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Friday, September 6, 2019

Times: The Village is open 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. Hands-on workshop times vary; pre-registration is required.

Get back into learning mode with us at our September 6th Homeschool Day! Participants will try their hands at workshops relating to education in the 1830s, along with other seasonal projects that allow them to get their hands on history. What was schooling like in the 19th century? What did children learn? When did they attend? We will focus on all these questions and more during our first Homeschool Day of the 2019/2020 season.

Try out one of our Make History Guides as you explore on your own or sign up for a special hands-on workshop at the Museum Education Center (see below). Hands-on crafts are available for children under 5 on a drop-in basis throughout the day at Museum Education.

In Village Activities (including with Village admission):

Please check back the week of Home School Day for a more detailed list and a schedule of activities.

Home School Days are rain or shine programs. Registration fees are non-refundable unless the program is canceled by Old Sturbridge Village.

Home School Days Admission:

Home School Day Workshops:

50 Minutes, $5 per workshop (unless otherwise noted)

Open-Hearth Cooking: Albany Cakes

10:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00 | Ages 10+ SOLD OUT
1:00 | Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
2:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Follow a 19th-century “receipt” for Albany cakes, a simple little cake or cookie. Together, we’ll enjoy our delicious snack with some mint tea. Ingredients will include: sugar, butter, rosewater, cinnamon, cream, flour, nutmeg, mint tea

Weave a Bookmark

10:00 | Ages 8+
1:00 | Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

Participants will learn the basics of weaving on a loom, and then start weaving a small bookmark to take home with them.

Learn to Weave

11:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
2:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Learn about the different fabrics people used in the 1830s for clothing, then try your hand at carding wool and weaving on a loom.

Make a Wooden Ox Toy

10:00 | Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
11:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Life for kids in the 1800s wasn’t all about work! This is a great introduction to woodworking for younger participants. We will sand and paint a wooden form to create a fun, wooden ox to take home. This toy is inspired by one in the museum’s collection, which you can check out later in the Child’s World exhibit!

Sew a School Book and Practice Penmanship

10:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00 | Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
1:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
2:00 | Ages 8+

Sew together a historically inspired school book, learn about education in the 1830s, and practice your penmanship using a quill and ink or chalk and slates.

Cider Making and Corn Processing

10:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00 | Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
1:00 | Ages 10+ SOLD OUT
2:00 | Ages 8+ SOLD OUT

Believe it or not, many rural children didn’t go to school in the fall in the 1830s. They were busy at home, helping with the harvest. Let’s learn how families prepared food in the fall for the long winter. Participants will also try their hand at using a small cider press and process dried corn. Later, visit the Village’s cider press on your own.

Make a Jacob’s Ladder and Schoolyard Games

10:00 | Ages 10+ SOLD OUT
11:00 | Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
1:00 | Ages 8+ SOLD OUT

Working with wood and ribbons, make a Jacob’s Ladder, a toy from the 1800s. Participants will learn stories, tricks, and visual illusions to do with this popular game piece. We will also play a couple of popular schoolyard games, if weather and time permit!

Stitch a Sampler

10:00 | Ages 8+
11:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
1:00 | Ages 10+

In the early 1800s, many girls and boys learned simple sewing and knitting. Some young women attended female academies where they perfected their embroidery skills. We will look at some examples of these intricate needlepoints and then try our hand at embroidery ourselves. Younger students will focus on simple shapes.

Make a Family Register

10:00 | Ages 10+
11:00 | Ages 8+
1:00 | Ages 8+

A family register was an important way for 19th-century families to record their genealogy. Students in academies sometimes made intricate, sewn registers on fabric. We will use paint and theorem stencils to create a one-of-a-kind register for you to record your family history!

Extended Workshops: 90-120 minutes ($10 or $15, depending on length and materials)

Extended Cooking: Cheese  Pudding

$15 per student

10:30-12:00 | Ages 10+

Follow a 19th-century “receipt” for cheese pudding, a savory pudding made with cheese and bread. Ingredients will include: cheese, eggs, cream, bread, butter

Make a Footstool 

$15 per student

1:00-2:30 | Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

Use your woodworking skills to make a small footstool, perfect for resting your feet after a long day of studying or chores.

Salve Making and Herbal Remedies

$15 per student

1:00-2:30 | Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

A salve is a healing ointment made from oils and natural plant materials. Participants in this program will learn about some of the herbal remedies that were popular in the 1830s as well as collect plant material to make their own salve. Ingredients include: beeswax, canola oil, plantain leaf

Meet the Bees 

$10 per student

10:30-12:00 | Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Did you know that we have bees that live in hives here at Old Sturbridge Village? We will meet with one of the Village’s knowledgeable beekeepers to learn about beekeeping in the 1830s, read a bee story, and then return back to Museum Education to make a bee house to bring home.


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