It’s springtime and the Village’s gardens and nature walks are coming to life again. Leaves are budding on the trees, and there are babies on the farm. Our hands-on workshops this month will give participants a chance to draw inspiration from nature and get their hands dirty.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Times: The Village is open 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. Hands-on workshop times vary; pre-registration is required.

Join us for our March 1 Home School Day! For this first Home School Day of the 2019 season, we’ll be exploring women’s history through hands-on activities and in-Village activities. Participants will learn about well-known women of the 1830s as well as the not so well-known. Bake a cake with maple sugar and explore the contributions women made to the abolitionist movement, imitate the style of women artists, and more. In the Village, engage with the stories of 19th-century ladies and see women’s journals and books from the museum’s library up close!

Try out one of our Make History Guides as you explore on your own or sign up for a special hands-on workshop at the Museum Education Center (see below). Hands-on crafts are available for children under 5 on a drop-in basis throughout the day at Museum Education.

In Village Activities (including with Village admission):

Please check back the week of Home School Day for a more detailed list and a schedule of activities.

Home School Days are rain or shine programs. Registration fees are non-refundable unless the program is canceled by Old Sturbridge Village.

Home School Days Admission:

Home School Day Workshops:

Please note some of the new start times for our workshops.

50 Minutes, $5 per workshop (unless otherwise noted):

Open-Hearth Cooking: Maple Tunbridge Cakes

10:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
11:00, Ages 10+ SOLD OUT
1:00, Ages 6+  SOLD OUT
2:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Follow a 19th-century “receipt” for Tunbridge Cakes, a dessert featuring maple sugar! Together, you will mix up these little cakes and bake them in the open hearth. Ingredients will include: flour, butter, maple sugar, eggs, rosewater, cinnamon, nutmeg

Make a Spaddle

1:00, Ages 9+  SOLD OUT
2:00, Ages 9+ SOLD OUT

Sharpen your woodworking skills by learning to make a spaddle, a useful kitchen tool. Participants will use saws and drawknives to craft this cross between a spoon and a spatula.

Make a Self-Portrait

10:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00, Ages 8+
1:00, Ages 10+
2:00, Ages 8+

Create a self-portrait using oil pastels, collage, watercolors, or silhouette! Together, we’ll explore artworks from OSV’s collections created by women in the 19th century. Then, use a variety of media to make your masterpiece.

Herbal Remedies

10:00, Ages 10+
11:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
1:00, Ages 8+

In the 1800s, many women—some well-known and others lesser known—relied on herbs and plants from nature and their gardens to treat health ailments. From published authors to Native American herbalists, we will learn about how women treated illnesses before modern medicine using sage, mint, and more.

Planting and Planning

10:00, Ages 6+
11:00, Ages 8+
1:00, Ages 6+

Learn about the contributions women made on the farm and in their gardens in the 1830s! Participants will plan their own dream gardens, plant seeds to take home, and work with garden tools. If weather permits, we will ready our garden beds for planting in the spring.

Printing and Penmanship

10:00, Ages 8+
11:00, Ages 10+
1:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Young women sometimes worked as bookbinders in 19th-century printing offices. We’ll learn more about the printing office, check out some women’s writings of the time, and then create our own journals to record our revolutionary thoughts with quill and ink!

Stitch a Sampler

10:00, Ages 8+
11:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT

In the early 1800s, many girls and boys learned simple sewing and knitting. Some young women attended female academies where they perfected their embroidery skills. We will look at some examples of these intricate needlepoints and then try our hand at embroidery ourselves.

Marble Madness

10:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
1:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
2:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Life wasn’t all hard work for children in the 1830s! Kids have amused themselves with this complex game for thousands of years. Come continue the tradition as you craft your own clay marbles to take home. Learn the secret code words of playing marbles as you play a game called “Ringer” and make a bag to store your marbles in.

90 Minutes ($10 per student, unless otherwise specified):

Open-Hearth Cooking: Brooks Cake

1:00, Ages 9+ SOLD OUT

Follow a 19th-century “receipt” for Brooks cake, a cake made with maple sugar. To raise funds for the antislavery cause, Mary Brooks, Headmistress of the Concord Female Anti-Slavery Society, baked and sold her signature tea cake, widely known as Brooks Cake. It was served at all Concord, Massachusetts anti-slavery meetings. Participants will make the cake and learn a little about women’s contributions to the anti-slavery movement. Ingredients will include: flour, maple sugar, butter, eggs, milk, currants

Sew a Pieced Pincushion

1:00, Ages 10+

If you’ve tried out a few sewing projects and can’t wait to do more, this workshop is for you! Building on prior sewing workshops, participants will create a useful, hand-sewn pieced pincushion to hold their pins and needles.

Tin Grater 

10:00, Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

Craft a useful grater for your kitchen from wood and tin. This workshop will use all your talents to create this tool that can be used to grate cheese, chocolate, and more!

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