Friday, June 18, 2021

Times: The Village is open 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Kick off your summer by joining us for our June 18 Home School Day!

Home School Days offer you and your family the opportunity to explore the Village and participate in activities. From games, to woodworking, to nature exploration, this is a great opportunity for kids to gain exposure to many aspects of 1830s New England life in an interactive way.

The health and safety of our visitors is our top priority, so this Home School Day will look a little different from past events. All of the following workshops are outside, allowing for appropriate social distancing. Participants will have their own supplies, which will be cleaned and sanitized between groups. Register for one of the in-person programs with the Village’s knowledgeable staff or explore the Village on your own using self-guides, scavenger hunts, and more.

Admission and Ticketing

To manage capacity in accordance with Massachusetts reopening
guidelines, we are requiring visitors to purchase/reserve tickets in
advance. You can read more about our policies regarding COVID-19 here and purchase/reserve your admission tickets for Home School Day below.

On Home School Day, homeschoolers (ages 4-17) get in at the discounted rate $10 and one adult is admitted per home school youth at the discounted rate of $15. Additional adults above the 1 to 1 ratio are admitted at the full rate of $28. 

Click here to purchase/reserve standard daytime admission for Home School Day

You are welcome to enter the Village anytime after 9:30 am on this date. Once you have been checked in you are welcome to stay until the property closes at 5:00 pm.  Please note that re-entry is not permitted at this time, so please bring everything you will need with you upon arrival.

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Please also note:

Timed In-Person Programs (subject to change)

Things to know:

In-Village Activities: Check back in the week prior to Home School Day for more information!

Please note: Listed meeting locations are subject to change. Museum Education staff will be in touch during the week leading up to Home School Day with any location changes.

Make a Jacob’s Ladder | Ages 8 + | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the Grist Mill 

Register for 10:30 SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 SOLD OUT

Working with wood and ribbons, make a Jacob’s Ladder, a toy from the 1800s. Participants will learn stories, tricks, and visual illusions to do with this popular game piece.

Pottery | Ages 5+ | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the Pottery Shop

Register for 10:30 SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 SOLD OUT
Register for 1:30 SOLD OUT

People have been using pottery for a long time to hold and store food. Sometimes the pottery is simple and sometimes it’s more decorative. We will learn about pottery in the 1830s and then hand-shape a piece of nature-inspired piece of pottery to bring home using air-dry clay!

Make a Terrarium | Ages 8+ | 50 Minutes | $7 | Meets at the Sawmill 

Register for 10:30 SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 SOLD OUT

Spring has sprung! Terrariums are very popular now, but did you know that they were also popular in the 1830s? Participants will learn about heirloom plants that have grown throughout the year in the gardens at OSV and plant an ornamental terrarium to take home with them!

Reverse Glass on Glass | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets Outside of the Museum Education Building 

Register for 10:30 (ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 (ages 10+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:30 (ages 6+) SOLD OUT

Reverse glass painting was a very popular form of decoration in the early 1800s. We will utilize our painting skills to create a design directly on glass.

Wool Dyeing | Ages 5+ | 50 Minutes | $5| LOCATION CHANGE: Meets at the Sawmill

Register for 11:30 SOLD OUT
Register for 1:30 SOLD OUT

Participants in this workshop will learn all about the science behind turning light wool into vibrant, dyed yarn! We will look at different dyestuffs; talk about mordants, metallic substances that help fix the dye to the wool; the mechanics behind spinning; and more. Then, we will dye our own skein of wool yarn using a modern dye: kool-aid!

Make a Decorative Plate | Ages 8+ | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the Sawmill 

Register for 10:30  SOLD OUT
Register for 1:30 SOLD OUT

By the 1830s, New England stores were stocked with products from all over the United States and the world. One of the items New Englanders might purchase would be ceramic plates, bowls, and cups, often made in England. Some ceramics were plain, but others were more elaborate with landscapes and figures. We will decorate our own plates using ceramic paints, inspired by period designs.

Design a Bug | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the River Walk

Register for 10:30 (ages 5+)  SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 (ages 8+)

Participants in this workshop will take a short bug walk along with one of the Village’s nature trails and learn more about the bugs that live here and their importance to the ecosystem. After that, we’ll use our knowledge to design our own bugs from paper and modeling clay.

Mysteries from the Collection | Ages 10+ | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the Visitor Center

Register for 10:30
Register for 12:00

The Museum has many artifacts in its collections and research library. Some of these objects, letters, and journals are more mysterious than others. Join two members of the Museum’s collections staff to examine a few of these mysteries and how historians track down their stories.

Make a Quilt Square | Ages 5+ | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the Flag Pole

Register for 10:30 SOLD OUT
Register for 11:30 SOLD OUT

Join a Museum Educator to read The Quilt Story, by Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola. After we read this classic tale, we will learn a little more about textiles in the 1830s, look at images of quilts from OSV’s collections, and then make our own quilt square from paper or fabric.

Found Art | Ages 5+ | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the River Walk 

Register for 11:30  SOLD OUT
Register for 1:30  SOLD OUT

Using natural materials from the Village’s forested surroundings, create a piece of art inspired by OSV. We’ll also look at artifacts from the collection that used natural materials like seaweed, flowers, and even hair!

Make a Wooden Sailboat | Ages 6+ | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the Sawmill 

Register for 11:30 SOLD OUT
Register for 1:30 SOLD OUT

Together, we’ll learn a little about toys and games in the 1830s, then assemble this simple but fun wooden boat toy.

Village Tour | Ages 5+ | 90 Minutes | $5 | Meets at the Center Meetinghouse

Register for 10:30

Take an immersive trip around the Village with an experienced tour guide! Take in the sights of the museum in late spring, learn about life on the farm, and see what’s cooking in the households. This tour is great for both new visitors to the museum as well as those who have been here many times before. (Registration required—meets at Museum Education. Note: Adults do not have to attend this tour with their children. Emergency contact information will be taken if child attends this tour alone.)

Make a Double-Sided Game Board | Ages 8+ | 90 Minutes | $7 | Meets at the Sawmill 

Register for 10:00  SOLD OUT

Life in the 1830s was a lot of work, but people still found time to play games. The ancient games of checkers, or draughts, and Nine-Men’s Morris, were one of those pastimes. Using paints and a ruler, make your own checkerboard to take home with you.



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