Homeschool Day

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 10:30am

Join us for an exploration of the arts of the 1830s, especially for home school families!

It’s springtime! The Village’s gardens are coming to life again, there are babies on the farm, and there is activity all around. Spring is also a great time to get creative with inspiration from nature! Our hands-on workshops will allow participants to flex their artistic muscles and work on projects inspired by spring at the Village.

In addition to workshops, join us for tours and a special curatorial show and tell and take part in activities throughout the Village.

Cost is $14 per child 3 and over for full-day admission to Old Sturbridge Village. One adult per child is admitted at the rate of $14. Additional adults pay the full price rate. Purchase admission tickets here. 

Hands-On Workshops (50 minutes—$5 per child unless otherwise noted)

Hands-on workshop activities for children ages 6-17 are an additional $5-$12 per activity. Hands-on workshops are led by a Museum Teacher at the Museum Education Center. Pre-registration is required for Hands-On workshops. An adult parent or guardian needs to remain in Museum Education while their child is participating in a workshop. In addition, $14 per child admission is required for all programs and includes demonstrations, games, and performances in the Village. Registration closes 10 hours before the workshop start time. Please inquire at the Museum Education building to sign up for any remaining open slots after that time.

April 2017 Tour and Workshop Offerings are listed below:


Special Tours and More

Village Tour (2 hours—$5 per student)

10:00am (Ages 6+) (SOLD OUT)

Take an immersive trip around the Village with an experienced tour guide! Take in the sights of the museum in springtime, learn about life on the farm, and see what’s cooking in the households. This tour is great for both new visitors to the museum as well as those who have been here many times before. (Registration required—meets at Museum Education. Note: Adults do not have to attend this tour with their children. Emergency contact information will be taken if child attends this tour alone).

Museum Collections Show and Tell (50 minutes—$5 per student)
Note: Meets at the Fuller Conference Center

11:30 am (Ages 8+)

Join the Village’s curatorial staff for a special look at some of their favorite items from our collections! From 19th-century schoolgirl art to silhouettes, participants will get a chance to see creative pieces from the 1830s. Ask questions and learn from the experts!

ABC Photo Walk (90 minutes—$5 per student)

1:30pm (ages 10+)

Grab your camera and venture out into the Village for a different look at the museum’s buildings and landscape! Participants will use their artistic eye to identify the ABCs in the Village’s architecture and surrounding nature.


Workshops, 50 minutes—$5 per student (unless otherwise noted)

Seeds and Weeds

10:30: (Ages 6+) (SOLD OUT)
11:30: (Ages 8+) (SOLD OUT)
1:30: (Ages 6+) (SOLD OUT)

Learn about heirloom plants that have grown throughout the year in the gardens at OSV.  Participants will experiment with garden design and plant an ornamental plant to take home with them! 

Make a Nature Journal

10:30 (Ages 8+) (SOLD OUT)
1:30 (Ages 6+) (SOLD OUT)

Spring is a great time to get outside and observe some nature. We will sew together our own special nature journals like 19th-century bookbinders and learn more about the printing office in the 1800s. Later, explore one of the Village’s nature trails on your own and record your observations!

Reverse Glass Painting

10:30 (Ages 10+) (SOLD OUT)
11:30 (Ages 6+) (SOLD OUT)
1:30 (Ages 8+) (SOLD OUT)

Reverse glass painting was a very popular form of decoration in the early 1800s. We will utilize our painting skills to create a design directly on glass.

Hearth Cooking

10:30 (Ages 6+) or (Ages 8+(Ages 6+ Group is SOLD OUT)
11:30 (Ages 10+) or (Ages 8+(Both SOLD OUT)
1:30 (Ages 6+) or (Ages 8+(Both SOLD OUT)

Follow a delicious, springy 19th-century receipt for a trifle and share it together over tea!

Make a Sheep Pincushion

10:30 (Ages 8+) (SOLD OUT)
11:30 (Ages 6+) (SOLD OUT)
1:30 (Ages 10+)

It’s spring, which means it’s lamb time! We will make a sheep-shaped pincushion for all your creative sewing projects, and then learn more about the uses of wool in the 1830s.


10:30 (Ages 6+) (SOLD OUT)
11:30 (Ages 10+) (SOLD OUT)
1:30 (Ages 8+) (SOLD OUT)

People have been using pottery for a long time to hold and store food. Sometimes the pottery is simple and sometimes it’s more decorative. We will learn about pottery in the 1830s and then hand-shape a piece of pottery to bring home!


Extended Workshops ($10-12 per student)

Wood and Tin Grater (90 Minutes Extended Workshop$10 per student)

10:30-noon (Ages 10+) (SOLD OUT)
1:30-3:00  (Ages 10+) (SOLD OUT)

Hone your woodworking and tinsmithing skills by making a decorative tin grater for your kitchen!

Basket Weaving (2 Hour Extended Workshop—$12 per student)

1:00-3:00 (Ages 12+) (SOLD OUT)

In this special 2 hour workshop, students will begin to construct an artful, early 19th-century basket using modern materials. Learn how to decorate your basket in the Native American tradition, explore materials used in the past, and learn the next steps needed to complete your basket at home.


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