Daily Schedule

DATE: JULY 20, 2019

Exhibits Open 12 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Daily events are subject to change.

Craft Beer & Roots Music Fest


Throughout the Day:

From Time to Time:

Before heading into the Village we invite you to watch a short informative video to help you make the most of your visit! Located in the Visitor Center

Enjoy our Visiting Roots Musicians:

Meetinghouse Stage:
Lawrence Trailer (12:45 & 3:45)
Hayley Reardon (2:15 & 5:15)

Center Common Stage:
Nick Anderson and Shady Creek (12:00 &4:30)
Amy Gallatin and Stillwaters (1:30 & 6:00)
Blackstone Valley Bluegrass Band (3:00 & 6:45)

Gristmill Porch Stage:
Big Jon Short (1:30 & 4:30)
Drown Your Boots (3:00 & 6:00)


Taste craft beers and other craft brews from throughout New England.
Each company offering multiple varieties:

In the Horsesheds:
Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company
Barrel House Z
 Newport Craft Brewing
Wormtown Brewery
Stoney Creek Brewing Company
Switchback Brewing Company

Across from the Fitch House:
Ship Yard Brewery
Tea Brew

By the Law Office:
Sam Adams

By the Miner Grant Store: 
Willie’s Superbrew

Across from the Miner Grant Store:
Harpoon Brewery 
Clown Shoes Brewery
Angry Orchard Hard Cider
Truly Hard Seltzer

By the Bullard Tavern:
Polar Beverage Products

By the Blacksmith Shop:
Redemption Rock Brewery
Powder House Hollow Brewing

By the Bixby House:
Long Trail Brewery
Watchusett Brewing Company
Nauti Seltzer

By the Sawmill: 
Altruist Brewing Company  
Crook and Marker Spiked Seltzer
Oakholm Brewing


12:00-3:00  A Cabinetmaker at Work
(in the Cabinetmaking Shop across from A Child’s World)
12:00-4:00  A Shoemaker at Work
(in the Shoe Shop)
12:00-5:00  A Printer at Work
(in the Printing Office)
6:00-7:30  A Printer at Work
(in the Printing Office)
4:00-8:00  A Cabinetmaker at Work
(in the Cabinetmaking Shop across from A Child’s World)
5:00-8:00  A Shoemaker at Work
(in the Shoe Shop)

River Walk
is open (entrance near the Sawmill)
Woodland Walk is open (entrance near the Graveyard)
Pasture Walk
is open (entrance behind the Freeman Farm)


Ride the Quinebaug River Boat
12:00–7:00 | $3 per person, age 3 & under free
Purchase a $3 token for a ride at the
Visitor Center or the Miner Grant Store.
Please note tokens are nonrefundable.

Unused tokens can be redeemed during a future visit.
(pick up at the dock by the Vermont Covered Bridge)
15-minute ride on the Quinebaug River.

9:00-6:00  Village Café
Proudly serving Red Barn® coffee, village made fudge, and from scratch cookies, muffins and breads.
12:00-8:30  Grant Store & Bake Shop
(on the Common)
Famous for our chocolate chip cookies, maple coffee and Village-made wares.
11:30-3:00  Oliver Wight Tavern Tap Room
A sit down style setting with gourmet burgers, sides, salads and more.
12:00-6:00 Snack & Beverage Concession (across from the Blacksmith Shop in the Countryside)
Offering a variety of snack items including popcorn, soft-baked pretzels, Italian ice and cold beverages.
12:00-7:00  Bullard Tavern Café (on the Ground Floor)
Offering a wide array of lunch options including chicken pot pie, pizza, sandwiches, salads and more.
12:00-7:00 Village Grill & Smoker (on the Common next to the Bullard Tavern)
Smoked turkey legs, pulled pork sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, sides and beverages.
12:00-7:00 Cromwell Bullard’s Spirits & Snacks (in the Bullard Tavern)
Offering respite for the weary traveler. Beer, wine, cocktails and snacks
12:00-7:00  Village Scoop Shop
Gifford’s ice cream, cookies, and beverages.
10:00-8:30  Museum Gift Shop & Book Store
Wide array of unique gifts, fabrics, books and Village-made wares available! Don’t have time? Shop online! Visit our online store at www.osv.org!
We stay open a bit later than the rest of the Village.