Dinner in a Country Village

Spend an evening in the 1830’s by preparing a meal as the early New Englanders did. Take learning into your own hands by roasting, baking, and mulling in the Parsonage under the guidance of a costumed interpreter. Smell meat roasting, enjoy the ambiance of candlelight, feel the warmth of the brick bake oven, and, finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Pricing | $125, $95 for Old Sturbridge Village Members

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Families Cook

“Families Cook” is a 19th-century interactive food experience that the whole family can enjoy. Children and adults alike will learn to prepare an entire hearth-cooked meal with the added benefit of being able to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Chicken will be roasted before the hearth and served crisp, juicy and “done to a turn.” Cranberries will be stewed by the fire to make a delicious sauce and home-made apple pie will be baked in our wood-fired oven. Please be prepared to roll up your sleeves and then untuck your belts. Come join us for this amazing 1830’s hands-on family-oriented culinary adventure!

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Boarding with the Bixbys

Take a journey into the past. Experience first-hand what life was like in 19th-century rural New England’s countryside by spending a night in the Emerson Bixby House, home of a blacksmith/farmer and his family. After guests are appropriately dressed to toil, the real labor – and fun – begins. Working alongside costumed historians and farmers, your experience will include cooking a 19th-century dinner and breakfast, learning a craft, farm chores and gardening, and hauling wood and water.

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A couple enjoys a meal at the Village

Dining During Your Visit to the Museum

Enjoy a Snack or Meal at the Village