3D Tours | Lesson Plans, Hands-On Activities, and More

These lesson plans, hands-on activities, and primary sources will enhance the 3D tour experience for your students.

Each lesson plan includes a worksheet PDF, which you can download below. To make it easier for remote learners, we have also created a Google Classroom with fillable documents that educators can download and assign to their students.

In order to access the Google Classroom documents, go to classroom.google.com. Click the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner and choose “join class.” Enter the classroom code au2s6r5. You will need a gmail/google account to access these resources. 

We will continue to add new resources throughout the year, so check back regularly to see what’s new.

Lesson Plans

Heading West in the 1830s: Tea Party (Grades 4-5)

In this lesson, participants will take on the role of a real 19th-century citizen who traveled west in the early 1800s. Through conversation with their classmates, students will learn about the variety of reasons that people moved westward during this time.

Click here to download “Heading West in the 1830s Tea Party” Lesson Plan

Click here to download Life in the West Quotes (Primary Source)

Click here to download Moving West Worksheet

Click here to download Samuel Freeman Letter

Click here to download Tea Party Characters (Primary Source)

Heading West in the 1830s: Maps and Provisions (Grade 4)

Through careful examination of period maps, students will be able to identify the states that comprise the Northeastern United States and state how the country grew during the early 1800s.

Click here to download “Heading West in the 1830s: Maps and Provisions” Lesson Plan

Click here to download The Long Journey West in 1825 (Primary Source)

Searching for Objects in the 3D Village (Grades 3-4)

This lesson focuses on the history and lifestyle of early 19th-century Americans. It will jumpstart students’ abstract thinking skills as they hunt for everyday objects throughout the 3D tour.

Click here to download “Searching for Objects in the 3D Village” Lesson Plan

Click here to download Familiar and Mystery Artifacts Worksheet

Compare and Contrast: District Schoolhouse (Grades 3-5)

Using the 3D tour, students will examine the Village’s District Schoolhouse and create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast this 19th-century classroom with their own contemporary one.

Click here to download “Compare and Contrast: District Schoolhouse” Lesson Plan 

Click here to download District Schoolhouse Compare and Contrast Worksheet

Click here to download Adding It Up In the District School Article

Click here to download District Schoolhouse Venn Diagram

Click here to download the Reward of Merit Sample (Primary Source)

Click here to download School Recollections (Primary Source)

Exploration: Looking for Everyday Objects (Grades 3-5)

After exploring the 3D tour of the Village’s Asa Knight Store, students will identify familiar and unfamiliar items on the store’s shelves. They will then search through the Village to see how New Englanders used these objects in their everyday lives.

Click here to download “Exploration: Looking for Everyday Objects” Lesson Plan

Click here to download Asa Knight Slides (PowerPoint)

Click here to download Home Scavenger Hunt

Click here to download Country Store Picture

Click here to download Store Exploration Worksheet

Hands-On Activities and Other Lesson Resources

Make a Collage Portrait

After learning a little about portrait artists of the 1830s, students craft a portrait from simple materials like ribbons, paper, and glue.

Download Instructions
A desk with notes, papers, and quill pens

Village Creative Writing Prompts

Inspired by the sights and sounds of Old Sturbridge Village, students will write a journal entry, letter, or short story based on these creative writing prompts.

Download Prompts
Fabric and trim on the shelves in the Asa Knight Store

Home Scavenger Hunt

Some of the items in the Village’s Asa Knight Store are unfamiliar to our modern eyes. Others are things we might find around our homes today. After viewing the Knight Store on the 3D tour, students look around their home for some recognizable items. A little historic background about each object included!

Download Home Scavenger Hunt

Make a Journal

In this activity, students make a simple journal from paper and string using traditional bookbinding methods.

Download Instructions

Make a Nine Men's Morris Board

Nine Men’s Morris is an ancient strategy game that is easy to make at home. After making a small board from paper or cardboard, participants will learn the rules of this deceptively fun game.

Download Instructions

Make Your Own Cardboard Loom

After exploring the Fenno House on the 3D tour, make this easy loom that can be used to weave bracelets, bookmarks, and other small textiles.

Download Instructions

Make Your Own Marbled Paper

Marbled paper is an easy way to make a regular book look colorful and impressive. Using modern materials, students will learn how to create beautiful marbled paper at home.

Download Instructions

Make a Pinch Pot or Coil Pot

Draw inspiration from the Village’s pottery shop to make your own clay creations without a pottery wheel. Crafters can use air-dry clay for these projects or a basic salt dough (recipe included!).

Download Instructions

Coloring Pages by Victoria

Whether you’re a child or a child at heart, download and print Village-inspired coloring pages created by our Coordinator of Households and Foodways!

Download Coloring Pages

Making Butter

Even though you probably don’t own a butter churn, making fresh butter is fun and easy. Follow these simple instructions to make some delicious dairy.

Download Instructions

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