Kids on a field trip to Old Sturbridge Village

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Times: The Village is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Join us for one of two identical August Home School Days at Old Sturbridge Village. This month’s Home School Days will focus on the bounty of the summer, from preserving the farm’s plentiful fruits and vegetables, to looking closely at the flowers in the Village’s gardens. In honor of the museum’s new textile exhibit, “Needle & Thread: Clothing an Early 19th-Century Family,” some workshops will explore sewing and textile production in the 1830s.

Home School Days offer you and your family the opportunity to explore the Village and participate in hands-on activities. From games, to woodworking, to tending to the garden, this is a great opportunity for kids to gain exposure to many aspects of 1830s New England life in an interactive way. Both August Home School Days will offer the same workshops; in the interest of creating the most availability for the most people, please consider signing up for workshops on only one date.

Sign up for a workshop or explore the Village on your own using one of our many self-guides and scavenger hunts, available at both Museum Education and the Visitor Center.

Admission and Ticketing

Kids Free Summer

Kids Free Summer at Old Sturbridge VillageDuring the month of August, up to three kids under the age of 17 get free admission when accompanied by an adult paying FULL admission ($28). The Kids Free Summer promotion cannot be combined with the Home School Day discount (see below). You can use either the Kids Free Summer Promotion or the Home School Day discount, whichever provides the most savings for your family. Learn more about Kids Free Summer here.

Home School Day Discount

On Home School Day, homeschoolers (ages 4-17) get in at the discounted rate $10 and one adult is admitted per home school youth at the discounted rate of $15. Additional adults above the 1-to-1 ratio are admitted at the full rate of $28. This discount cannot be combined with the Kids Free Summer promotion. You can use either the Kids Free Summer Promotion or the Home School Day discount, whichever provides the most savings for your family. As always, members get into the Village for free.

Click here to purchase standard daytime admission for August 24, 2022

Things to know:

Check back the week prior to the event for more information on in-Village activities.

Hands-On Workshops

Hearth Cooking: Simple Food Preservation | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+)  SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT

Even though it’s summer on the farm, 19th-century rural families had to think about how to make their food last through the long New England winter. Participants in this workshop will explore the many uses of vinegar as they make a brine, a berry shrub, and soft cheese. Ingredients will include: vinegar, raspberries, strawberries, sugar, milk, salt, crackers

Stories and Crafts: Me on the Map | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 5+) SOLD OUT

Enjoy storytime with a classic picture book, then try out a craft or activity relating to the tale.

In this introduction to maps by Joan Sweeney, participants learn about geography in a playful way. After listening to the tale, we will examine maps of OSV and from the Village’s time period, learn about compasses, and then see if we have the skills to follow a treasure map!

Stories and Crafts: Ox Cart Man | 50 Minutes | $7 | Meets Outside the Asa Knight Store

Register for 10:00  (Ages 5+)
Register for 11:00 (Ages 5+) SOLD OUT

Enjoy storytime with a classic picture book, then try out a craft or activity relating to the tale.

After reading this classic book by Donald Hall, we will go to the Asa Knight Store for a store exchange and scavenger hunt. Then, make an oxen craft to take home.

Stories and Crafts: Grumpy’s Outing | 50 Minutes | $7 

Register for 11:00 (Ages 5+)

Enjoy storytime with a classic picture book, then try out a craft or activity relating to the tale.

One summer afternoon, Mr. Grumpy decides to take a boat ride in his small boat. He soon as company in the form of some children, chickens, a pig, and more. After reading this tale by John Burningham, we will learn a little about transportation in the 1830s and make a picture of our own beautiful boat.

Stories and Crafts: The Painter Who Loved Chickens | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 1:00 (Ages 5+) SOLD OUT

The Painter Who Loved Chickens by Olivier Dunrea tells the charming tale of an artist who finds inspiration in his feathered friends. After reading the story, we will learn about the Village’s chickens, then paint a realistic wooden egg to take home.

Botanical Painting | 50 Minutes | $7 | Meet at the Salem Towne Garden

Register for 1:00 (Ages 5+) SOLD OUT

Join us in the garden for some relaxing landscape painting! Meant especially for younger students, we will examine what is growing in the garden, practice our observation skills, and create a botanical masterpiece on a small canvas.

Make a Tin Quilt Square | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+)
Register for 11:00 (Ages 10+)
Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT

After looking at quilts and tin items from the Village’s collection, we’ll combine these two art forms and get creative by making our own punched tin quilt square.

Minding Your Peas and Carrots | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 8+)

Learn about how farming revolves around the seasons. Participants will work in the Museum Education garden with 19th-century farm tools and see how corn was processed.

Pond and Stream | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+)
Register for 11:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

Explore OSV’s ponds and streams and see what you can discover living in the water! Work as a team to catch aquatic lifeforms with nets and jars and describe what you find before returning them to the water. For the best experience, wear footwear that can get wet!

Young Archaeologists | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

Become an archaeologist for an hour as you hunt for artifacts in a small excavation block. As they chip away at layers of history, participants will learn about the important work that archaeologists do in the field. We’ll also talk a little about how this project relates to OSV’s history!

Dirty Jobs | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 10+)
Register for 11:00 (Ages 8+)
Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+)

Life in the 1830s could be smelly, dirty, and messy. In this workshop, we’ll learn a little about various remedies and hygiene practices of 19th-century Americans, then make a small bar of soap using modern soap making methods.

Sew a Carrot Pincushion | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+)
Register for 11:00 (Ages 8+)

Celebrate the bounty of the summer with this cute, carrot-shaped pincushion for all your creative sewing projects.

Block Printed Tea Towels | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+)
Register for 11:00 (Ages 10+)
Register for 1:00 (Ages 6+)  SOLD OUT

In the early 1800s, some cotton fabrics were decorated with patterns from cut wood blocks and rollers engraved with patterns. In this workshop, participants will examine some of the colorful and intricate textile patterns from the Village’s collection, then create their own block print or use one of ours to decorate a cotton tea towel to take home.

Make a Set of Graces | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+)
Register for 11:00 (Ages 10+)
Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+)

Toys and games in the 1830s served several purposes: some were meant to be fun, some were meant to teach lessons, and some were meant to give you exercise! After trying out some 19th-century calisthenics, we’ll make a set of 19th-century inspired graces, a game that promoted good posture and poise. Using hoops and ribbons, participants will personalize their own fun game of graces. Then, learn how to play so you can show your friends and family! 

Working with Yeast: Three-Grain Bread | 90 Minutes | $12

Register for 10:30 (Ages 9+)

In the 1830s, cooks could not buy yeast for baking at the store, so they had to collect their own from nature.  Together, we will make our own 19th-century yeast trap and then bake three-grain bread to enjoy with butter. Ingredients will include:  wheat flour, rye flour, yeast, sugar, salt, cream, molasses, hops, and cornmeal.

Needle and Thread: Textile Exhibit Tour and Pincushion workshop | 90 Minutes | $12 | Meets at the Dennison Building

Register for 1:00 (Ages 9+)

Enjoy a tour of the Village’s newest textile exhibit “Needle & Thread: Clothing an Early 19th-Century Family” with a member of the curatorial staff. Afterwards, create a useful pincushion modeled after one in the exhibit from the museum’s collection.

Looking Closely: Make a Nature Journal and Village Plants Tour | 90 Minutes | $12 | Meets at Gephardt Barn)

Register for 1:00 (Ages 12+)

It’s late summer and all of the Village’s gardens are in bloom. We will create our own nature sketch journals using 19th-century bookbinding methods. After, we will tour around the Village’s gardens and look closely at plants, learning about their different parts and sketching in our personal field guides.

Inspired by Nature: Exploring the Hudson River School | 90 Minutes | $12 

Register for 1:00 (Ages 10+)

Widely considered as the first artistic movement in the United States, the Hudson River School emerged in the 1850s. Its artists depicted American landscapes in dramatic and romantic ways. In this workshop, students will employ their observation skills on a gallery walk to determine the principal elements of Hudson River School paintings. Students will be encouraged to apply this new knowledge of the methods and values of the Hudson River School movement to their own artwork depicting the natural environment of Old Sturbridge Village.

Make a Tin Grater | 90 Minutes | $12

Register for 1:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT

Flex your woodworking and tin punching skills while making this simple but useful grater that can be used for cheese, chocolate, spices, and more.






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