Saturday, September 17, 2022

Times: Begins at 10:00 am

Cost: Free for members! Must be a member to participate

Meets at the Bee Exhibit



As of right now, each program will require pre-registration so that we can maintain capacities and social distancing. Click here to register.

Bees are one of the hardest-working animals on earth. Once established and healthy, a hive can consistently produce far more honey than needed to survive a New England winter. This is where a Bee Keeper can come in and carefully extract honey and other products to use at home or for sale. Many of the methods and tools have changed throughout the last 200 years but the basics are still very much the same. Come learn, watch, and even help in the harvest of this year’s crop of honey, comparing today’s methods to those of the 1830s.

Please make sure to arrive a few minutes before the program starts in order to check in at the Visitor Center and walk to the program location. 

Garden Thyme programs are held on a select Saturday each month and are FREE for members of Old Sturbridge Village. Led by Village horticultural and agricultural staff, these programs and workshops are held at various sites and deal with a variety of plant-related themes and topics.

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