Daily Schedule

Friday, August 18, 2017

Exhibits Open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

TODAY AT OSV * Daily Events are Subject to Change
Throughout the Day:
         ●Ongoing Demonstrations-  in
         the Tin Shop, Pottery Shop & Blacksmith Shop
          Musket Firing Demonstration (by the Graveyard) (weather permitting)

9:00-4:00  Quinebaug River Boat Ride
($6 Fee, 3 & Under Free, 15 minute ride)
                  (at the dock by Vermont Covered Bridge)
                  (weather permitting)
9:30-12:00   A Shoemaker at Work
                    (in the Shoe Shop)
9:30-1:00   A Printer at Work (in the Printing Office)
10:00  Sawmill Demonstration
10:30  Explaining the Election of 1840 & Props
(in the Parsonage Barn)
11:00  Gristmill Demonstration
11:30  Explaining the Election of 1840 & Props
(in the Parsonage Barn)
11:30  Carding Mill Demonstration
1:00-5:00  A Shoemaker at Work
(in the Shoe Shop)
1:00  Tales of King Arthur (at the Parsonage Barn)
1:00  Carding Mill Demonstration
2:00-4:00  Strong & Decorative: The Little-known
                  Skill of Netting
(in the Parsonage)
2:00-4:30  A Printer at Work
(in the Printing Office)
2:00  Golden Olden Tales
(in the Parsonage Barn)
2:00  Sawmill Demonstration
3:00  Nature Myths
(in the Parsonage Barn)
3:00  Gristmill Demonstration
3:30  Carding Mill Demonstration
4:00  Sawmill Demonstration

Ride the Hay Wagon
9:00-12:00 & 1:30-4:50
( $6 Fee, 3 and Under Free Tickets Sold in the Miner Grant Store with cash and credit cards & cash only outside the Bullard Tavern)
(Pick up outside Bullard Tavern)
Please note the Hay Wagon Ride is weather permitting

Located across from A Child's World. Instruction by Village craftspeople; make an item to take home.
Today’s offerings include:
9:00-12:00—Make a Tin Ornament ($6)
2:00-4:30—Make a Tin Ornament ($6)
9:00-4:30—Dip a Pair of Candles ($6)
Some restrictions on age, safety, and number of participants may apply. Cash and credit cards are accepted. 

8:00-4:30  Village Café
Serving coffee, baked goods, and grab & go sandwiches.
8:30-5:00  Grant Store & Bake Shop
(on the Common) Famous for our chocolate chip cookies, beverages & village made crafts.
9:00-5:30  Museum Gift Shop & Book Store
We stay open a bit later than the rest of the Village.
10:00-4:00  Snack Shack in the Horse Shed
Serving beverages, snacks & novelty ice cream
10:00-4:00  Snack Shack by Blacksmith Shop
Serving beverages & snacks
10:30-2:00  Oliver Wight Tavern
Serving a buffet lunch
10:30-4:00  Bullard Tavern
(on the Ground Floor)  We have a wide array of lunch options available.
10:30-4:00  Village Grill & Smoker
across from the Bullard Tavern
10:30-4:00  Bake Shop & Village Scoop
Serving ice cream & cookies