Discovery Adventure Programs for ages 6-17 give your child a chance to step back in time and experience life in the 1830s at Old Sturbridge Village. Every session offers kids the opportunity to explore an aspect of 19th-century history and daily life–from animal care and farming, to dirty jobs and hearth cooking!

All programs include an afternoon snack, hands-on crafts, and the chance to learn something new while making lasting friends and memories.

For registration and information on program offerings, click on the appropriate age group below.


Per Person $325; OSV Members $300 (unless otherwise mentioned)

Register for summer Discovery Adventures before May 25, and receive $25 off the regular price of camp! Discount will appear at checkout. 

Registration closes at 7:00 am on Wednesday before a given session starts.

Discovery Adventures - Abecedarians - ages 6-7

Young Artists

Register for July 9-13
Register for August 6-10 SOLD OUT

Calling all blossoming artists! Participants in this experience will try out art projects inspired by paintings, pottery, and prints of the 1830s. We will get inspired by the Village’s animals, gardens, and architecture to create beautiful art. The week will culminate in a show of our works!

A Day in the Life

Register for July 16-20
Register for July 30-August 3

Explore the week of an 1830s kid in this day-in-the-life adventure! We will learn about real children from this time period and experience what life was like for them; from games, to farm chores, to school lessons.

Story Quest!: Charlotte’s Web

Register for July 23-27

Have you ever tried something you read about in a book? Adventurers in this program will learn about E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web through excerpts from the story. We will meet Wilbur’s real-life relatives on the Freeman Farm and engage with the Village’s new immersive theatrical experience of this classic tale! Each day, kids will participate in crafts, hands-on activities, and adventures relating to the story.

Discovery Adventures - Peddlers - ages 8-10

Child’s Play

Register for August 6-10

Life in the 1830s was a lot of hard work, but kids still had time to play!  Learn about the toys and games that kept children entertained in the past. Try your hand at traditional schoolyard games and make some of your own games to take home.

In Stitches

Register for July 16-20

Boys and girls in the 1830s learned basic sewing skills to create and repair sewn goods. Hone your sewing talents and textile savvy through fun beginner projects, learn about how fabrics were made in the early 1800s, and craft your own inspired accessories!

Cook and Create

Register for July 9-13 SOLD OUT
Register for July 30-August 3 SOLD OUT

NEW SESSION ADDED: Register for July 16-20

From the time they were six or seven years old, kids were really important to the daily upkeep of a household in the 1830s. Participants in Cook and Create will learn how to cook historical food in a brick hearth, practice 19th-century crafts, and get their hands dirty with some typical tasks at home and on the farm.

New Frontiers

Register for July 23-27
Register for August 6-10

With new products from around the world, new transportation, and the exploration of “uncharted” territory, the world was getting a little bigger for people in rural New England in the early 1800s. Participants in this experience will join the ranks of early naturalists, explorers, and inventors as they learn about the discoveries and adventures of the time!

Discovery Adventures - Apprentices - ages 11-14

Kitchen Kids

Register for July 16-20
Register July 30-August 3

Where did food come from in the 1830s? How did people keep food good without refrigeration? More importantly, how does food from the 1830s taste? Get cooking with this exploration of 19th-century food. Chefs will participate in savory and sweet cooking projects during the week—including in one of the Village’s households–learn about 1830s food preservation and science, and investigate where people got their food in the early 1800s.

Arts and Entertainment

Register for August 6-10

Seeking young people with creativity and an interest in the arts! Participants will cultivate their social graces while they learn about the leisure pastimes of people in the 1830s. Join in the art, music, and dance of the time. The week will culminate in a group performance for your fellow Discovery Adventurers!


Register for July 30-August 3 SOLD OUT

Taking on the role of a real 18th- and 19th-century Sturbridge militia or retired Revolution military man,  our company will learn the discipline, drills, target practice, arms, clothing and personal equipment that were required of a member of an early New England militia. In addition to all the practice drills, you’ll try some authentic outdoor camp cooking and practice music on your tin whistle. Please note: Because of materials costs, the fee for this program is an additional $25 per child. 

Crafts and Trades

Register for July 9-13 – Spots Recently Added! 
Register for July 23-27 SOLD OUT

Plunge into the world of 19th-century artisans with this adventure that will give you hands-on experience with 1830s craft. Each day, participants will focus on a different trade like blacksmithing, pottery, and woodwork. After meeting with the Village’s knowledgeable costumed historians, we will work on our own exciting projects from clay, wood, and metal. Please note: Because of materials costs, the fee for this program is an additional $25 per child.

Discovery Adventures - Journeymen - ages 14-17


Register for July 23-27

Taking on the role of a 19th-century teen, learn the work of young men and women of this time period. Three mornings a week, learn and work alongside our highly-skilled costumed historians in Village exhibits through rotating station placements. You will also work on an in-depth craft project and share the experience of preparing and enjoying a 19th-century meal with your fellow Journeymen.


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