Daily Schedule


Exhibits open 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Daily events are subject to change.

Exhibits Open 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Throughout the Day: 

Visitor Center

Try on a warm winter cloak and take your picture on the sleigh. This is where the Horse Drawn Carryall will pick you up.

Printing Office

Begin your visit by seeing where invitations to the Ball are printed and learn how to prepare it for mailing.


A Winter’s Ball has considerable expenses. Learn about finance in a New England village.

Fitch House 

See how families cook for company – also what games entertain children while adults get ready for the Ball.

Fenno House

Making special pieces of clothing for the Ball and wintertime.

Fenno Barn

On the farm work never ends. Help the farmers do their winter chores.

Small House

Help make candles for the family, a necessary winter chore.

Friends Meetinghouse

Hear winter tales from time to time.

Center Meetinghouse

Asa Knight Store

Country stores had almost anything you would want for a party.

Law Office

Professional men often had a hand in organizing Balls.


Making warm outerwear, and even fancy bonnets to travel to the Ball in style.

Tin Shop

Help make lighting devices.

Towne House

Looking your very best. Styling hair and picking out the proper dress.

Bullard Tavern

Hear music and learn the steps. Come learn to dance at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.


Food Options

Bullard Tavern

Enjoy your choice of cocktail, hearty soup and warm homemade crisp.



The Museum Store and Book Shop

Browse a wide variety of decorative items, household goods, and Village-made products. Plus a selection of coffee, cookies and muffins are available.

Miner Grant Store and Bake Shop

Famous for our chocolate chip cookies, maple coffee, and Village-made wares.  Perfect place to grab a hot chocolate, souvenir or snack.


Static Galleries

The Glasshouse Gallery

A Child’s World

Armed and Equipped: Firearms and the Militia in New England 1790-1840.

Early Lighting


Please note – Shoe Shop, Pottery Shop, Blacksmith Shop, and Freeman Farm and Barn will not be open. 

District School, Bixby House and the Mills will be open but unstaffed.