leduc
Eva L. Lee
C. Bernard Legacy
Walter Lehanka
Edmund Leighton
Bernard Lempicki
Stephen T. Lepper, CDR, USN, Ret.
Philip Lesiuk, Vietnam veteran with the Seabees
John Lesko
Charles Letendre, Veteran
Norman Letendre, Veteran
Nicholas R. Levasseur, CPL, USMC
Clifford “Cookie” Leveille
Clifford Leveille Sr.
Michael Lewenza
George Lewis
Q.E.D. Lewis
Francis J. Leyden
MSG Margaret Lidwell, Army
Thomas F. Lilley Sr., USA
Andrea Lillo
David T. Linder, Marines, wounded
Carl F. Lindstol
PFC Paul Lisee, WWII
LT William F. Little III
Earl Lockhart
Newberry Locklear, US Army
John J. Logus, USMC
Angelo W. Lombardi, Army
George E. Long Sr., Korean Veteran
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Dary Lopez
John (Jack) Lord
Mack Lord, USAF
Cosimo Luchino
Richard A. Lundgren
David B. Lyman
Sgt. Justin Lyman
Corp. Roy Lyon
Corp. Roy Lyon
H. Ralph Maack, Army, WWII
Sgt. First Class Carl H. MacDermott (1928-2018), 4 years Navy, WWII and 4 years Army, Korean War
Douglas Mace
Fred Madel, Korean War
Steven Madelle
Carmine Magnoli
Edward Magnoli
Joseph Majercik
Paul Majercik
Ed Makowski
MSG Bernie Malone
Robert L. Mancini, USMC
E. Mario Mancini, US Navy, WWII
Corporal Robert L. Mancini, US Marines
Benjamin Mandeville
David Mandeville
Kelly Mandeville
Frank A. Manegio Jr.
Frank A. Manegio Sr.
Joseph S. Mangione, PFC Army, WWII
Leon C. Mankowsky
Arthur V. Manseau Jr.
Georges Mantzios
Joseph Marks
Dr. Francis B. Markunas
Maud Lyter Markunas
Robert A. Marshall, USA, WWII
Edward W. Marshall, former trustee
Francis V. Marshall, former overseer
USAF Vietnam Veteran, Captain C. James Martel
Francis E. Martin
Greg Martin
Jarel Martin, USN
Joseph Martin, WWI
Louis Martini
Beth Masiado
John M. Masiello
Jacob Maskal
Harry J. Maslak
Jerry Massaro
Henry S. Mathieson
Alexa Mathon
Robert M. Matson, Army
Arthur Maxwell
Thomas McBriarty
James P. McCabe
Philip McCallum
Andrew J. McCarthy, Veteran, USMC
Marvin E. McConkey, WWII veteran
Jack McCormick, Veteran
William F. McCoy
Mike McCue
Edward J. McElligott
W.G. “Mac” McFee
Clarence “Mac” McGrath
Jeanie B. McGrath
David M. McGuill, US Army
Roger G. McGuire
Gerald McKee
Alex McKendall
Sgt. Lawrence McLear, USMC
Joseph E. McMullen Jr.
Sargeant Daniel David McVeigh, April 13, 1974 – October 2, 1996
Brian S. Mead, CPT USA-RVN
Carroll E. Medler, USN
Evan J. Melick, USAF
Charles Melroy
Raymond G Mercer Jr.
Raymond G. Mercer
SFC Shawn Mercier
John Metowski
Pat Metowski
Mary E. Metterville
William C. Metterville
Basil Michaeles
Daniel Michener, Specialist, Army Signal Corps
Milton Michener, Captain, Army Corp of Engineers
Major Aaron Weidner Miller
Alexander L. Miller Jr.
Major Jessica P. Miller
Major Nathan Weidner Miller
Richard L. Miller, Veteran of Korean War
Walter S. Miller
Arthur Moan Jr.
Angelo Molley
Peter Molley
Tony Molley
Molta Family
Sandra Molteni
Thomas Molteni
John F. Monahan
Robert A. Mongue
Aaron Moody, Air Force
Delmar A. Moorhouse
Brian J. Moquin
Thomas J. Morelli
Ben Morgan
Jake Morgan, US Army
John Morgan
Paul B. Morgan
Peter S. Morgan
Samuel Morocco
Don W. Morris, USN Vet
Ralph W. Morton, USN
Jerry Moyer
Frederick J. Mueller, US Navy, WWI
Clyde D. Mueller, US Army, WWII
William L. Muir
Richard T. Mulcahy Sr.
Alfred L. Mullen
Alfred L. Mullen Jr.
Daniel J. Mullen
Murray Family
Charles A. Murray
Richard Myrdal
Stephen Neifert
John Neihouse, US Navy, WWII
Shirley Forrest Neihouse, Staff Sargeant, US Air Force
Martin P. Neslusan
Cary Nichols, USAF
Mike Nichols, USAF
Alexander J. Noga
Constance A. Noonan, US Army, WWII
SSG Dawn Noonan
Edward J. Noonan
Thomas A. Noonan, US Army, WWII
Timothy F. Noonan
LTC William Noonan
Paul Noone Sr., Veteran
Arthur Nordell, USAAF WWII
Robert Nordstrom
Bill Normington
Charles Norris
CPOL Noah Norton
Ted V. Novakowski, WWII
St/Sgt Frank M. Novick
Albert Nunes, SGT
Armindo Nunes, SGT
Fred Nunes, MJR
George Nunes, SGT
Parker B. Nutting, WWII
ASM Water R. Nutting
David C. O’Brien
Ronnie Obuchowski
John (Jack) O’Coin
Joseph P. O’Coin
Warren Odgren
Francis P. O’Donnell
Laura C. O’Donnell
Edward J. O’Keefe
Frederick Okula
James F. O’Leary, LTC RVN
James H. Olihan
Louis Orosz
Martin F. “Pinky” O’Toole
Michael G. Ott
Michael J. Hutchins Ott
T. Gordon Ott
Theodore Ottaviano
Vito Ottaviano
Brian Ouellette
Mary Elizabeth Owen
Henry Palmerino
Peter E. Pappas
Lee Pappas
Peter Pappas
Kenneth E. Parsons, 1st Lieutenant, Army
1st LT. Tyler E. Parten
Michael L. Partlow I
Richard M. Patrowicz, CPL RVN
Mero W. “Sky” Patulak
Richard Paulik
Vincent Pavia
Wallace G. Payne
James Pedone, US Navy
Lawrence Pelletier
Charles Peloquin
Michael Peloso
Gurlie Perron
Emanuel “Laddie” Perry
Edward E. Peterson
Herbert S. Philbrick Jr.
Edward H. Phillips
Sgt. Thomas M. Phipps, WWII
Daniel A. Piccola, Active Coast Guard
Myrtle Piccola, WAVE, WWII
Philip Piccola Jr., Navy, Retired
Philip Piccola Sr., Merchant Marine, WWII
William Piccolo, Navy
Michael Piligian, WWII
Taylor A. Pimental
Lt Adrienne Plourde, NREMT Bristol FD
FF Brian P. Plourde, Bristol FD
John Pobieglo
Casey Poirier, EMT
Joseph Poirier, FF EMT
David Polissack
Dr. Anthony Polito
George Pomrening
Richard J. Pope
Wayne Poppen, FTCS/SS
Wilbur S. Porter
Claude C Pose Jr.
Claude C. Post Sr.
Lt. General Gerald J. Post
Harry Powell
Edward J. Powers
Norman F. Powers, US Navy, WWII
Maj. Robert A. Powers
Lt. Colonel Robert L. Powers
Ronald J. Powers
Susan L. Powers
Richard Predella Sr.
Peter E. Price
Staff Sgt. Ron Proulx
Edward S. Prutzer Sr.
Joe Quintillio
SSG John Ragucci, US Army
George Rahgo
William Rahgo
Florian Rajewicz
Harold W. Ramsey Sr.
Cpl Kelley Rayos-Teixeira, USMC
Daniel Ready
Lee Rebillard
Allen Reed
John Reed
Robert S. Reichenberg, US Navy
Albert J. Reid, 3rd Inf. Reg, The Old Guard
James Reineck
Armand Remillard
Donald Remillard Sr.
Max D. Remington (CPL-Korea)
Sgt Rey, USMC IED Detection K9
Msgt. Raymond C. Rheault, USAF Ret.
Roger C. Rheault, US Navy Vet
Wellington Richards
Alfred Richards
SGT Amy Richardson
Harold E. Richardson, Navy
CMD. SGT. Major Todd Richardson
Gilbert Riddle Sr., USMC
Ronald Rieseck
Walter Rieseck
John Riganti, Korean War
SFC David Rinaldo
CW4 Vincent Rinaldo, Vietnam
Mark L. Rivard
Delwyn Robator
George R. Roberts, US Navy, WWII
George R. Roberts, USN – USS Charger
Joshua Robertson
Alfred W. Robitaille Sr.
Rolf and Apollo, Veterans
William F. Rose
Lyman W. Rosebrooks
John H. Rourke
Sgt. Roger J. Roy
Richard J. Ruddy, 2nd Class P. Of.
Albert Rukstalis
Lawrence Russell, Air Force
Paul Ryan
Philip H. Ryder
John Rymasz III, USN
PFC Clifford G. Safrenek, US Army, WWII
Peter Salem, Black Patriot, Bunker Hill
Lt. Col. Russell C. Salls
Louis L. Sandrick
Charlie Sansing
Andrew R. Santimore
Shirley A. Santimore
Walter Santos
Nicholas G. Sarikas, US Army, WWII
Maria Sarno
Mario Sarno
Col. Thomas Sarrouf
William F. Scannell, USN, WWII
Louis F. Schadlich
Louis M. Schadlich
Dorothy Scheinfeldt, RN, Navy, WWII
Frank Schilzewick
William R. Schlosser Jr.
Roger Schmidt
LCpl Mark Schmink, USMC
Ed Schroeder
Richard Schulze
William J. Schwab, US Air Force
John Bradford Schwarz
George Seabourne
Edward Shabot S/SGT, Army Air Corps
Edward T. Shannon
John J. Shannon, Jr., US Air Force
John J. Shannon Sr., US Army, WWII
David Warren Shaw
William H. Shaw
Maj Donald E. Shay Jr., USAF, POW/MIA Vietnam
Kyle P. Sheedy
Leslie E. Sheldon Jr.
Richard Shiff
William O. Shifflett, Navy, WWII, Career
Michael Singara, USN
Herman D. Shook, US Army
Michael W. Shook, USN
Clarence R. Simarse
Walton D. Simmons
Edward T. Simmons
Stephen D. Simmons
John E. Sirube
Daniel C. Skiff
Ed Skowron
Steve Skowron
SGT Donald W. Sleath
Charles A. Smeaton
Edward Smigel
Captain Barbara E. Smith, ANC, WWII
Specialist Christian Smith
Everett Smith
US Army Specialist Jefferson Smith, Active Duty
US Navy Veteran John R. Smith Jr., WWII
Lindsey E. Smith Jr.
Paul Smith
Wilbur Smith
Richard Smola
Hal Snyder
A. Jay Somers
Andre Sommer
Michael F. Sosik Jr.
Edward A. Soukup, USMC
Ralph Sowden
Sargeant Eric Spalding, Army
Clement St. Hilaire
PVT Samuel St. John
Chester John Stanek
Stella Stanko
Hugo Stapel
Moe Stapleton, USAF
Thomas J. Stapleton, US Army, Vietnam
John P. Stark Jr.
John P. Stark III
David F. Steindl
David R. Stephens, Staff Sgt., US Marines
Lord Generl Sterling
Milton Stetson
Francis Stevens
David L. Stewart Jr.
David L. Stewart III
Henry F. Stockmal Sr.
Philip G. Stone
Julia A. Stonehouse
Sophie A. Stonehouse
John Stones, USA, WWI
Sullivan Family
James E. Surette
Brian Sweeney
Major Ian Swisher, PA National Guard
Lt Meredith Swisher, DDS US Navy Dental Corps
Staff Sargeant Bruce Tedford
Alfred P. Theodore
Raymond Therriault
G. Michael Thibodeau
Alan Thomas
John Thomas
Lloyd H. Thomas
Robert L. Thomas
Earl Thompson
Paul Thompson
Doris Thomson
William Thomson
Guido Tiberii, US Army, WWII
Captain Arthur Tieri, Staff Sargeant Honore Madore
Joseph Tocco
Norman Totter
Joseph Trapasso
Roland L. Tremblay
Tech SGT John A. Ulak, Army, D-Day Vet, Taunton, MA
Randy Utley
Joseph Vairo, US Navy, WWII
Fred Valeriay
Jack Vallindras
LTC Kate Van Auken, Army
1LT Conor Van Duzer
Leonard J. Van Vorse, WWII Navy
Alex Vanagel
Marshall Vinehout
Donald R. Vorce
George Voutes
William J. Wall Sr., USN
Calvin Wallace
Franklin Wallace
Michael Joseph Walsh< LTCDR RVN William J. Walto Jr. William J. Walto Sr. Charles Wanderer Bruce Warner, Marine Mervyn Wehe, Veteran of WWII Robert H. Weiss Timothy L. Wentworth John Westdyk Peter Weston PO2 Edward Wethey Joseph M. Whalen Michael J. Whelan Robert M. Whelan Sr., USMC Captain Wynn V. Whidden Mark C. Whited Leonard E. Whitford Sr. Richard Whitman Francis L. Whitmarsh Jr. Francis L. Whitmarsh, Army, WWII Wilbur P. Whitney, WWII Veteran LCpl Alan R. Whitney, Marines Sgt. Brian A. Whitney, Army Lt. Dennis Wilkinson, USAF Zach Willford, USMC Alan R. Williams Charles T. Willock Jr., US Army Air Corp TSgt. Kenneth I. Wilmarth, Army Jimmie Winters, Tech Sargeant, US Air Force Ellen D. Winters, US Navy, WWII Wolf John Wolff 43-46 Jack Wood Alphonse J. Woodall II, Major RVN Jerry Woodall, Pfc RVN KIA Joseph Zabka Charles H. Zopfi Jr. Charles H. Zopfi Sr. Ben Zychowski John Zychowski

Coggeshall Farm Museum 2021 Honor Board

All the delivery drivers, nurses, grocery store employees, and other essential workers
Warren Barbour
Michael Benn, Gulf War Veteran, Navy, USS Theodore Roosevelt
Walter Bogush, US Navy
Rene Boucher
Edgar J. Bousquet
Caleb Church, US Army
Livey Coe
Joseph Comiskey
Capt. Charles O. Cook Jr., USN
James B. Cummings Jr.
Jeffrey Davenport
Alan Farabee
Richard Feole
LTCDR Andreis Holmstrom, USN
LTCDR Charlie Holmstrom, USN
Capt. Garry Holmstrom, USN
LT Isaac Holmstrom, USN
Peter Horsman
Christopher Jenkins, US Army
Col. Rutherford C. Lake Jr., US Army
2LT William R. Lake, US Army
Dennis Lanni
Ronald Machtley
Gerald McVeigh
MG Armistead D. Mead Jr., Army
William J. Meaden
Joe Migneault
Aaron Moody, Air Force
Donald K. O’Hanian (D)
Ed Pitman
Harry M. Rightnour
Lawrence Russell, Air Force
Sergeant Robert H. Shepard
Norman Snow, US Army
Alan Sumigray
Charles Szostak (D)
LT JG Robert I. Treen
Hector Tremblay
George Truman
George Voutes

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