Each year, with your help, we build a field of flags outside the Visitor Center from Memorial Day through Labor Day in honor of our active-duty military and veterans. These flags serve as tangible reminders of these American heroes’ service and sacrifice, and a physical expression of our gratitude.

Your generous gift to the Field of Flags campaign provides you with an opportunity to honor a loved one who is currently serving or has served in the U.S. Military. The names of the individuals remembered with gifts to the Field of Flags campaign are posted on the digital Honor Board on our website and on physical Honor Boards outside the Visitor Center.

In addition to planting a flag, you also have the opportunity to hang a red, white, or blue star bearing your loved one’s name from our covered bridge in November as part of Veterans and Military Families Month. It is our privilege to join you in saying “thank you” to these brave men and women for their service.

Your gift makes a difference!

Not only does your donation give military families the opportunity to enjoy a fun and educational day at the Village free of charge, it may also inspire a love for history!

Lanette’s husband served in the Navy and her family visited the Village whenever they were “home.” She said that her daughters, Abigail and Joanna, have many fond memories from these visits, like riding the horse-drawn wagon, discovering the sensitive plant in the Fitch Garden, and enjoying our famous cookies. Inspired by those visits, Joanna became a junior intern at the Village during high school.

We are proud to partner with you and to recognize the active-duty military and veterans in your lives and to welcome military families to the museum free of charge in their honor. Thank you for your support for our nation and for the preservation and enjoyment of its history through Old Sturbridge Village.

Share Your Military Story

Tell us more about the loved one(s) you are honoring with your donation! Or, if you are a member of the military or in a military family, share your favorite memory about visiting the Village.

Learn More & Share

Many people choose to donate a flag in honor of a loved one. Donor boards will be printed on boards near the field of flags as well as posted online below. The online honor board is updated once each week. The printed boards are updated once each month.


All service men and women
All veterans
All who have served
All who paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom
American Patriots
Dyess AFB, Abilene Texas
Officers and crew of USCG cutter Blackthorn WLB-391
past friends
Uncle Charlie
unknown soldiers
Unknown soldiers in WWII
USS Cacapon AO-52
World War II Veterans
your brother Richard
Uncle Andy
Veterans on the staff of Old Sturbridge Village
Peter Abbruzzese
Louis Abram
Cdr. Adeline, Navy
Zachary Douglas Adler
Aino B. Ahonen
Michael Albanese
Edgar Allen
Harold Bennett Allen, USN, WWII
James J. Allen
Leonard G. Allen
Newman C. Allen
Edward Q. Allison Sr.
Donna Ames
Norman H. Anderson, A2C-WWII and Korea
Gerald Archambault, US Army
Marc Archambault
George Argitis
John G. Argitis
James Armfield Jr.
Samuel D. Armstrong
Armand Arpin
Ronald Arpin
Dean Arrington
SSGT Travis Atkins
Frederick A. Atkinson
Alonzo Audet
Arnold Austin
Forrest Austin
Alfred Avery, USN
Ronald Bachand
Edward J. Bachman, Navy
Howard Baer
Thomas M. Bagley
Mark D. Baker Sr., WWII and Korea
Mark D. Baker Jr., Vietnam
David J. Balbi
Lawrence L. Balbi Sr.
PFC William J. Bannon
John Dolan Barry
Rita Hogan Barry
Thomas L. Bass
Donald Bassett
Francis S. Bateman, Army
Francis S. Bateman Jr., Army
Louis A. Battista
Luigi A. Battista
Ernest W. Beals
Robert Bean, WWII
Nancy Beatty
Royce Beatty Sr.
Clement J. Beauchemin IV
Leo C. Bengle Jr., US Coast Guard
Alderic J. Benoit
Major Charles Bergevin
Maj. Lawrence Berlin, USAF
John C. Berry
Kenneth A. Berube, 1st LT, USMC, VMA 211, Vietnam
Robert Betz
Tom Bevan
Bob Birmingham
Roger A. Bissell
LaRue H. Blackwell, Army
Edward Bly
Bernard Boiko
Harold Boiko
PFC Chester Bonak, Army
Paul E. Bonnette, US Army, WWII
Leo E. Bouchard
Albert E. Boucher Jr.
Albert E. Boucher Sr.
James R. Boucher
MSGT Scott Boucher, USAF
Edgar J. Bousquet
Christophre Bowers
Joseph Bowman
Mark A. Brady, USN
Lt. Col Robert E. Brewer
John S. Brittain
Robert L. Brochu, USAF
Robert Brodeur Sr.
Malone Brothers
Charles Brown, USMC
Dakota Brown
David Brown
George Brown, USMC
Lee R. Burdick
Isaac Burg, US Army
Leonard Burke
George Lloyd Bushey
Robert L. Butterworth
Richard Cabana
Willard Cady
Clifton M. Caldon, US Army, WWII POW
Frank E. Callahan Jr.
Achsah Hinckley Campbell
John H. Campbell
Mary Owen Campbell
Roger Cantin
Felix P. Carmel
Chelsea Carr
Airman Harold Caruso
George Case
John Case
Michael Casey
William J. Casey
Phil Cayford
John Cernauskas
Lt Cl Thomas Chamberlain
James R. Chandler
Arthur Chappell, US Army Air Force
Henry Chappell, US Army
Raymond Chappell, US Air Force
Sterl Chere
Mike Chesley, USN
Myron Chesley, USCG
Ronald E. Chevalier
Joseph Chiappetta
Louis P. Chiappetta
Paul Chiappetta
Arnold Childs Sr.
Paul T. Chorney
James Chute
Michael Chute
Edwin E. Cilley
Peter S. Cillino
Gerald E. Cingmars
William L. Cini
John F. Clancey II
Robert Clark, USN
Bruce Clarke, BMA US Navy
L. Sargent Clifford
Joseph Henry Coakley
Myron A. Cohen, Staff Sgt, WWII Vet
John Colarusso
Col. William Colvin, US Army
Francis Comer
John Comer
Robert Comer
Allen Comptois, CPL Marine
Thomas J. Comptois, Army
Malcolm A. Conner
Bill Connolly
Jack Connolly
John F. Connor
Major Brian J. Converse
David S. Cormey
Wayne F. Cormey
Wennell T. Cormey
Wesley S. Cormey
Conrad Costigan
Frederic W. Coulon
Esley E. Cowman
Peter J. Coyle
Clayton D. Cromack
Timothy Cronin, US Army
Lawrence W. Cummings, USN
Nathaniel Curboy
Berry C. Czmyr
Betty C. Czmyr
Delfio DaDalt
Christopher Joseph Daly
Phillip Dame
James Z. Damian
Zygmund J. Damian
Edward W. Darzenkiewciz
Michael Davis
Shawn Davis
Bradford D. Davol
Joseph V. De Stefano
Robert Deane
John Dearstyne
Bill Decorleto
Frank Decorleto
Joe Decorleto
Martin DeFilippo
Joseph D. Degnan, USN
Stanley DeGregorio
Donato Dell’Olio
Rocco Delpriori
Dennis Demars
Roland Demars
Ronald J. Denault
Lionel A. Desrosier
Richard E. DesRosiers
Louis Dhembe
Marvin Dietz
Albert DiGregorio Jr.
Ralph W. Dimock
Salvatore E. DiNuzzo
Dan Doherty
James A. Dolan Jr., TSGT, USAAF, WWII
Donald Donovan
William P. Donovan
Richard Doucette
Andrew F. Dowden Jr.
Andy Dowden Jr., Army POW, WWII
Howard W. Dowden, US Coast Guard, Korea
Robert H. Downey, LT Col, US Army
Normand A. Drapeau
Ben Drezner
Samuel Drezner
Katie Dube, Mass National Guard
Quentin Duke
Alfred B. Dundulis
Beatrice Dundulis
Brig. Gen. Robert Dunlop, US Army
LCPL David T. Dunn, USMC
TSgt George Durinick, USAF
John P. Dyer, USN
CUCS John P. Dyer Jr., USNR
Frank Dzaugis
Joe Dziedzic
Marie Dziedzic
Lyle H. Edick
Michael D. Edick
Gordon W. Eichholz
Clement Emery, US Army
Robert J. Engell, LT Col
LCDR George I. Engle
Ramey J. Erickson
PFC Roger Estell
Lt Col Boyd Etheredge
Lt Jarolyn Etheredge
Stephen Eukers
Stephen P. Eukers, Vietnam, Army
Francis J. Fangmann
William J. Faulkenberry
Seaman 2nd Class George Favreau, US Navy
1st Lt. Lyle Favreau, US Army
Staff Sgt. Sale Favreau, US Air Force
Michael Louis Fazen, retired US Army
Richard J. Feeley
Anthony Fernandez
Rob Ferri
Dr. Russell A. Ferrigno
Elizabeth M. Fickett, US Army
Robert Flagg
Steve Flagg
Daniel Ford
Thomas Boyce Ford, US Air Force, Vietnam; Army National Guard, Desert Storm
Thomas Brenden Ford, US Navy, WWII
Samuel Forrest
Edward James Foster
Ronald Fournier, USAF
Major Melissa Fox
Ronaldo A. Freeman, US Army, WWII
Gene Frolich, Navy Veteran
Grant Frolich, Navy Veteran
Ronald Gagnon
Robert W. Gailey, Capt USAF
Ernest Gamache, US Navy
Norman Gambling
Robert Gambling
Israel Garcia Jr.
Israel Garcia Sr.
SP3 Charles Gardner
Donald Gardner
Leon R. Gardner
Merritt H. Gardner
Chester Garland
Kenneth Gates
Armand Gendrea
Raoul Gendreau, Corporal USMC
Fritz K. Gerds
Rudolf Giardino
Normand J. Gibeault
Richard M. Gibson
Robert G. Gibson
Ross A. Gibson
William R. Gibson
Henry Gilbert, Navy
Colonel Wallace M. Gillman
Richard F. Gilwa, Fireman, First Class, US Navy
Joseph A. Giovino
Lt. J.G. Daniel Goffred Jr., USN
Edward Golluscio
Arthur Goode
Nancy C. Goodwin
Raymond E. Goodwin
LCDR W.P. Gormbley
Carl H. Graff
Gordon Gray, WWII Veteran
Randy Gray, USAF
Stephen Gregorczyk
Carrold Dean Gregory Sr.
John F. Gregory, Lt Colonel, Army Reserves
Simon H. Gregory, USMC Vietnam Silver Star
John Griffen
Charles C. Griffin
Mary Grimmer
William Grimmer
Edward Grover, US Marine Corp, WWII
Robert A. Grover, US Coast Guard, WWII
Sgt. Joseph J. Gubala
Cliff Guyette
Robert Haakerud, USAF
Julius E. Haderer, US Army
Ed Hager
Craig Haliberte
Gerald F. Hall
Ronald W. Hall
James C. Hamill
Charles G. Hammann Jr.
Thruston Hammer
Thomas J. Hanlon
Edward Hant, USMC, Korean War Vet
George Harakaly Sr., WWII, South Pacific
Sgt. John Glenn Hardesty
Donald A. Harding
Lt. Samuel B. Harris
Houston “Harry” E. Harrison
William Hastings
Paul B. Hatch, LT US Navy
Max Hauenstein
Thomas Healy, USAF
Fred Heath
Richard Heath
Dr. Howard Hecht
PFC Earl Hedel
Dunnith R. Heenan Jr., Army, Vietnam Veteran
Major Sean M. Heenan
Sgt. John J. Heffernan, US Army
Bruce Hefner
Alan Heim, USMC
Robert N. Heinlein
Tom Heming
James Eckert Hemsley, USN
David James Hennig
Raymond A. Hermanowski
James Barclay Herring
Jonne Hill
Cmdr Charles J. Hinckley
Frederic Hobson
Robert Lane Hodge
SPC Derek Holland
George E. Hommick, USMC
Douglas E. Hoover
William S. Hopkins, US Coast Guard
Col. William K. Horrigan
Robert S. Houston
Richard H. Howard
Norman L. Howlett Jr., LCPL, USMC, Vietnam
John Hoy Sr.
William Huber, USAF
Thomas J. Hudner Jr., USN
James H. Huling
Lawrence S. Huneck
John B. Hutt, USMC
John A. Jagodzinski, Vietnam
Dan T. Jamroz, Vietnam, Army
Toga Janson
Alfred L. Jasnocha Jr.
SGM Oerst Jawarski
keith Jerymn, USN Ret.
Clifford Johnson
RADM Dwight L. Johnson, USN
Leonard A. Johnson
Leonard E. Johnson
Emmet A. Jones
Norman Jones
LCpl Oliver Jones, USMC
Philip K. Jones
Capt. Benjamin R. Jordan
John E. Joyce
Robert Lee Jumper
Eric Kajka, Army Special Forces
Angustine Kalpa
Vincent Kaskeski
Jerry Kauka
Peter Kauset
Angela Kehayias
James Kehayias
Calvin D.F. Kehr
Paul J. Kelber
LT Peter P. Kellogg
Eric Melvin Kelly
Robert Kennedy
Robert J. Kirk
Benjamin F. Klaessig
John C. Kluge, USA
Henry Kmet
Lloyd C. Knowles
Thomas F. Knox Sr.
William J. Kochanowski, US Navy, WWII
Steve Koleshis, USCG
Marshall M. Kraft
George Krasinskas
Allen C. Krause, WWII
Stanley Kruckas
Stanley Kulpa
Frank Kunashevsky
Martin Kyere
Roderick Labrecque, US Navy
Frank Lacey, USN
Kenneth Lacey, USAF
M. Rita Lacoste
Bernard LaFranchise
Roger E. Lafreniere
Richard R. Lagrant, WWII
Roger Lahair
Corporal Charles J. Laissle Jr.
Charles B. Lally
Chief Warrant Officer II Jeremy Lang
Norman Lantaigne
Bernie Lapan
Anthony A. LaQuerrie
Alfred A. LaRiviere
Albert F. Lauter, US Army
William Lavergne
Edith Pauline Lawrence, USN, WWII
Walter Lehanka
Bernard Lempicki
CDR Stephen T. Lepper, CEC, USN (Ret.)
John Lesko
Philip Lesiuk, Vietnam
Captain Brian Letendre, USMC
Nicholas Levasseur, CPL, USMC
Clifford “Cookie” Leveille Jr.
George Lewis
Sgt. Karen-Rose Lewis
Tex Lewis
Thomas F. Lilley Sr., USA
Lloyd Lindbo
Carl F. Lindstol
William F. Little II
Jack Lord
Richard Lord
Marco Louvitakis
Cosimo Luchino
Richard A. Lundgren
Mark Lupiani
David B. Lyman
Clifford Munson MacDonald Jr.
Charles E. MacMillan, US Navy
Richard M. Madden
Fred Madel
Honoré J. Madore, Staff Sgt., US Army
Edward J. Magee Jr.
Christopher Mahlert
Major Christina Majewski
Henry Mallozzi, WWII
E. Mario Mancini, USN, WWII
Corporal Robert L. Mancini, US Marines
Leon C. Mankowsky
Arthur V. Manseau Jr.
Georges Mantzios
Anthony Marano
Joseph Marks
Edward W. Marshall
Frances W. Marshall
Francis W. Marshall
Robert A. Marshall, US Army, WWII
Captain C. James Martel, USAF, Vietnam Veteran
Frances E. Martin, WWII
Frederick C. Martin
William G. Martin
Edward Mastrangelo
Edward Mastrangelo Jr.
Alexa Mathon, US Navy
Mario Mattera
Arthur Maxwell, US Coast Guard
Lt. Col. William Mayo, Air Force
Rev. Chad McCabe, USMC
James P. McCabe
Philip McCallum
Andrew J. McCarthy, Veteran, USMC
Kenneth P. McConnon Sr.
Michael McCue
Larry McDermott, US Army
Bill McDonald
Stephen McDonald
Edward J. McElligott
John McGrail
Clarence H. McGrath, MSgt, USAF, WWII
Jeanie B. McGrath, PM3, USCG, WWII
SmSgt. James A. McLaren
Robert K. McLean, Army
Sgt. Lawrence J. McLear, USMC
Stephen J. McNally, USMC
Daniel McVeigh
Curtis Meinelt
Charles Mellor
LT. Per T Meyer, USAF
Daniel Michener, Specialist, Army Signal Corps
Milton Michener, Captain, Army Corp of Engineers
Alexander L. Miller Jr.
LtCol Aaron W. Miller
Daniel W. Miller
Jessica Miller
Major Nathan W. Miller
Richard L. Miller
Jud Miner
David Mogil
John Mogul
Angelo Molley
Peter Molley
Tony Molley
John Monahan
Robert A. Mongue
Irving Moon
Dennis Mooney
Rob Mooney
Delmar Moorhouse
Ben Morgan
Daniel Morgan
Jake Morgan, US Army
John Morgan
Paul B. Morgan
Peter S. Morgan
Noel Morrin
Don W. Morris, USN Vet
Stephen B. Morris, 173rd Airborne, Vietnam
Albert O. Moulton
Fred Moulton
Frederick J. Mueller, US Navy, WWI
William L. Muir
Daniel J. Mullen
James A. Mullen
William J. Mullen
Foster Munroe
Thomas Nash
Nicola Natale
Van Naum, WWII
Douglas Nelson
William A. Nesbitt
Cary Nichols, USAF
Mike Nichols, USAF
John P. Nicova, Coast Guard
Arthur Nordell, USAAF, World War II
Charles Norris
Noah Norton
John Noumington
Teddy V. Novakowski, WWII
Staff SGT Franklin Novick
Albert Nunes
Armindo Nunes
Fred Nunes
George Nunes
David J. Nussey
Parker Nutting, Medic, Combat Engineers, WWII
John J. O’Coin
John O’Coin
Joseph P. O’Coin
Albert Odgren
Raymond Odgren
Warren Odgren
Francis P. O’Donnell
Laura C. O’Donnell
Edward J. O’Keefe
Louis Orosz
David C. Osgood
Martin “Pinky” O’Toole
Thomas Gordon Ott
Theodore Ottaviano
Vito Ottaviano
Brian Ouellette
Angelo Pappas
SCM Carlos Parker
Charles Parkins, US Navy
William E. Parkman
Harry Parshley Jr.
Lieutenant Kenneth E. Parsons, US Army Quartermaster Corps
1LT Tyler E. Parten, US Army, Afghanistan
Mero “Ski” Patulak
Richard Paulik
Vincent Pavia
Wallace G. Payne
Thomas Pearson
James Pedone, USN
Lawrence Pelletier
Nichole Perron, Captain, Active Duty, Army
Bob Perry, USA
Emanuel “Laddie” Perry
Edward E. Peterson, WWII
Ken Peterson
Bernard Phaneuf
Michael Piligian
John Pobieglo Jr.
Gerald J. Post
Harry Powell
Edward J. Powers
Norman F. Powers, USN, WWII
Ronald J. Powers
Susan Powers
Norbert Pratt
William Pratt
Richard Predella Sr.
Bernard T. Price
Peter E. Price
Robert C. Price
Staff Sergeant Ronald Proulx
Edward S. Prutzer Sr.
Alesha Przybylek
Thomas Przybylek
Sgt. E5 Thomas Rabbitt, Marines, Vietname
Eileen Ragette
Don Randolph
James E. Ravetto, Vietnam Combat Veteran
Daniel Ready, US Army
E. Everett Reichert, US Army
Beatrice R. Reilly
Roland Remillard, WWII Veteran
George Dana Rhodes
SGT Amy Richardson
Harold Richardson
SGT Major Todd Richardson
Gilbert Riddle, USMC
Eugene Riotte
Alfred Riva
1st Lt. Yaziel Rivera
Dezwyn Robator
George R. Roberts
Kevin E. Roberts
Anthony Rodia
E.C. Roscoe
Lyman W. Rosebrooks
Willis L. Rosebrooks
Arthur Rourke, USN
John H. Rourke
John Rourke, USA
Pasquale “Pat” Rubino
Charles Ruhland
Albert Rukstalis
Yeoman 1st Class Charles R. Rupp, WWII
Philip H. Rhyder, Sgt, USAF
John Sahi
Don Saint-Pierre
Hector Salas
Heriberto Salas
Peter Salem, Black Vet Rev. War
Lt. Col. Russell C. Salls
F. Glenn Sapp, US Army
David Sargeant, US Army
Nicholas G. Sarikas, WWII, US Army
Leonard Sarnacki, Army Air Corps, WWII
Col. Thomas Sarrouf
Anita Saulmon, US Army
Maj. Eric S. Sawyer
Louis F. Schadlich
Louis M. Schadlich
Ed Schroeder
Melvin W. Semmann
Alexei Severnyak, US Marines
Max Severnyak, US Marines
SSGT Edward Shabot
Roxcella Shanley, USAF
John J. Shannon Sr., US Army, WWII
John J. Shannon Jr., USAF
David Warren Shaw
William M. Sheehan, Navy, WWII
Leslie E. Sheldon Jr.
William Owen Shifflett, USN, WWII
Michael Shingara, US Navy
John Shinner
Manuel Silva
Edward T. Simmons, Quartermaster First Class, USN, WWII
Harold E. Simmons
Joseph Simmons Sr., WWII
Robert C. Simmons
Stephen D. Simmons, GySgt, USMC
John E. Sirube
Daniel Skiff, CPT Army
Steven P. Slack
Kenneth Slade
SGT Donald W. Sleath
Thomas Smalarz
Frances W. Small
Roger Smeltzer
SGT Christian Smith
Robert C. Smith
Robert H. Smith
Wilbur Smith
Hal Snyder
Edward A. Soukup, USMC
Ralph Sowden, US Navy
Henry M. Sozek
Walter L. Sozek
Sgt. Eric Spalding, US Army
Charles E. Spencer
Janice B. Spencer
Sameul St. John
David St. Pierre
Edmond St. Pierre
Rudolph R. St. Pierre, WWII Veteran
Thomas Stants
Hugo Stapel
Moe Stapleton, USAF
Thomas J. Stapleton, US Army, Vietnam
Darrell Stark
Julia Stark
PFC Daniel Stephens
Staff Sgt. David Stephens
Milton Stetson
SSGT Harold Stidsen, USA
Captain Ronald J. Stidsen, USA
Henry Stockmal Sr., Navy
Philip G. Stone
Stanley D. Strickland
Master Sergeant Kevin M. Stuart, USAF
Gerald R. Supernant
James Surette
Kevin Surette
Alvah W. Sutton
Major Ian Swisher, US Army
Lt. Cmdr Meredith Swisher, USN
John Sypek
Donald R. Dappin Sr., Vietnam War
William R. Tappin, WWII
Thomas Tedesco, US Army
Steve Testori
Raymond Therriault
Joseph Thibodeau, US Army
Robert L. Thomas, Sergeant, US Army
Earl Thompson
Doris Thomson
William Thomson
Guido Tiberii
Arthur S. Tieri, Captain, US Army
Joseph Tocco
Russell A. Toney
Julian Tonning
Robert W. Tonning
Ernest T. Torpey
Daniel Traficante
Joseph Trapasso
Tucker Trask
Roland L. Tremblay
SSG Nicolas Vallez, US Army
John W. Vanderhoof
Donald Vaughan
Senior Airman Nikolas A. Ververis
Dom Vincenzo
Captain Lynn Walker
1st Lieutenant Zachary Walker
William J. Wall Sr., USN
Joseph Walski, RM1, USS Thresher, On Eternal Patrol
William J. Walto Jr.
William J. Walto Sr.
Charles Wanderer
Harold Weatherwax, Army
Timothy L. Wentworth
Robert M. Whelan, USMC, WWII
Mark Whited
Kenneth Whitmore Sr.
Wilbur P. Whitney, WWII Veteran
Capt. Dennis Wilkinson, USAF
Zachary Willford, USMC
Charles T. Willock Jr., US Army AirCorp, WWII
TSgt. Kennith I. Wilmarth
William R. Wissman
PFC John W. Wolff, WWII
Jack Wood
Harlow H. Wroght
MMN2 Alex H. Yarter, USN, active
John R. Yellen
Jing Zhang
Jay R. Ziegler, US Navy
Jon R. Ziegler, USAF, Lt. Col.

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