Scout Days

Scout Days offer Scout troops and their families the opportunity to explore Old Sturbridge Village and participate in hands-on activities. This is a great opportunity for Scouts to gain exposure to many aspects of 1830s New England life in an interactive way.

Also available on Scout Days are scout-specific workshops designed to fulfill some but not all of the badge, patch and elective requirements. Some requirements will need to be completed outside of the visit to Old Sturbridge Village.

We recommend that you allow three hours to visit the Village in addition to scheduled hands-on workshops. Online registration opens one month prior to each event, and pre-registration is required for all workshops. Open to Scouts ages 5 to 17.

Scout Days Admission:

Upcoming Scout Days:

Great Scout Camp Out | June 8, 2019

Join us for a unique camping experience in the countryside of Old Sturbridge Village! Cub and Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and their families are invited to pitch their tents in the Village and enjoy an evening of tours and activities throughout the museum. The evening will be topped off with stories by a roaring bonfire. Not a scout? All families are welcome!

More info will be available in the spring of 2019!

Hop Into History Overnights

Hop into History is an overnight experience designed for scouts, schools and other youth groups of up to 80 participants. With only a map and a tattered journal at their side, young historians will travel back in time and take part in a mysterious, candlelit adventure through the 1830s. The quest will exercise their detective skills as they hunt for clues, conduct experiments, and investigate the past. Back at our hands-on learning laboratory, we will experiment with historic crafts to learn more about 19th-century life. Learn more here.

Scout Badge Workshops

Our Scout badge workshops are at capacity for spring 2018. Please check back in the fall for badge workshop days! If you have questions, please call (508) 347-0287.

Scout Badge Workshop Days:

Studio Fees

April through November:

$15/scout for 50 minute studios | $20/scout for 90 minute studios | $25/scout for 120 minute studios

Minimum of 10 scouts per workshop. Groups of less than 10 Scouts will be charged a flat fee of $50 and an additional $10 per Scout.

Contact us if you are interested in visiting with your group during the winter.


Please contact our Museum Education Sales Department at 508-347-0274 or email us at If possible, please submit your registration six weeks in advance of your visit.

Hands-on Studios

Old Sturbridge Village offers hands-on studio programs designed for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo, Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior Scouts. Each program provides the information and resources to earn badges or belt loops; beginning in the Studio, followed by time within the Village and completing at home.

Participants will get their hands on history during activities led by a museum teacher in our dynamic education center or within the museum. Studios are 50-minutes unless otherwise noted. The following studios are designed to provide the information and resources to earn all three steps. Up to 10 participants per Studio.

Not interested in badge work? Groups may also participate in our traditional hands-on studios, including hearth cooking, textiles, print, farm, and woodworking.

Boy Scout Badge Workshops

Tiger Studios (Grade 1)

Tiger Theater

Be an entertainer! People have found fun ways to tell stories for ages. Learn about some of the ways people entertained each other in the 1830s and make up your own fun skits. Create shadow puppets and use them to perform your skits for your pack!


Let’s play games that kids played in the 1830s! Build teamwork skills as you play together and create your own games. Tigers will learn fun games from the past, play a game as a team, and make a game piece to bring home and share with their friends and family.

Wolf Studios (Grade 2)

Grow Something

Be a gardener! Gardens were crucial to life in the 1830s, allowing people to grow what they needed to eat. Learn about growing conditions for seeds and how to maintain a stellar garden. Craft a terrarium to take home and use as an indoor garden!

Collections and Hobbies

Be a collector! Play a collecting game with the group. Create an autograph book and have the costumed interpreters sign it when you are out in the Village. Receive your first artifact to start your own collection and take a trip to the Village’s Clock Gallery to examine our collection of clocks.

Bear Studios (Grade 3)

Marble Madness

Be a marble master! Kids have amused themselves with this complex game for thousands of years. Come continue the tradition as you craft your own clay marbles to take home. Learn the secret code words of playing marbles as you play a game called “Ringer” and make a bag to store your marbles in.

Baloo the Builder

Be a carpenter! Making things out of wood was an important skill in the past and is still useful today. Learn how to use woodworking tools safely as you create an awesome project.

Webelo Studios (Grades 4 and 5)

Build It!

Be a builder! Making things using wood was a crucial part of life in the past, and it’s still an awesome skill to have today. Learn how to safely use a variety of woodworking tools as you create your own carpentry project, inspired by a historic artifact! Explore the Village to learn more about builders in the past and the objects they made. Please note: this is a 90-minute project.

Cast Iron Chef

Be an expert chef! In the 1830s, cooking was done using fire, kind of like camping today. In this extended studio, cook a simple meal outside over a campfire. Learn how to start a fire and maintain it safely, then prepare and cook a meal like true cast iron chefs. *In case of inclement weather, this studio will be held inside the Museum Education building. Please note: this is a 120-minute workshop.

Merit Badge Studios

Merit Badge studios are in the process of being reworked. Please check back in winter 2018 or call (508) 347-0287 for more information.

Girl Scout Badge Workshops

Daisy Studios (grades K-1)

Hearth Cooking (Yellow Petal: Friendly and Helpful):

Be helpful! Assist making honey cake and mint tea. Discuss children’s work and play in the early 19th century and compare these with today. Learn about kitchen gardens, heirloom plants and honey bees. Attend a “garden party” and take on the role of a friendly hostess!

Herbal Remedies (Green Petal: Use Resources Wisely):

Be resourceful! What did people do to care for themselves in the early 19th century? How did they clean their teeth, get rid of a stomach ache, and clear the air? What plants and other natural resources were used to treat the family? Make and experience early 19th-century remedies and an herbal sachet.

Outdoor Art Creator:

Be an outdoor artist! Everyone can be an artist, and some great art is inspired by beautiful nature. Draw inspiration for your own art from the great outdoors as you walk around the Village and take in its scenery. Watch an artist in action who creates art the way people in the 1830s did! Build creativity as you make your own drawings and sculptures using pieces of nature.

Brownie Studios (Ages 6-9)

The Girl Scout Way:

Be a good sister! Reflect on ways in which girls from the past and Girl Scouts today are similar and different in the way they play, celebrate and support each other and those around them. Sew a book to collect some games, songs & stories and make a game piece to continue the fun on the run!

Making Games:

Be an inventor of fun! Look at games from America’s past that we still play today. Are they the same or different? Learn about children’s lives and the creative ways in which they created their own fun. Together we will create and play new games. Craft your own game piece and invent your own game.

Herbal Remedies: Senses:

Be inquisitive! Test your memory, sight, smell, touch and hearing as if you were a child in the early 19th century. What would you have known, seen, smelled, felt, and heard two hundred years ago at home, school, and work in rural New England? Use all of your senses to make an herbal sachet. Participants will also get a five senses scavenger hunt to bring into the Village with them.

Hearth Cooking: Snacks:

Be healthy! Cook 19th-century style, using common household tools. Compare and contrast snack foods of today with long ago. What were common ingredients? Where did they come from? How did they get there? Why did they eat them? Prepare jumbles (a cookie) and bake in a tin reflector oven in front of an open hearth.

My Family Story:

Be a historian! Look at families from the early 19th century and compare them to families today. Every family is different in the way they celebrate, record their history, carry on traditions, and proudly display what is important to them. Take this moment to share and register your family story!


Be a painter! Art was used to decorate homes and commemorate loved ones in the 1830s, just like it is today. Grow your artistic abilities and learn to express yourself as you complete a variety of painting projects. Explore different types of art found in the Village and create your own!


Be a potter! Potters in the 19th century made jugs, mugs, pitchers, flower pots, pans for baking pies and puddings, lard pots, mixing bowls, and more! Participants will visit the Village’s Pottery Shop, then use their creativity to create practical and artistic creations from air-dry clay.

Junior Girl Scout Studios (Ages 8-11)


Be a gardener! Learn about heirloom plants that are grown in the five different types of gardens at OSV. Investigate the different types of plants and their stages of growth. Plan your own dream garden based on what you learn. Take away your own garden experiment.

Playing the Past:

Be a time traveler! Who lived in Sturbridge in the early 19th century? Where did they live? What did they wear? What did they do for work and fun? These are some of the questions that will be answered when you play the role of a young lady from this town’s past. Scouts will learn basic weaving techniques and make a journal to help relive “herstory!”

Hearth Cooking: Simple Meals – Level 1*:

Be a cook! Experience cooking 19th-century style, using common household tools and recipes. Explore innovations and compare family life then and now. Bake apple fritters over an open hearth!  *This program will complete Steps 1 & 2. Accompanying recipe booklet will allow you to complete Steps 3, 4 & 5 at home.


Be creative! Explore the beauty and essence of the Daisy flower family. Investigate and document its family tree. What draws us to these wonders of nature? How do they serve us in the home? How do they help us express ourselves? Make a replica of an early 19th-century valentine or token of friendship.

Cadette Girl Scout Studios (Ages 11-14)

Book Artist :

Be an apprentice! Learn one of the only skills that was acceptable for young women to learn outside the home in the early 19th century. Investigate the beauty of a well-made book. What types of books were popular with girls and young women? Construct your own book and decorate it with unusual materials. Please note: this is a 90-minute studio.


Be industrious! Make your own six-board chest using a hammer, nails, screws, hinge, level, saw, chisel and draw-knife. This miniature piece of furniture can be used to store small treasures or boost you up to reach just a little bit higher. Create a design with tacks to make it your very own! Please note: this is a 120-minute studio.

Senior Girl Scout Studio (Ages 14-16)

Textile Artist:

Be a knitter! Learn the basics about 19th-century knit goods and the tools and materials used to knit. Practice your skill under the guidance of a seasoned knitter. Begin by learning how to cast on, knit and purl and cast off. Create a square–better known in early America as a washcloth. Use these simple skills to make a masterpiece! Please note: this is a 90-minute studio.