Daily Schedule

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

9:30-12:00  A Printer at Work
(in the Printing Office)
9:30-1:00   A Shoemaker at Work
            (in the Shoe Shop)
10:00  Sawmill Demonstration
10:30   Musket Firing Demonstration
(by the Bullard Tavern)
11:00  Gristmill Demonstration
11:30  Carding Mill Demonstration
11:30  Musket Firing Demonstration
(by the Bullard Tavern)
11:30 Tales of Old New England
          (in the Parsonage Barn)
12:00   Help the Farmers with Seasonal Work
(at the Freeman Barn)
1:00-4:30  A Printer at Work (in the Printing Office)
1:00   A Guided Walk through the Center Village
            (meets outside the Center Meetinghouse)
1:00   Carding Mill Demonstration
1:30   Water Power Tour

          (meets at the Carding Mill)
2:00-5:00  A Shoemaker at Work
            (in the Shoe Shop)
2:00  Sawmill Demonstration
2:00 19t Century School Lesson
(in the District School)
3:00  Meet 19th Century Irish Immigrant Mary
(in the Towne House)
3:00  Gristmill Demonstration
3:30  Carding Mill Demonstration
4:00  Sawmill Demonstration

* Daily Events are Subject to Change

Instruction by Village craftspeople; make an item to take home. Today’s offerings include:
10:00-11:45– Make a Tin Candleholder ($5)
1:00-4:30– Weave a Bookmark ($5)
Some restrictions on age, safety, and number of participants may apply. Cash and credit cards are accepted. Daily events are subject to change.

Learn about the home production of textiles in early New England & find out what the changes in factory production meant to fashion at home & in everyday dress.  Try your hand at carding wool, weaving a pattern, & piecing a quilt block with colorful tiles.


In preparation for the new Beekeeping Exhibit , the Herb Shed is currently closed to Visitors.  We are in the process of installing observation hives & displays for an early summer bee-ginning!

River Walk is open (entrance near the Sawmill)
Woodland Walk is open
(entrance near the Graveyard)
Pasture Walk is open
(entrance behind the Freeman Farm)
Also, see an exhibit in the Quinebaug Bridge about the important role rivers played in early New England life.

9:30-5:00  Grant Store & Bake Shop
(on the Common) Famous for our chocolate chip cookies, beverages & village made crafts.
9:30-5:30 Village Café (in the Oliver Wight Tavern)
Serves New England Coffee and hot beverages, cold beverages, baked goods, soups and "grab & go" sandwiches and salads.
11:30-2:30  Lunch at the Oliver Wight Tavern
Tavern lunch available with table service
11:00-2:00  Bullard Tavern
(on the Ground Floor)  We have a wide array of lunch options available.
10:00-5:30  Museum Gift Shop & Book Store
We stay open a bit later than the rest of the village to give you the opportunity to find that ultimate souvenir. Please come see what we have to offer!