Home School Day

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 11:00am

Due to the forecasted snowstorm, we have decided to cancel Home School Day on March 8, 2018.


This was a tough decision for us to make, but we want to ensure the safety of both our patrons and staff. We won’t know until Thursday morning if the museum itself will be closed, but there will be no home school workshops on March 8.

Over the next few days, we will issue refunds for everyone who has registered for our hands-on workshops and purchased admission to the museum. Transferring your payments to another Village program is not possible at this time.

Please stay tuned to our website early next week for our April 12 Home School Day offerings! We will also be working to reschedule this March date for another day sometime later this spring.

Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience this cancelation might cause. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


We will be refunding everyone who had registered for workshops. Please check your email for more information. 

Join us for our March 8 Home School Day! Our workshops this month will focus on work and chores in the 1830s. Children at the time were important members of their family workforce from a young age, helping with farm chores, sewing, cooking, and more. Activities in the Village will allow visitors to explore work in the 19th century and see artifacts from the museum’s collection related to this theme. In addition, stop by our maple sugaring camp to explore one important late-winter chore. Visitors can see the entire sugar-making process--from tapping the trees to "sugaring off”--and learn why maple sugar was more commonly used than maple syrup in early New England.  Try out one of our Make History Guides as you explore on your own or sign up for a special hands-on workshop at the Museum Education Center (see below).
In Village Activities (including with Village admission):
  • A collections show and tell at the Fitch House
  • Help with some 1830s chores 
  • Visit the maple sugar camp
  • Try out a Village scavenger hunt

Please check back the week of Home School Day for a more detailed list and a schedule of activities.

Cost is $10 per child 3 and over for full-day admission to Old Sturbridge Village. One adult per child is admitted at the rate of $15. Additional adults pay the full price rate. Purchase admission tickets here. 

Hands-On Workshops (50 minutes—$5 per child unless otherwise noted)

Hands-on workshop activities for children ages 6-17 are an additional $5-$12 per activity. Hands-on workshops are led by a Museum Teacher at the Museum Education Center. Pre-registration is required for Hands-On workshops. An adult parent or guardian needs to remain in Museum Education while their child is participating in a workshop. In addition, $10 per child admission is required for all programs and includes demonstrations, games, and performances in the Village. Registration closes 10 hours before the workshop start time. Please inquire at the Museum Education building to sign up for any remaining open slots after that time.


50 Minutes Workshops, $5 per workshop (unless otherwise noted)

Open-Hearth Cooking: Shrewsbury Cakes
10:30: Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:30: Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
1:30: Ages 10+ SOLD OUT
Follow a 19th-century “receipt” for Shrewsbury Cakes and make a delicious, maple-filled snack to share together. Participants will also learn about chores that kids did to help out in the 1830s.
Learn to Knit ($7 per student)
10:30 Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
11:30 Ages 10+
1:30 Ages 8+
Make your own wooden knitting needles and then learn how to start knitting using yarn made from Village sheep and dyed in the Village dye pits with natural ingredients such as madder root, cochineal, and onion skins.
Try Out Carding and Weaving
10:30 Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:30 Ages 8+
1:30 Ages 8+
Carding wool was a common chore for children in the 1830s. Try out carding yourself, weave cloth on a loom, and learn about what people wore in the early springtime.
Make your Own Wood Block for Printing
10:30: Ages 8+ LIMITED SPACE
11:30: Ages 8+
Be an apprentice for a little while! After experimenting with traditional wood block printing, we will get creative and create our own “wood blocks” with modern methods.
Marble Madness
10:30: Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:30: Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
1:30: Ages 6+ LIMITED SPACE
Life wasn’t all chores for children in the 1830s! Discover the history of marbles and make your own set of marbles from clay, along with a decorative paper bag to carry them in.
Plan a Garden
10:30: Ages 10+
11:30: Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
1:30: Ages 8+
Learn about heirloom plants that have grown throughout the year in the five different types of gardens at OSV.  We will plan your own dream gardens and bring home a garden experiment. If weather permits, we will help prepare the Museum Education garden for planting, too!
Make a Boot Jack
10:30: Ages 10+ SOLD OUT
11:30: Ages 10+
Hone your woodworking skills by making this boot jack, a special tool to remove your boots covered in that spring mud.
Make Toy Houses 
1:30: Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
An introduction for beginning woodworkers! Try out a simple wood project by making a toy village playset. Participants will get a tour of our wood studio and learn about basic tool usage and safety.

Extended Workshops (90-120 minutes)

Farmhouse Breakfast ($15 per student)
10:30-12:30: Ages 9+ SOLD OUT
Work together to cook a full breakfast over the open hearth, then sit down to enjoy the meal together. The menu includes eggs, cheese toast, potatoes, and other breakfast treats. In keeping with our chores theme, participants will also learn about chores that kids helped with in the 1830s and help with wood gathering and dishwashing.
Bookbinding and Papermaking ($10 per student)
1:30-3:00: Ages 11+ LIMITED SPACE
Become an apprentice in our Museum Education print shop! Participants will learn about the history of bookbinding, or the process of sewing a book together to be sold, an occupation shared by men and women in the 1830s. Then, try out the art of book binding yourself and then make paper from scratch from recycled materials.
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