red, orange, yellow, pink, and white zinnias flowers

Entries are due October 11th; The online exhibit will be posted by the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd.

We want to see what you’ve been growing in your garden this year! Whether you are near or far, help us celebrate the fall harvest by entering this year’s Home Gardeners’ Exhibit. Entries will be posted in an online exhibit and photos will also be on display during the exhibition of the Village Harvest held on October 22nd and 23rd.  A couple of our expert horticulturalists will also pick the best of each category, sharing feedback and comments about the winning entries.

See below for rules and to enter. The Cactus and Benary’s Giant Zinnias pictured above was the best overall winner of the 2021 Exhibit, grown by Rita Borovicka of Coventry, CT.


Photo Tips For Virtual Exhibit

Judging and Categories

Museum horticultural staff will review each entry and determine a winner and runner up in each of the following categories:


Eligible Heirloom Varieties | Click to see list


  1. Bush Bean: Jacob’s Cattle, Soldier, Low’s Champion
  2. Pole Bean: Asparagus, Scarlet Runner, Wren’s Egg, Brown Case Knife, White Dutch Runner


  1. Early Blood Turnip Beet
  2. Mammoth Red Mangel Wurtzel
  3. Bassano or Chioggia Beet
  4. Cylindra Beet


  1. Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
  2. Premium Late Flat Dutch Cabbage
  3. Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage
  4. Winnigstadt Cabbage


  1. Danvers Half Long Carrot
  2. Oxheart Carrot


  1. West India Gherkin Cucumber
  2. White Wonder Cucumber
  3. Long Green Cucumber


  1. Green Nutmeg Melon
  2. Citron Watermelon
  3. Tom Watson Watermelon


  1. Red Wethersfield Onion
  2. White Portugal Onion


  1. Student Parsnip
  2. Hollow Crown Parsnip


  1. Cayenne Pepper


  1. Green Mountain Potato


  1. Connecticut Field Pumpkin
  2. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
  3. King of Mammoth Pumpkin
  4. Sugar Pie Pumpkin
  5. Long Pie Pumpkin
  6. Neck Pumpkin


  1. Black Spanish Radish
  2. China Rose Radish


  1. American Purple Top Rutabaga


  1. Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify


  1. Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash
  2. White Bush Scallop Summer Squash
  3. Green Striped Cushaw Squash
  4. Canada Crookneck Squash
  5. Boston Marrow Squash


  1. Brandywine Tomato
  2. Large Red Tomato
  3. Yellow Pear Tomato


  1. Orange Jelly Turnip or Golden Ball
  2. Purple Top White Globe Turnip



Entries are due October 11, 2022. The virtual exhibit will be posted by the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd.  

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