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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Times: The Village is open 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. Hands-on workshop times vary; pre-registration is required.

Join us for our April 25 Home School Day! This month’s Home School Day will focus on arts and leisure activities. Children in the early 1800s had to help with many chores around the house, but there was also time for fun and artistic pursuits. Participants in these workshops will flex their artistic skills by making 1830s-inspired art projects and creating fun games to bring home.

Try out one of our Make History Guides as you explore on your own or sign up for a special hands-on workshop at the Museum Education Center (see below). Hands-on crafts are available for children under 5 on a drop-in basis throughout the day at Museum Education.

We recommend that you allow three hours to visit the Village in addition to scheduled hands-on workshops. Online registration opens one month prior to each event, and pre-registration is required.

Home School Days are rain or shine programs. Registration fees are non-refundable unless the program is canceled by Old Sturbridge Village.

Home School Days Admission:

Home School Day Workshops:

50 Minutes, $5 per workshop (unless otherwise noted)

Open-Hearth Cooking: Apple Pancakes

10:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00, Ages 10+ SOLD OUT
1:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
2:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Work together to create a delicious, 19th-century recipe to share. During this workshop, participants will make apple pancakes in a hanging skillet over an open hearth. Ingredients will include: apples, eggs, butter, flour, molasses

Learn to Knit

10:00, Ages 10+
1:00, Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

Make your own wooden knitting needles and then learn how to start knitting using yarn made from wool. We will talk about the dyes people used in the 1830s to give color to their textiles. Later, visit the Village sheep on your own!

Explore 1830s Clothing

11:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
2:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT

Let’s learn about what people wore in the 1830s! Students will explore clothing of the time period and design an 1830s-inspired outfit for their own paper doll. After that, we will learn about the principles of weaving as well as the process of turning sheep’s wool into beautiful cloth.

Reverse Glass on Glass ($7 per student)

10:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
1:00, Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

Reverse glass painting was a very popular form of decoration in the early 1800s. We will utilize our painting skills to create a design directly on glass.

Theorem Painting

11:00, Ages 10+
1:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
2:00, Ages 8+

Theorem painting was a popular form of decorative stenciling in the 19th century, done on fabric or paper. We’ll use intricate stencils and paint to create a beautiful cloth to use as a napkin, cover cloth, or just a decoration!

9-Men’s Morris Board

1:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
2:00, Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

Learn the rules of the classic game 9-Men’s Morris and practice your skills. Then, make and decorate a wooden board to bring home with you!

Toy Houses

10:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT

Sand and paint a set of toy houses. While we decorate, we will explore the different types of toys and games that kids played in the 1830s.

Wooden Sailboat

10:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT
11:00, Ages 8+ SOLD OUT

Use your carpentry skills to create a simple but buoyant sailboat made from wood. Our boats will be equipped with a sail that we will decorate to remember our time at OSV!

Make a Portfolio

10:00, Ages 6+
11:00, Ages 10+
1:00, Ages 8+

Participants in this workshop will make a portfolio to hold all of their music, poetry, and drawings. We will also marble paper to decorate the inside of the portfolio.

Spring Planting

10:00, Ages 6+ SOLD OUT
11:00, Ages 8+
1:00, Ages 10+

It’s spring, which means that the garden beds need tending. Participants will pick rocks from the garden beds, rake the soil smooth, and plot out where to plant our beans and peas. We will also plant our own seeds to take home.

90 Minutes ($10 per student, unless otherwise specified)

Open-Hearth Cooking: Farmhouse Breakfast

10:00, Ages 9+ SOLD OUT

Work together to cook a full breakfast over the open hearth, then sit down to enjoy the meal together. The menu includes eggs, cheese toast, potatoes, and other breakfast treats. Participants will also learn about chores that kids helped with in the 1830s and help with wood gathering, setting the table, and dishwashing. Ingredients will include: ham, potatoes, eggs, bread, butter, cheese

Make a Tool Box

1:00, Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

Practice some basic woodworking skills while making a simple and useful toolbox! Try out several implements on your own and learn about tool safety.

Botanical Watercolors

1:00, Ages 6+ LIMITED SPACE

Please note: This workshop will meet at Museum Education. We will then walk into the Village for the program.

Flex your artistic skills in the Village’s gardens with a talented artist and costumed historian. We will explore what’s starting to grow in the gardens and then create a beautiful and detailed botanical watercolor.

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