Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Times: The Village is open 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Kick off your summer by joining us for our June 22 Home School Day!

Home School Days offer you and your family the opportunity to explore the Village and participate in hands-on activities. From games, to woodworking, to tending to the garden, this is a great opportunity for kids to gain exposure to many aspects of 1830s New England life in an interactive way. Many of the workshops on this day will explore the natural world of the early 1800s and the ways in which rural peoples interacted with and utilized natural resources.

Register for one of the in-person programs with the Village’s knowledgeable staff or explore the Village on your own using self-guides, scavenger hunts, and more. All activities will take place at Museum Education, unless otherwise noted.

Admission and Ticketing

On Home School Day, homeschoolers (ages 4-17) get in at the discounted rate $10 and one adult is admitted per home school youth at the discounted rate of $15. Additional adults above the 1 to 1 ratio are admitted at the full rate of $28. As always, members get into the Village for free.

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Timed In-Person Programs (subject to change)

Things to know:

In-Village Drop-in Activities:

Check back in the week prior to Home School Day for more information!

Hands-On Workshops – Pre-registration required!

Open-Hearth Cooking: Tea Cake and Strawberry Water  | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:30 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT

Follow two 19th-century “receipts” for tea cake and strawberry water. During this time of year on the farm, plentiful eggs from the chickens and milk from the cows made cake a popular springtime food! Along with our cake, we’ll enjoy delicious and refreshing strawberry water! Ingredients will include: butter, milk, flour, sugar, baking powder, strawberries

Basic Woodworking | 50 Minutes | $5 

Register for 1:00 (Ages 9+)
Register for 2:00 (Ages 9+) SOLD OUT

Try out 19th-century woodworking tools, race to put together a timberframe structure, and make a small peg board to take home in our recently revamped wood shop! Participants will also learn about the importance of woodworking in the past and then many different tradesmen who worked with wood.

Woodworking for Beginners: Make Toy Houses | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:30 (Ages 5+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 (Ages 5+) SOLD OUT

An introduction for beginning woodworkers! Try out a simple wood project by making a toy village playset. Participants will get a tour of our wood studio and learn about basic tool usage and safety.

Make a Terrarium | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:30 (Ages 8+)  SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT

Spring has sprung! Terrariums are very popular now, but did you know that they were also popular in the 1830s? Participants will learn about heirloom plants that have grown throughout the year in the gardens at OSV and plant an ornamental terrarium to take home with them!

Reverse Glass on Glass | 50 Minutes | $7 

Register for 10:00 (Ages 10+)  SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

Reverse glass painting was a very popular form of decoration in the early 1800s. Celebrate spring at the Village by creating this period-inspired artwork painted directly on glass.

Make a Wet Felted Design | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:30 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT

The sheep have been shorn of their thick winter coats, so it’s time to process all that wool! During this session, participants will learn about people picked, scoured, and dyed wool during the 1830s. Then, we will create a modern art project, using colorful wool roving to make a unique design through the process of wet felting.

Carding and Weaving | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 1:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 2:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

After reading the classic book Charlie Needs a Cloak by Tomie dePaola, we will talk about how sheep’s wool becomes warm clothing. Try out carding paddles, weave a little bit, and then try on a cloak yourself!

Stories and Crafts: Sam Bennett’s New Shoes | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:00 (Age 5+) SOLD OUT

Shoemaking was one of the biggest industries in Massachusetts in the 1830s. After farming and textile manufacturing, more people were involved in making shoes that any other profession at the time. Participants in this workshop will learn a little about shoemaking, read the book Sam Bennett’s New Shoes by Jennifer Thermes, and then make and decorate their own shoe from cardstock.

Stories and Crafts: Wally Doesn’t Want a Haircut| 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 11:00 (Ages 5+) SOLD OUT

Together we’ll read the barnyard tale Wally Doesn’t Want a Haircut. This humorous book by Amanda Driscoll tells the story about a sheep who thinks that his long wool coat is just fine as it is, but then realizes he needs to face his fears. Afterwards, we will card wool from OSV’s very own sheep and make a sheep craft to take home.

Stories and Crafts: Luna & Me  | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 1:00 (Ages 5+)

Together, we will read this beautifully illustrated true story about a young conservationist, by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw. After the tale, we’ll talk about the importance of trees during the Village’s time period and create a nature-inspired craft.

Make a Passenger Pigeon Sculpture | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:30 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 (Ages 10+)
Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT

During the Village’s time period, the passenger pigeon migrated in huge flocks, filling the skies of North America. An important source of food, the passenger pigeon was driven westward and then eventually hunted into extinction. Participants in this workshop will hear the story of the beautiful passenger pigeon, learn a little about early American naturalists, and shape their own bird from clay.

Marble Madness | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:30 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 (Ages 6+)

Learn all about the ancient game of marbles! From aggies to jaspers, we will explore marble slang and play fun marble games. We will also make our own marbles from clay and a decorative bag to store them in!

Play Ball! | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 2:00 (Ages 8+)

Students in this workshop will play a game of baseball by 19th-century rules, using an axe handle as a bat and a wool-stuffed ball! We will also explore the other ways in which kids had fun in the 1830s, looking at other toys and games from the time. Participants will take home a kit to sew their own 19th-century baseball.

Writing in Secret Code | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:30 (Ages 6+)
Register for 11:30 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

People have been writing in code for a long time in order to keep their messages safe. Other codes, like Morse Code (developed during the Village’s time period!) and semaphore, were created to make communication easier. Learn about the history of codes, sew a secret journal, write in invisible ink, and then decipher and encode your own messages to share with friends.

Tree Walk | 50 Minutes | Free 

Register for 10:30 (Ages 6+)

(meets at Woodland Walk)

Join one of the Village’s experts on a nature walk. Participants will learn how to identify regional trees and explore how New Englanders use natural resources both today and in the past.

From the Archives: Celebrating OSV’s 75th Anniversary | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 1:00 pm (Ages 9+)

(meets at the Clock Gallery in the Visitor Center)

Come examine a collection of items from Old Sturbridge Village’s archives ranging from 1946 to today. Staff members from the Village’s curatorial department will be on hand to show participants photographs, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, and “The Village” board game, once sold in the gift shop!

Open-Hearth Cooking: Current Tart | 90 Minutes | $10

Register for 10:00 (Ages 9+) SOLD OUT

Work together to cook a tart using seasonal fruits! During this workshop, we will follow a 19th-century receipt for a currant tart. While the tart is baking, we’ll discuss what is growing in the gardens, gender roles on the farm, and more. Ingredients will include: strawberries, currants, sugar, butter, flour, cream

Make a Quilt Square | 90 Minutes | $10

Register for 10:30 (Ages 12+) SOLD OUT

(limit to 8 participants)

Designed for older students with a little prior sewing experience, participants in this workshop will look at textiles in the Museum’s collection and then choose their own fabric, cut, iron, and piece together a quilt square.

19th-Century Inspired Creative Writing | 90 Minutes | $10

Register for 1:00 (Ages 9-13) SOLD OUT

During this workshop we will read excerpts from the mentor text, A Gathering of Days, by Joan W. Blos. We will discuss the similarities and differences of life in New England during the nineteenth century to our present time. What is the importance of the written word in this journal to our understanding of a young girl’s life? How is the life of a young girl in the nineteenth century the same or different from today? How will people in the future gain an understanding of life now? These are some questions we will explore. Students will have time to make a hand-sewn journal and write a journal entry.

Village Herbs Tour  | 90 Minutes | $5 

Register for 1:00 (Ages 12+) SOLD OUT

Have you ever wanted to know more about the culinary and medicinal properties of some of the herbs growing in the Village’s gardens? During this program, participants will tour through OSV’s gardens and talk about the many uses of herbs during the 1830s and today. At the end of the program, we will plant some herbs to take home.

Basketweaving | 3 hours | $18 

Register for 10:00 (Ages 12+) SOLD OUT

In this special workshop, students will begin to construct an artful, early 19th-century basket using modern materials. Learn how to decorate your basket in the Northeastern Indigenous tradition, explore materials used in the past, and learn the next steps needed to complete your basket at home.


Homeschoolers participate in a hands-on workshop

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