Wool Days

Saturday, May 24, 2014 - 9:30am to Monday, May 26, 2014 - 5:00pm

Memorial Day Weekend

See the full daily shcedule for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

The sheep get their yearly "haircuts" this weekend. Farmers shear the sheep, and costumed historians demonstrate the entire wool textile process, from scouring and carding the wool to spinning, and then knitting the hand-spun wool yarn. Visitors can even try their skill at hand-carding the wool.

See sheep herding demonstrations. David Kennard of Wellscroft Farm in New Hampshire will be demonstrating how his border collies can herd, sheep, ducks, and goats. Demonstrations will be scheduled throughout the day on Saturday.

Join us in knitting (or crocheting) scarves for deployed soldiers. Help to add a few rows to scarves already in progress.

Learn about the natural dyes used to produce an amazing array of colors in the 19th century. Use modern dyeing techniques to dye your own skein of OSV yarn or make felted jewelry at the Craft Center (fee applies).

Different Wools - Meet alpacas and llamas  to learn about wool from different animals.

See how wool is transformed into household linens and garments with demontrations of the spinning wheel, loom (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and an antique sock knitting machine (Saturday and Monday). Plus, on Saturday and Monday see demonstrations of spinning cotton. 

Meet the animals - lambs, chickens, cows and oxen, and watch a host of daily demonstrations, including musket firing, hearth cooking, printing, coopering, blacksmithing, shoe-making and launching toy hot air balloons.

Textile structuralist Rose Ann Hunter will demonstrate standing wools and shirred rug techniques. Then, on Sunday and Monday, help an expert as she demonstrates the ancient art of wool felting

Planning Ahead

Purchase your tickets online in advance to expedite your entrance into the Village.

Add an overnight stay at the Old Sturbridge Inn and Reeder Family Lodges.

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