Giving back and saying “thank you” to relatives, friends, and even strangers for their service and sacrifice is at the heart of Old Sturbridge Village’s Field of Flags campaign.

This year, we are proud to extend the Field of Flags to honor our active duty Military, veterans, and the essential workers on whom our country has relied during the COVID-19 crisis.

With your help, we will build two fields of flags: one on Route 20 across from Old Sturbridge Village’s entrance and another at Coggeshall Farm Museum. The flags serve as tangible reminders of these American heroes’ service and sacrifice, and a physical expression of our gratitude. Every $25 you donate provides year-round complimentary admission to the Village and Coggeshall Farm for military families; this year only, it also provides complimentary admission to essential workers from the time we reopen through Thanksgiving.

A man kneels and looks at the Field of Flags at OSV

Plant a Flag at Old Sturbridge Village

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Field filled with Flags and Coggeshall Logo

Plant a Flag at Coggeshall Farm Museum

Donate Today

Many people choose to donate a flag in honor of a loved one. Donor boards will be digital this year so that all can read them. We will be updating weekly.

Old Sturbridge Village Honor Board:

All essential workers, especially doctors, nurses, and nurse’s aides
All essential workers: thank you for your continued service and dedication on behalf of us all!
COVID-19 essential workers
Harrington Hospital Staff, Doctors and Nurses
The living and deceased Vets of the Arena and Gerandi Family
The residents of the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home who have died of COVID-19
Louis Abram
John P. Adams
Lawrence T. Adams
Frank Addorisio
Joseph Addorisio
Michael Addorisio
Zachary Adler, US Army National Guard
Aino B. Ahoners
Sergeant G. Oliny Allen, US Army Air Corps, KIA Ploesti Oil Raid, Aug 1943
Edward Q. Allison
Sam Angelo
George Argitis
John G. Argitis
Ronald A. Arpin
Henry J. Ashton, US Navy, WWII, POW
SSGT Travis Atkins
Frederick A. Atkinson
Jim Auriemma
Arnold Austin
Fred Avant
Margaret Avant
Roland Bachand
Francis Edward Badrick
Howard Baer
Thomas M. Bagley
Eric S. Bailey
Arthur Band, USMC, Vet
PFC William J. Bannon
Noe Bard Sr, WWII, Navy
Fred Barney
Charlie Barrett
Edward J. Bashman, Navy, WWII
John Basilone
Donald Bassett
Louis A. Battista
Luigi A. Battista
First Lt. E. Roy Baum
Joseph Bayusik
Paul Bayusik
Ernest W. Beals
Thomas L. Beausoliel
Allen H. Beck
Thomas Beld
Major Charles Bergevin, Vietnam War
Maj. Lawrence W. Berlin, USAF
William Berry, WWII, Navy
Kenneth A. Berube, 1st LT, USMC, VMA 211, Vietnam
Albert Bettinger, WWII Veteran
Robert Betz
Stephen Bixler
Michael Boivin, Army (active)
Molly Burque Bompane, RN
Jeffrey Boniface, US Navy
Paul E. Bonnette, US Army, WWII
1st Lt Joshua Booth
M Sgt Scott Boucher, USAF, Retired, 24 years of service
Scott Boucher, Airforce
Earl R. Bousquet
Edgar J. Bousquet
David Bragg, USMC
Karen Breen, USAF
Terrence Breen, USMC
John S. Brittain
Robert Brochu, USAF
Robert V. Brodeur, Sr.
Sten K. Brote, USN
Brother John
PFC Charles Thomas Brown
Robert Brown
Steven Brown
Paul K. Burrough
Robert L. Butterworth
Richard Cabana, Air Force Vet, Retired
James N. Caldarola, Jr.
James N. Caldarola, Sr.
L. Robert Campbell
Leonard B. Campbell
Mary O. Campbell
Retired Lt. Col. Patrick L. Carroll Jr.
Michael Casey
Phil Cayford
Michael Celuzza
Vincent Celuzza
John Cernauskas, Korean War Vet
Howard Chaet
James R. Chandler
Corporal Charles W. Chaplin, USMC
Arthur Chappell
Raymond Chappell
Roland Chenier, WWII Veteran
Michael E. Chesley, USN
Myron E. Chesley, USCG
David P. Chivis, Jr US Air Force
Paul T. Chorney
Edwin E. Cilley
John F. Clancey II
Thomas A. Clark
Bruce Clarke, US Navy
Lt Col Cathleen Close, USMCR
Col David Close, USMC
Milo Cocanour
Niles Cocanour
Paul Cocanour
Spencer Cocanour
Myron Alvin Cohen, WWII Vet
Col. William M. Colvin, USA
SSGT Raymond W. Colwell, USAAC
FF/EMT Ted Colwell, South Windham FD
John E. Comer
Lt. Co Anita M. Compagnone, USAF-Ret.
SSGT Thomas J. Comptois, US Army
Leo J. Connally, WWII Veteran (deceased)
Jack Connolly
Joe Connolly
LT Col Brian J. Converse
W4 David S. Cormey
USCG G. Sherwood Cormey
A/1 Wayne F. Cormey
A/1 Wendeu T. Cormey
A/1 Wesley S. Cormey
Colonel Lester W. Cory
Frederic W. Coulon, US Navy
George Coulter, WWII
Richard A. Coulter, USMM
Esley E. Cowman
Peter Coyle
Sgt Jamie C. Crane
Crew USS Capacon A0-52, 1963-1966
Clayton D. Cromack
Robert Cronin
Timothy Cronin
Nathaniel Curboy
Paul Czaplicki
Peter Czmyr
Yeoman 1st Class Dan Andrew Dahl
Ensign Mary Bayne Lackey Dahl
S/Sgt. Kevin R. Dailey, Jr., US Army, active
Christopher Joseph Daly
Philip Dame
Edward W. Darzen, Vietnam Vet, Purple Heart
William D. Daubert
Joshua Davis
Zachary Davis
Bradford D. Davol
Lt. Col Rufus Dawes
Edward J. Delage, US Navy
Edward P. Delage, US Navy
Donato Dell’Olio
Rocco Delpriori
Dennis Demars
Roland Demars
Bunny DeMayo
Joseph DeMayo
Ronald J. Denault
Richard E. DesRosiers
Joseph V. DeStefano
Louis Dhembe
Vincent P. DiLeo
Joseph A. Divito, US Army
James A. Dolan Jr.
Parmelius Donais
Donald Donovan
Stanley A. Dorect
Andrew F. Dowden Jr.
Russell Dowling
Lt Col Robert H. Downey, US Army
Ben Drezner
Samuel Drezner
Kathleen Dube, US Army
Frank Dull, Jr.
Brig. Gen. Robert H. Dunlop, USA
SSWC John P. Dyer, Jr., USNR
Frank C. Dzaugis, US Army, WWII
F. Thomas Eaton, US Army
Christopher Eddy, US Navy
George Eddy, US Navy
Lyle H. Edick
Marie Edmunds
Munford Edmunds
Gordon W. Eichholz
Clement Emery, US Army
LCDR George I. Engle
Lt Col. Boyd Etheredge
Lt. Jarolyn Etheredge
Stephen P. Eukers
Gordon H. Ewen
Andrew Exnicios
Lauren Doyle Exnicios
Michael Ezzo, WWII
1st Lt. Lyle G. Favreau, USA
SSgt. Dale F. Favreau, USAF
Seaman 2nd Class George Favreau, USN
COL Michael Louis Fazen, Retired, U.S. Army
James L. Feeley
Bernard A. Finch
Douglas A. Finch
Richard D. Fitzgerald
Robert Flagg
LTC Lauralee Flannery
Thomas Boyce Ford
Samuel Forrest
Robert Foster
Gene Frolich, US Navy
Grant Frolich, US Army
Joseph R. Furman
Timothy Gagne, Desert Storm, Marine Corp
Henry F. Gainley
Edward M. Galluscio
Donald W. Gardner
Andrea Garon, RN, Holyoke Medical Center
Louis Garon, WWII Us Navy
Cpl. Jay Gatti, U.S.M.C., 1st MarDiv., WWII
Donald (Bud) Gaulrapp
Raoul A. Gendreau, Cpl. USMC
Master Sergeant Lyle Herschel Giarde
Normand J. Gibeault
Richard M. Gibson
Robert G. Gibson
Ross A. Gibson
William R. Gibson
James Gilbert, veteran
William Henry Gilbert, 1LT Navy
Joseph A. Giovino
FF/EMT John Girouard, US Army
CW2 Kevin Givens
Vincent V. Glorioso
Thomas J. Goff
Ray Golden
F. Peter Gonya, USN
Arthur Goode
Charlie Gould, CA Merchant, Navy
Carl H. Graff
Danial Gramarossa, Firefighter
Michael Gramarossa, TSA Agent
J.V. Grandison
Gordon K. Gray
Douglas R. Green, WWII
Kevin Greenwich
Richard Greenwich
John Gregory, Colonel Army
John F. Grennell, retired US Army National Guard, died on 5/13/20, from Plymouth, MA
Mary Grimmer
William Grimmer
Robert A. Grover, Coast Guard
Daniel Guffred, Jr.
Cheryl A. Guyan, Front Line Nurse Practitioner
Ethan F. Haass, 75th Ranger Regiment
Peter William Haddad, USAF
The Hadly Brothers – John, James, William Frank
Helen Hadley
James Hadley
Robert Hahns
LT Col Gerard Haraden
Donald A. Harding, Korean War Veteran
Harold Hardisty
Edward A. Harmon, USN, WW-II
Samuel B. Harris
Gary Hart
Graham D. Haskell
William M. Hassman
William C. Hastings
Anthony Hatch, paramedic
Lt Paul B. Hatch, US Navy
Max Hauenstien
Chief Kellyl Hawkins
Thomas Healy, USAF
Fred Heath
Richard C. Heath, Vietnam
Hyman Hecht
Col Arthur Hedlund Jr.
Lt Col. Arthur Hedlund Sr.
Major Sean Heenan, US Army
Sgt. John Heffernan, US Army
Harold S. Hemstreet
David James Hennig
Archibald Herrmann
James W. Hesselgrave
James Hewitt, MC
Joan Heywood
PFC James E. Hicks, Korea 10/15/1952
Joanne Hill, Dover Plains, NY
Cmdr. Charles J. Hinckley
Frederic Hobson
Lowell H. Hoffman, Army
Cpl. Mark Hogan USMC
Spc. Derek Holland
Col. Otho E. Holmes, 82nd Airborne, WWII, Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, Market Gardon
George E. Hommick, USMC
Nelson Horr
George Horton
Harold Horton
Richard H. Howard
William C. Howard, Jr., US Army Air Corps, WWII
Bruce Howell
Sean Michael Howell
Norman L. Howlett, Jr., LCPL, USMC, Vietnam
Edward Hrover, USMC
David Huebner, US Army, WWII
Earl Huebner, US Army, WWII
Kent Huebner, US Air Force
Lawrence Hughes
Katy Humphrey
William Humphrey, World War II Vet
Lawrence Huneck
Edward Hunt, US Marines
Jack Hyatt, USMC Ret. (Arlington National Cemetery)
L/CPL Evan Iwaniuk, USMC
Thomas Jackman
Roland A. Jacques
Toga Janson
Alfred L. Jasnocha, Jr.
Clifford Johnson
Glenn Johnson, US Navy, WWII
USAF Kaylee Johnson
Leonard A. Johnson
USAF Seth Johnson
Emmett A. Jones, III
Norman Jones
Capt. Benjamin R. Jordan
John E. Joyce, WWII
M. Sgt. Christopher Kanski, USAF
Edward Karpowicz
Vincent Kaskeski
Michele K. Kearsley
1LT Benjamin Keating, US Army
Angela Kehayias
James Kehayias
Cpl. John Kelleher, U.S.M.C., 1st MarDiv., WWII
Joseph H. Kellner
Colin Kilcoyne
Robert King
Lt. Colonel John Kingston, USA
Robert J. Kirk
Benjamin F. Klaessig
John Kluge, US Army
J. Michael Knisley, USAF
Adam Kois
Edward Kolodziejczak
Felix Kozlowski
Edward Krantz
Charles A. Kruckas
Rodger P. Krull
Anthony J. Kubica
Rev. Fr. Steven Labaire
Richard H. LaBelle
SN Roderick J. Labrecque, USN
Veteran Richard Lacaire, USAF
Veteran Ronald Lacaire, USAF
M. Rita Lacoste
Deb Laforge
Sarah Landry, RN
Norman A. Lantaigne
Bernard Lapan
Victor E. Largesse, US Army
Stephen LaRiviere, WWII US Army
Henry Lavallee
William Lavergne
Robert Leckie
Eva L. Lee
Robert LeFrancois
Inar Lellelid, US Army, WWII
Donato Leone, World War II Vet
John Lesko
Veteran Charles Letendre, WWII
Veteran Norman Letendre, US Army
Clifford Leveille Sr.
Cookie Leveille Jr.
George A. Lewis
MSgt. Margaret Lidwll
Thomas F. Lilley, Sr., USA
Andrea Lillo
William F. Little III
Newberry Locklear, US Army
John Lord
Mack Lord, USAF
Richard I. Lord
Cosmo Luchino
Charles L. Lundstrom, US Army, Spanish-American War
David B. Lyman
Corp. Roy Lyon
Ashley MacDougall
Fred Madel, Korean War
Sgt. Carmine Magnoli
Harry Magsam
John Magsam
Michael Mahitka, MC
Col Eucene Mailman
Col Harry Mailman
LT Col John Mailman
Joseph Majercik
Paul Majercik
E. Mario Mancini, US Navy, WWII
Corporal Robert L. Mancini, US Marines
Leon C. Mankowsky
Georges Mantzios
Col. Anthony M. Marchetti, USAR
Arthur W. Marsh
Francis E. Martin
Joseph Martin, WWI
Beth Masiado
Harry J. Maslack
Arthur Maxwell
James P. McCabe
Philip McCallum
Andrew J. McCarthy, Vet. US Marine Corp
Otis J. McDonald, WWII USN
Edward J. McElligott
Clarence “Mac” McGrath
Jeanie B. McGrath
David M. McGuill, US Army Veteran
S/Sgt. Dane M. McKeon, US Army, active
Sgt. Lawrence McLear, USMC
Sargent Daniel David McVeigh, Army, died 1996 at the age of 22
Capt. Brian S. Mead, USA-Ret.
Carroll E. Medler, USN
Charles Melroy
Raymond G. Mercer
John Metowski
Pat Metowski
Donald Metz Sr.
LT. Per Thomas Meyer, USAF
Daniel Michener, Spc Army
Milton Michener, Captain Army
Alexander L. Miller, Jr.
Richard L. Miller, veteran of the Korean War
Sandra Molteni
Thomas Molteni
Robert A. Mongue
Delmar A. Moorhouse
Ralph W. Morton, Jr., USN
Gwalia Moulton
Otis Moulton
Clyde D. Mueller, US Army, WWII
Frederick J. Mueller, US Navy, WWI
Alfred L. Mullen
Alfred L. Mullen Jr.
Daniel J. Mullen
John F. Munahan
Charles A. Munion
Stephen Neifert
John Neihouse, USN
Shirley Neihouse, USAF
Cary Nicholas, USAF
Mike Nichols, USAF
Ted Novakowski
Parker Nutting, WWII Medic
Albert G. Nyberg
John J. O’Coin, US Army, WWII
Joseph P. O’Coin, US Army, WWII
Edward O’Keefe
Frederick Okula
James H. Olihan
Louis Orosz
Cmdr. Michael J.H. Ott, USCG
Thomas Gordon Ott
Robert Pacifico, Respiratory Therapist, hospital employee in CT
Nicholas G. Pagler
1st Lt Tyler E. Parten, KIA 9/10/09
Richard Patulak
Vincent Pavia
Wallace G. Payne
Harry W. Pearson, WWII USN
Thomas Pearson
James Pedone, US Navy
Lawrence Pelletier
Donald J. Perreault
Nicole Perron, Army (active)
Emanuel “Laddie” Perry
Edward E. Peterson, WW2
Herbert S. Philbrick Jr.
Lauren Philbrick, RN, NP
Daniel A. Piccola, Active Duty Coast Guard
Myrtle G. Piccola, Wave, WWII
Philip A. Piccola, Jr., Navy, Retired
Philip A. Piccola, Sr., Merchant Marine, WWII
William P. Piccolo, Navy
Michael Piligian, US Army, WWII
Roger Pincince, US Navy WWII
Deborah Pitts
Lt Adrienne Plourde, NREMT Bristol FD
FF Brian Plourde, Bristol FD
John Pobieglo
EMT Casey Poirier
FF/EMT Joe Poirier
PFC Real J. Poirier Sr.
Richard J. Pope
Arthur Porter Jr.
Harry Powell
Edward J. Powers
Norman F. Powers, US Navy, WWII
Ronald J. Powers
Richard Predella Sr.
Peter E. Price
Staff Sergeant E6 Ronald Proulx
Edward S. Prutzer, Sr.
Charles Richard Quilty
John Joseph Quilty Jr.
Eileen Ragette
George Rahgo
William Rahgo
Florian Rajewicz
Paul Worthington Ranney, US Signal Corps, died January 14, 1918
Cpl Kelley Rayos-Teiixeira
Daniel Ready
Eric Ream
Robert S. Reichenberg, US Navy
Private Emil Everett Reichert
James F. Reineck
Roland Remilland
Donald Remillard Sr.
Roland J. Remillard
Tsgt F.A. Reppucci
Msgt William A. Reppucci
Jennifer Rheault, RN
MSGT Raymond C. Rheault, USAF Ret.
George Dana Rhodes
Sgt Amy Richardson
Harold E. Richardson, WWII, USN
SMA Todd Richardson
Gilbert Riddle, USMC
John J. Riganti, Korean War
George R. Roberts
George R. Roberts, US Navy, WWII, USS Charger Atlantic Fleet
Sr. Master Sargent William F. Roberts, US Army, WWII
Joshua Robertson
Heather Bompane Rogers, RT
Dennis M. Romanelli
William F. Rose
Drew Rossman
Sgt Roger J. Roy
Richard J. Ruddy, 2nd Class Petty Officer, USN
Philip H. Ryder
PFC Clifford G. Safranek, US Army
Donald Saint-Pierre
Peter Salem, Revolutionary War
Air Force Lt. Col. Russell Salls
Louis L. Sandrick
Nicholas G. Sarikas, US Army, WWII
Leonard J. Sarnacki, Army Air Corps
Alexander R. Saunders
Edmund J. Saunders
Louis F. Shadlich
Dorothy Scheinfeldt, WWII, Navy
Ed Schroeder
Fred Schulz
Edward Shabot, S.SGT, Army Air Corps
Louis M. Shadlich
John J. Shannon, US Army
John J. Shannon, Jr., US Air Force
S/S A.L. Sharps, USAA, WII European Theater
David Warren Shaw
Maj. Donald E. Shay, POW/MIA Vietnam
Herman Shea, U.S.A.A.F, WWII, China, Burma, India Theater
William M. Sheehan, Navy, WWII
Leslie E. Sheldon, Jr.
Francis Shilzewick
Stephen Shimkunas
Edward T. Simmons
Stephen D. Simmons
John E. Sirube
Rodert Skeates
Sargent Donald W. Sleath
Eugene Sledge
Clarence R. Smarse
Edward Smigel
Arthur Smith
Captain Barbara Donahue Smith, Army Nurse Corp., WW2, Saipan
PFC Jefferson Smith
Richard Smola
Hal Snyder
John Sohenuick II
Michael F. Sosik
Edward A. Soukup, USMC, deceased
Sgt. Eric Spalding, US Army
J.Peter Spang III
Charles E. Spencer
Harry I. Spencer Jr.
Janice B. Spencer
Charles (Sonny) St. Andrews
John Scott St. Cyr
Clement St. Hilaire
Edmond St. Pierre
Hugo L. Stapel
Maurice Stapleton
Thomas J. Stapleton, US Army, Vietnam
Staff Sgt. David R. Stephens
Francis Stevens
David L. Stewart, Jr.
Mason D. Stewart, 75th Ranger Regiment
Henry F. Stockmal Sr., Navy, WWII
Philip G. Stone
John Stones
Stephen S. Strycharz, Jr., US Marine Corp., KIA 1966, Vietnam
Alvah W. Sutton
Capt. Ian Swisher, PA Nat. Guard
LT Meredith Swisher, DDS US Navy
Zachary Szalay
Mitchell J. Dzydlik
Sgt. Steve “Tag” Taglieri, U.S.M.C., Desert Storm
William R. Tappin, WWII
Staff Sergeant Bruce Tedford
Raymond Therriault
Alan R. Thomas
Lloyd H. Thomas
Earl Thompson
Doris Thomson
William Thomson
Guido Tiberii, US Army, WWII
Brett A. Toney
Raymond H. Tourigny
Maj. Brandon M. Trama, USA
Joseph A. Trapasso
Hugo Trudeau, USN
Vincent Vaccarella
Joseph Vairo, USN
Fred Valerlay
LTC Kate Van Auken
Alex Vanagel
Ssg. John A. Vivier, Jr.
William J. Wall, Sr., USN
LCDR Michael Joseph Walsh, USN-Ret
Charles Wanderer
Herbert E. Weldon Sr.
Robert H. Weldon
Russell R. Weldon Jr.
Russell R. Weldon Sr.
Gordon Wentworth, police
Timothy Wentworth
Master Sargent Joseph Whalen
Mark C. Whited, USAF, Iraq War
Donald Whitney
Wilbur P. Whitney, WWII veteran
Sgt. Alexander Wilk, U.S.M.C., WWII
Captain Dennis Wilkinson, USAF
Alan R. Williams
2LT Charles T. Willock Jr., USAAF
Kenneth Wilmarth, Army
Peter S. Wilson, USMC
Jim Winters, USAF
Harlow H. Wright
Joseph Zabka
Chief Warrant Officer Edward Zygar

Coggeshall Farm Museum Honor Board:

The living and deceased Vets of the Arena and Gerandi Family
Gilbert Almeda
Charles Andris
Warren Barbour
Christopher C. Bethune, USN
Walter Bogush
Edgar J. Bousquet
Jacob Bronson, Navy Seabee
Thomas Camara, Chief Navy (Active Seabee)
Vasco Castro Jr.
Joseh Comiskey, 2Lt US Army, WW2
John F. Connors
John F. Connors, Army Vet.
CAPT Charles O. Cook Jr., USN
Richard Cordeiro
Colonel Lester W. Cory
James B. Cummings, Jr.
Joseph Deslaurier
Russell Dowling
Kevin M. French, USN
Ernest Frerichs
Yuma Hadira (Retired Seabee)
William Haggart
Bill Harper
Joanne Hill, Dover Plains, NY
Cpl. Mark Hogan USMC
LTCDR Anders Holmstrom, USN
LTCDR Charlile Holmstrom, USN
CAPT Garry B. Holmstrom, USN
LT Isaac Holmstrom, USN
Jessica Huber
Daniel Ingram
Christopher Jenkins, Spc. US Army, Vietnam
Lt Col. H.E. Jenks II, Vietnam Veteran
Clayton Ellsworth Jenkins, US Navy WW2
Capt. Benjamin R. Jordan
Walter Katkevich
Robert King
Frederick Kraemer
M. Rita Lacoste
Col Rutherford C. Lake Jr., US Army
Dennis Lanni, AlC, USAF, Vietnam
Edward Latham
James Latham
Rae Ann Lawrence, Radiology Tech
William J. LePage, PFC, WWII veteran
George C. Lima
Robert Mahoney
MG Armistead D. Mead Jr., US Army
Wallace Moskalyk
Charles A. Munion
The Nanson Family
Vanessa O’Neill, Nurse
Todd Opalski
Donald K. Ottanian
Nicholas G. Pagler
Francis N. Perry
Joseph Pirri
Linda Perkins
Harry Rightnour
John J. Rocha, USAF, Vietnam
Dennis M. Romanelli
Clinton Sawyer
S/S A.L. Sharps, USAA, WII European Theater
Richard T. Stack
David Timberlake, Capt, USN (deceased)
The Tremblay Family
John Tucker
Robert Tucker
Evai Turenne
Leopold Turenne
Lurien Turenne
Normand Turenne
Bill Wade
Mary Wade
Maj (Ret, US Army) Chester L. Wilson