Remember Old Sturbridge Village. Remember the past. And remember the future.

When is the right time to think about your bequest?

Right now, while you can enjoy planning what you want to support far into the future.

Not only will your generosity live on at Old Sturbridge Village, but estate gifts often offer tax and estate planning benefits. 



The George Washington Wells Society honors those people who have told us of their plans to leave a legacy through Old Sturbridge Village.

George Washington Wells was a founding partner in 1869 of the American Optical Company in neighboring Southbridge, Massachusetts, which through his innovation and leadership became a world leader in the manufacture and sale of eyeglasses. George's three sons followed him into the business and became successful owners-executives with a passion for collecting. They founded Old Sturbridge Village and bequeathed to the museum their collection of artifacts of material culture documenting everyday life of early 19th-century New Englanders. 

With just a sentence or two, your attorney can arrange for a gift of cash or percentage to support OSV. Bequests are added to the Endowment or applied to a current pressing need at OSV unless otherwise specified in your will. 

You may also wish to support a specific program or purpose at Old Sturbridge Village. To be most useful, we hope you will consider terms that are most flexible for OSV, and please consult us if you are considering a bequest for a specific purpose. Review bequest options and sample bequest language.

Thank you for helping to protect our past and build our future. Your generosity will live on at Old Sturbridge Village. 

Questions? Please call Anne McBride at 508-347-0300 or email us to leave your contact information and request that some one call you. 

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