Kids on a field trip to Old Sturbridge Village

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Times: The Village is open 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. Hands-on workshop times vary; pre-registration is required.

Cost: Cost is $14 per Scout for full-day admission to Old Sturbridge Village. One adult per Scout ages 5 and above is admitted at the rate of $15. Hands-on workshops are an additional fee.

Join us for our fall Scout Day! Scout Days offer you and your troop the opportunity to explore the Village and participate in hands-on activities. This is a great opportunity for Scouts to gain exposure to many aspects of 1830s New England life in an interactive way.

We recommend that you allow for up to three hours to visit the Village, in addition to any scheduled hands-on workshops.

The lunchroom at Museum Education will be available all day for lunch storage and for use as a lunch space.

For an additional $5-$10, participate in 50- and 90-minute workshops for Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and their siblings!

Scout Days Admission:

Special Scout Activities Offered throughout the Day

(SUBJECT TO CHANGE; some programming an additional fee)

Hands-On, Drop-In Crafts in the Village (additional $3 fee):

Tokens for drop-in crafts will be available at the Visitor’s Center and the Miner Grant Store.

Kitchen Science Demonstrations at Museum Education:

In the Village (stay tuned for times):

Guides will be available the Visitor’s Center on Scout Day to help direct your visit and possibly hit on some badge requirements!

Hands-On Workshops:

Whether you want to work towards one of your badges or just try out an activity for fun, we offer a wide variety of hands-on workshops for Scouts and siblings of all ages.

Pre-registration is required and workshops often fill up quickly. Workshops can accommodate 12 participants, except where noted. Scouts’ siblings are welcome to attend as well! All workshops meet in the Museum Education Building EXCEPT for the Brownies Potter Workshop, which meets in the Pottery Shop at the Village and will conclude in the Museum Education Building.

See listings below for requirements covered during the workshop. Some requirements will need to be completed outside of the visit to Old Sturbridge Village.

Girl Scout Badge Workshops (Click to Expand)

See listings below for requirements covered during the workshop. Some requirements will need to be completed outside of the visit to Old Sturbridge Village. Pre-registration is required; click the time to register. 


Purple Petal: Respect Myself and Others

50 minutes, $5/person


Daisies will learn about respect by playing fun and cooperative games from the past! After reading a story, we’ll focus on good sportsmanship through team games and respecting ourselves with 19th-century calisthenics!

Yellow Petal: Friendly and Helpful

50 minutes, $5/person


Assist in making honey cake and mint tea. Discuss children’s work and play in the early 19th century and compare these with today. Learn about kitchen gardens, heirloom plants and honey bees. Attend a “garden party” and take on the role of a friendly hostess! On your own, visit the Village’s industrious bees.



50 minutes, $5/person


Become a clay artist! Make a useful and simple clay pot, and then get creative while making an art piece. Each group will visit the museum’s pottery shop and see the Village’s potter in action!

*This workshop will meet at the pottery shop and then walk to Museum Education for the rest of the activity.


50 minutes, $5/person

10:00 SOLD OUT

Brownies will hone their detective skills with this fun introduction to letterboxing! Work on puzzles, make your own unique letterboxing stamp, and then help us create a letterbox to use in the Museum! Later in the day, flex your new knowledge by participating in our letterboxing challenge in the Village.


Simple Meals- Level 1*

50 minutes, $5/person


Learn about food storage and holiday cooking as you experience 19th-century style hearth cooking. Explore kitchen innovations and tools and compare family life then and now. Bake apple fritters over an open hearth.

* This program will only complete Step 1& 2.  Accompanying recipe booklet will allow you to complete Steps 3, 4 & 5 at home.

Playing the Past

50 minutes, $5/person

11:00 SOLD OUT

Who lived in Sturbridge in the early 19th century?  Where did they live?  What did they wear?  What did they do this time of year, as they were getting ready for the busy summer season? These are some of the questions that will be answered when you play the role of a young lady from this town’s past.  Plus, learn how to weave and make a journal.


Book Artist

90 minutes, $10/person

10:00 SOLD OUT

Be an apprentice. Learn one of the only skills that were acceptable for young women to learn outside the home in the early 19th century. Investigate the beauty of a well-made book. What types of books were popular with girls and young women?  Construct your own book and decorate it with unusual materials.

Woodworker (ACCOMMODATES 10)


90 minutes, $10/person

Build something! In this extended workshop, Cadettes will get a chance to use different woodworking tools and learn proper tool safety. With their new skills, participants will construct a useful footstool.

Cub Scout Badge Workshops (Click to Expand)

Some requirements will need to be completed outside of the visit to Old Sturbridge Village. Pre-registration is required; click the time to register. 


Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries

50 minutes, $5/person


Develop your detective toolkit and work on your magic skills! Tigers will try out some historic card games to impress their friends. We will also learn about spies and codes from early America and try cracking some of those codes ourselves!


50 minutes, $5/person


Let’s play games that kids played in the 1830s! Tigers will learn fun games from the past, play a game as a team, and make a game piece to bring home and share with their friends and family.


Finding Your Way

50 minutes, $5/person


Together, we’ll learn about the basics of map reading. Wolves will check out a map of the Village, create a map of their own neighborhood, and then learn basic compass skills to find a treasure in the Museum!


Marble Madness

50 minutes, $5/person


This studio is all about marbles! Discover the history of marbles, make your own fancy marble and paper marble bag. Learn some marble vocabulary and games.



90 minutes, $10/person


In this extended workshop, participants will make a toolbox using different 19th-century tools! After learning about safety and the proper usage of each tool, we will use woodworking tools to make this very useful item!

Scouts and Siblings Too Hands-on Workshops

These workshops are not specifically badge-related, but are a great opportunity to try out a new craft individually or together as a group! Siblings are welcome, too. Pre-registration is required; click the time to register. 

Open Hearth Cooking

50 minutes, $5/person, Ages 6+


Learn about food storage and cooking as you experience cooking 19th-century style using common household tools and recipes. Make and enjoy a recipe for a snack to share together!

May fulfill the following requirements:
Tigers: Tiger Bites 2, 5
Bears: Bear Picnic Basket 4
Daisies: Yellow Petal (Friendly and Helpful); Purple Petal (Respect Myself and Others)
Brownies: Snacks 3; Senses 4
Juniors: Simple Meals 1, 4; Social Butterfly 2

Cider and Corn Processing

50 minutes, $5/person, Ages 6+


It’s harvest time! Let’s learn how families prepared food in the fall for the long winter. Participants will also try their hand at using a small cider press and process dried corn using 19th-century farm tools like a flail and winnowing basket.