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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Times: The Village is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Home School Day is rain or shine and will be happening as scheduled!

Join us for our April Home School Day on Wednesday, April 6! Home School Days offer you and your family the opportunity to explore the Village and participate in activities. This is a great opportunity for kids to gain exposure to many aspects of 1830s New England life in an interactive way. During this Home School Day, we’ll celebrate the coming springtime. See what’s happening on the farm, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature, and learn about how early New Englanders utilized natural resources.

Register for one of the in-person programs with the Village’s knowledgeable staff or explore the Village on your own using self-guides, scavenger hunts, and more. All activities will take place at Museum Education, unless otherwise noted.

Admission and Ticketing

On Home School Day, homeschoolers (ages 4-17) get in at the discounted rate $10 and one adult is admitted per home school youth at the discounted rate of $15. Additional adults above the 1 to 1 ratio are admitted at the full rate of $28. As always, members get into the Village for free.

Click here to purchase/reserve tickets for April 6, 2022

Timed In-Person Programs (subject to change)

Things to know:

In-Village Drop-in Activities:

Check back in the week prior to Home School Day for more information!

Hands-On Workshops – Pre-registration required!

Stories and Crafts: Planting a Rainbow | 50 Minutes | $5 | Ages 5+ 

Register for 10:00 SOLD OUT

Enjoy storytime with a classic picture book, then try out a craft relating to the tale. Together, we’ll read Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. After we learn about bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, we’ll paint a colorful craft to take home.

Stories and Crafts: Charlie Needs a Cloak | 50 Minutes | $5 | Ages 5+

Register for 11:00 SOLD OUT

Enjoy storytime with a classic picture book, then try out a craft relating to the tale. After reading the classic book Charlie Needs a Cloak by Tomie dePaola, we will talk about how sheep’s wool becomes warm clothing. Try out carding paddles, weave a little bit, and then try on a cloak yourself!

Stories and Crafts: Tops and Bottoms | 50 Minutes | $5 | Ages 5+

Register for 1:00 SOLD OUT

Enjoy storytime with a classic picture book, then try out a craft relating to the tale.  We will read Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens. After enjoying this fun tale, we will learn about the types of plants that people planted in their gardens and fields in the 1830s, then make a period-inspired carrot craft to take home.

Wool Dyeing | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 2:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT

It’s April, which means new lambs on the farm and soon, new haircuts for the sheep. Participants in this workshop will learn all about the science behind turning light wool into vibrant, dyed yarn! We will look at different dyestuffs; talk about mordants, metallic substances that help fix the dye to the wool; the mechanics behind spinning; and more. Then, we will dye our own skein of wool yarn using a modern dye: kool-aid!

Lamb Art: Reverse Glass | 50 Minutes | $7

Register for 10:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

Reverse glass painting was a very popular form of decoration in the early 1800s. Celebrate the Village’s spring lambs by creating this period-inspired artwork painted directly on glass.

Make a Set of Graces | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT

Learn about some of the toys and games that kids enjoyed in the 1830s, from home-crafted dolls and wooden animals; to fancier, store-bought games.  Afterwards, make a set of 19th-century inspired graces to take home! Using hoops and ribbons, participants will personalize their own game of graces. Then, learn how to play so you can show your friends and family!

Open-Hearth Cooking: Slapjacks | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT
Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 2:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

Together, we will follow a 19th-century “receipt” for Slapjacks, a pancake made from corn. While preparing our treat, we’ll talk about the ways that Indigenous foodways and crops (like corn) were utilized, adopted, and changed in the 1830s.

Ingredients will include: cornmeal, flour, milk, eggs, salt, butter, molasses

Spring on the Farm | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 1:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 2:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

It’s spring, which means that the garden beds need tending. Participants will pick rocks from the garden beds, rake the soil smooth, and plot out where to plant our beans and peas. We will also plant our own seeds to take home and try our hand at building a small zig-zag fence.

Printing and Paper Marbling | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

Learn about the printing trade in the 1830s. Activities include making your own unique piece of marbled paper, using a printing press, and writing with a quill pen.

Sew a Workbag | 50 Minutes | $5

Register for 10:00 (Ages 8+) SOLD OUT
Register for 11:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT

Learn some basic sewing techniques to create this simple and useful drawstring workbag.

Plant Biology for Kids | 50 Minutes | $5 | Meets in the Towne House Garden 

Register for 10:30 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

How does a seed turn into a fruit, vegetable, or flower? Join OSV’s horticulture staff to learn the science behind how plants grow – from seed, to produce, to seed again!

Village Tour: Kitchens and Gardens | 90 Minutes | $5 | Meets outside of Museum Education

Register for 10:00 (Ages 6+) SOLD OUT

Spring was a very active time on the farm in New England in the 1830s. Join an educator on a guided tour of the Village and learn what farm families planted in their gardens and fields and what they were eating during this “time of want” when preserved foods were running low. Please note: this tour involves a lot of walking and will last about 1.5 hours. Adults are welcome to join on the tour, but registration slots are for students only.

Extended Open Hearth Cooking: Herb Pie | 90 Minutes | $10

Register for 1:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT

Follow a 19th-century “receipt” for herb pie, which is similar to a modern-day quiche. In the 1830s, April was known as a “time of want” on the farm. Even though the weather was starting to get warm, fall food stores were running low and few plants sprouted in the garden. Families would take advantage of eggs, wild greens, and herbs to make dishes like this one. Ingredients include: eggs, flour, milk, cream, spinach, parsley, other herbs

Extended Open-Hearth Cooking: Dairy | 90 Minutes | $10

Register for 10:00 (Ages 10+) SOLD OUT

Dairying was an important business in the 1800s! We will talk about the process of transforming milk to butter and cheese, then make our own soft cheese and butter, as well as simple biscuits to go along with our dairy. Ingredients include: milk, vinegar, salt, cream, flour, butter

Geology Tour of OSV | 90 Minutes | $10

Register for 10:00 (Ages 13+)

Learn about the geological history of the area surrounding Old Sturbridge Village. As we walk through the Village, we will look at the mineral and stone deposits that were useful to industries in the 1830s. Check out geological formations around the campus that you’ve never noticed before.

Bookbinding: Make a Hardcover Journal | 90 Minutes | $10

Register for 1:00 (Ages 13+) SOLD OUT

Hardcover bookbinding with student-made faux leather covers and decorative exposed stitching for a “coptic” book experience. The project will combine recycled materials with historical background information!

Planning a Garden | 90 Minutes | $10

Register for 10:00 (Ages 13+)

Student will use either catalogs, the internet, or both to plan a garden of heirloom crops to be harvested for a family. Planning will include: selection of crops, projected yield, a seed order (just for the project), spacing, drawing a scale diagram of the garden. Students will need to have a calculator and a smart phone.



A group of students visit the mills at Old Sturbridge Village

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