Daily Schedule


Exhibits Open 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Daily events are subject to change.


Throughout the Day:

Ongoing Demonstrations – in the Tin Shop, Pottery Shop & Blacksmith Shop


Before heading into the Village we invite you to watch a short informative video to help you make the most of your visit! Located in the Visitor Center


9:30-12:00  A Printer at Work
(in the Printing Office)
9:30-1:00  A Shoemaker at Work
(in the Shoe Shop)
9:45-10:30 Broom Making Demonstration
(in the Visitor Center)
10:00 A Guided Introductory Tour Around the Center Village
(meets outside the Center Meetinghouse)
10:00  Milking Demonstration
(at the Freeman Barn)
10:00-12:00  Horse-Drawn Ride around the Mill Pond
(pick up behind the Bullard Tavern and at the Blacksmith Shop)
10:30  Tasteful Tunes and the Devil’s Ditties
(in the Parsonage Barn)
11:00  Gristmill Demonstration
11:30  Carding Mill Demonstration
11:30  Chasing the American Dream:
Stories and Songs About Early America
(in the Parsonage Barn)
12:30  Musket Firing Demonstration
(outside the Bullard Tavern)
1:00  A Guided Tour of the Towne House
(meets at the Towne House)
1:00  Carding Mill Demonstration
1:00-3:30  A Printer at Work
(in the Printing Office)
1:30  Water Power Tour
(meets at the Carding Mill)
2:00  Salt Water Yankees: Tales and Tunes About Whalers and Sailors
(in the Parsonage Barn)
2:00-4:00  A Shoemaker at Work
(in the Shoe Shop)
2:30-4:00  Bind a Small Blank Book
 (in the Fitch House)
1:30-3:50  Horse-Drawn Ride around the Mill Pond
(pick up behind the Bullard Tavern and at the Blacksmith Shop)
3:00  Tales of the Supernatural

(in the Parsonage Barn)
3:00  Grist Mill Demonstration
3:30  Carding Mill Demonstration
3:00  Milking Demonstration
(at the Freeman Barn)


Ride the Quinebaug River Boat
12:00–3:00 | $3 per person, age 3 & under free
Purchase a $3 token for a ride at the Visitor Center or the Miner Grant Store. Cash & credit cards also accepted at Boat Dock.
Please note tokens are nonrefundable. 

Unused tokens can be redeemed during a future visit.
(pick up at the dock by the Vermont Covered Bridge)
15-minute ride on the Quinebaug River.


River Walk
 is open (entrance near the Sawmill)
Woodland Walk is open (entrance near the Graveyard) 
Pasture Walk
 is open (entrance behind the Freeman Farm)


9:00-3:30  Village Café
Proudly serving Red Barn® coffee, village made fudge, and from scratch cookies, muffins and breads.
9:30-4:00  Grant Store & Bake Shop 
(on the Common)
Famous for our chocolate chip cookies, maple coffee and Village-made wares.
11:00-3:00  Bullard Tavern (on the Ground Floor)
A café style setting with a wide array of lunch options.
11:30-3:00  Oliver Wight Tavern Taproom
A sit down style setting with gourmet burgers, sides, salads and more.
10:00-4:30  Museum Gift Shop & Book Store
Wide array of unique gifts, fabrics, books and Village-made wares available! Don’t have time? Shop online! Visit our online store at www.osv.org! We stay open a bit later than the rest of the Village.